The Wait is Ova!!

Wowww there are so many type-writing I gotta write on my blog now!that’s included two special events that happen in one single month this year!they are 65th Independence Celebration and Ramadan month which is always filled with togetherness with someone we love 🙂

At this time, I’d like to share bout what’s happening recently at my residence.And I’ll put some pictures and you may give any comment bout them!It’s very fantastic!!!

  • 65th Independence Celebration
A stage stood on the wide yard in celebrating for 65th Independence Day and 8th Anniversary of my residence's Main Road
Lots of crowded stayed on the event though that had been very deep night!There were just few lights since that was located closed to funeral. You can see there were still some sellers with the buyers 🙂
That's really deep night.You can see a single blue light far away and that's the screen which was used by visitors to watch the History of My Residence's

The pics above are explaining about an event to celebrate 65th Independence Day and 8th Anniversary of My Residence’s Main Road that both happened on Saturday, 7th August 2010.

  • All that Happen Before Ramadan
Before we do fasting,we always visit our family members who've died in the funerals.You can see my dad walking towards his sister's funeral and followed by me.It's also called 'NYEKAR' in Java Tradition!

Some activities in traditional market in my town.Many people come there to buy vegetables and meats in preparation before Ramadan
Seller and Buyer are at one place and doing transaction to get what they want.This is what's happening in my town
Motors dominate park lot at the traditional market in my town.What about you?

Those pics show you the preparation in celebrating Ramadan on Wednesday, 11th August 2010.”Megengan” is the traditional culture of Muslim in Java in which they hold a special meeting in mosque and bring various food to be given to others as the thank form to God for enable to fast anymore.

That’s my story that happened recently at my residence.What about you?


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