William Shakespeare and His Eternal Works

Courtesy: Getty Images

Courtesy: Getty Images

              William Shakespeare is known for his famous art works, such as drama, tragedy, and poetry. However, not everybody knows how his life was like. William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom. Many scholars assume that he might have attended the King’s New School, in Stratford. This assumption arose due to the lack of records recounting Shakespeare’s childhood.

            William Shakespeare wedded Anne Hathaway of the neighbouring village of Shottery on November 28, 1582 when he was 18 years old, and she was 26. The marriage took place in Worcester, in Canterbury Province. From this marriage, Anne gave birth to three children; they are Susanna, who was baptized in Holy Trinity, and the twins Hamnet, and Judith, baptized on February 2, 1585. Nevertheless, Hamnet died from unknown disease at age 11. After that, William Shakespeare was missing from the records which was assumed to be ‘the lost years’. Some believed that he might have hidden himself from a landlord or taught as a schoolmaster in Lancashire.

            William Shakespeare was believed to touch down in London in mid- to late 1580s. In this city, his ability as an actor as well as playwright emerged. Some of his plays were produced. In 1597 he bought a new house, in which was also the second largest house in Stratford, and then took the whole family of his to that new residence. By 1599, William Shakespeare was in partnership with his business partner to establish a theatre close to the Thames River bank called the Globe.

            As a rising star, some people were envious of him. One of them is Robert Greene stating his remarks in the Stationers’ Register that he implicitly coveted Shakespeare’s success. What makes William Shakespeare different from Greene is that he is not only a writer, but also an actor.

          William Shakespeare died on April 5, 1616 at Trinity Church. He bequeathed his possession to his eldest daughter, Susanna. In some reports said that Shakespeare left only a “second-best bed” to his beloved wife. After his death, the popularity of Shakespeare became widespread, especially in Europe in the 19th and 20th century. Despite his popularity, the existence of Shakespeare is occasionally questioned. According to the report made by the Holy Trinity Church and the Stratford government, William Shakespeare did ever exist, but was never noted as the actor or prolific playwright.

            However the doubt is like, the works that had been resulted by William Shakespeare seem to be eternal. Some of his notable works are like Hamlet (a tragedy), Shakespeare’s sonnets, the Lover’s Complaint, etc. Most of his works about human life go with plenty of emotions. There are also conflicts depicted through the works he made. These points are what makes William Shakespeare different from other poets. The moral value and history-accounts may be able to be found in every one of his works.

            On the other hand, most of his poems are unrhymed iambic pentameter or blank verse which means that every line in each verse does not contain unstressed syllable followed by stressed syllable, and so on. This partly made William Shakespeare unique. It, however, is very common at that time to use such rhyme.

           In every work composed by William Shakespeare always contains the quotations and extracts that do reflect to our life. One of them is “God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another face” which means that sometimes do all men get unsatisfied with whatsoever belongs to them. They do not acknowledge having been given by God all things that make them live on. This quote was extracted from Hamlet act III scene I.

            Another quote that exposes a reality is “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” taken from Shakespeare’s As You Like It act II scene VII. This quote implicitly means that the life all men are undergoing right now is just like a stage with the actors and actress, and in it, some conflicts may arise. Life is probably depicted in such way because men always must have a contradiction in their life in order to make their life more alive and that might be the purpose of living on this earth. It is merely similar to what happens in a theatre with so many actors and actress playing their roles, facing conflicts, and being contented after being able to solve all matters. Without any conflicts, the plays could have been so bad and even dead.

           Of all the works composed by William Shakespeare, one that is so interesting is The Lover’s Complaint. This narrative poem was published in 1609 by Thomas Thorpe. Recounting a lass weeping next to a river bank, this forty-seven-stanza poem is sort of narrative one. It functions to retell how badly a woman feels after being abandoned by her guy. The woman sat down on the edge of the river, weeping as stated on sixth stanza:

A thousand favours from a maund she drew

Of amber, crystal, and of beaded jet,

Which one by one she in a river threw,

Upon whose weeping margent she was set;

Like usury, applying wet to wet,

Or monarch’s hands that let not bounty fall

Where want cries some, but where excess begs all.

            This sort of poem is comprised of seven lines for each stanza which numbers 47 stanzas. Uniquely, each line consists of ten syllables. Moreover, most of the rhymes used is perfect rhyme, as exemplified in tenth stanza of The Lover’s Complain:

So slides he down upon his grained bat,

And comely-distant sits he by her side;

When he again desires her, being sat,

Her grievance with his hearing to divide:

If that from him there may be aught applied

Which may her suffering ecstasy assuage,

‘Tis promised in the charity of age.

            This stanza, rhyming a-b-a-b-c-d-d, is called rhyme royale due to being composed of seven lines. This circumstance also applies to other stanzas in The Lover’s Complaint.

               On the second out of 47 stanzas, we can have a look at an alliteration:

Upon her head a platted hive of straw,

Which fortified her visage from the sun,

Whereon the thought might think sometime it saw

The carcass of beauty spent and done:

Time had not scythed all that youth begun,

Nor youth all; but, spite of heaven’s fell rage,

Some beauty peep’d through lattice of sear’d age.

              The first line’s alliterations are her-head-hive with the initial sound ‘H’ while the second and third line’s alliterations are fortified-from with ‘F’ and the-thought-think with ‘T’, respectively. Through this stanza, we can also find figurative language, such as Nor youth all; but, spite of heaven’s fell rage (line 6). A heaven in abstraction was pictured as if it were wrathful like a man. In line 3 at the same stanza, it said Whereon the thought might think sometime it saw which figuratively means that the thought in the writer’s mind ‘thinks’. For sure it is not the ‘thought’ that thinks, but men do.

              By learning this kind of poem, we can infer that William Shakespeare mostly used the smart-way to compose it by ignoring the rhyme standard (blank verse). Nonetheless, the message that it contained is so deep though the language used is primarily an Old English. The Lover’s Complaint has a theme of love and social. These topics might be very common in that era.

            The Lover’s Complaint sends us a morality implicitly (through the story of the lady) to honour for women. This issue may be relevant to the condition at that time when Shakespeare lived. A condition in which women became so weak for man’s dominant power or arbitrariness. Shakespeare may have wished to unveil what was really going on through publishing this poem.

             Being himself, Shakespeare is admired with his writings that are all picturing freedom and a truth. He was who he was and had tried to jot down anything around in order to introduce them to many people that what he had written down was a reality you all cannot deny.


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This mini biography was ever submitted in order to fulfil a literature final assignment of mine in 2013

Ku Bangga Cita Rasa Indonesia (Cerpen)

Cerpen ini adalah karya saya sendiri dan telah diikutsertakan dalam Lomba Menulis Cerpen Tingkat Nasional – Festival Sastra 2013 oleh KMSI Universitas Gadjah Mada tanggal 3 Mei 2013. Segala bentuk penggandaan tanpa izin demi kepentingan pribadi maupun publik dianggap melanggar HaKI.

Ku Bangga Cita Rasa Indonesia

Oleh Helmi Airan

Courtesy: Getty Images

Courtesy: Getty Images

        Hidup mewah, bergelimpangan harta, dan semua hal yang membuat kehidupan lebih mudah adalah impian banyak orang, terutama masyarakat Indonesia. Tidak semua orang bisa hidup seperti itu. Namun, di tengah-tengah padatnya ibukota, berdirilah rumah megah yang dihuni oleh seorang perawan muda. Tidak pernah sedikitpun ia merasakan kekurangan dalam hidupnya. Tiap malam ia selalu menghabiskan waktu dengan bersenang-senang bersama teman-temannya di sebuah klub malam di ibukota atau kalau tidak, mungkin menghabiskan malam itu di sebuah restoran mewah bercorak internasional. Mungkin ia menganggap ini wajar, sebab sudah seharian penuh ia bekerja sebagai seorang sekretaris di sebuah perusahaan multinasional. Hal ini membuatnya sedikit depresi ketika tiap hari, dia harus berkutat dengan kertas dan banyaknya telepon berdering di meja kerjanya.

            Sebut saja dia, Resti. Meskipun masih muda, ia sudah mampu membangun istana megahnya sendiri dengan pundi-pundi yang ia mampu kumpulkan dari hasil kerjanya selama ini sebagai seorang sekretaris muda. Malam itu, ia siap bergegas pulang, tapi ia sadar bahwa ia belum sempat makan malam. Oleh karena itulah dia mengajak salah satu teman di kantornya untuk makan malam bersama. Mereka meluncur di jalanan malam ibukota yang penuh gemerlap cahaya, mengalahkan gemerlap bintang-bintang nan indah di angkasa. Mobil yang mereka kendarai pun akhirnya berhenti di salah satu rumah makan Padang di Jalan Padang Jaya.

            “Loe gak salah makan di sini? Gue anti yang namanya masakan Indonesia. Lanjut aja!” kata Resti.

            “Apa salahnya sih? Sekali-kali kita coba masakan Indonesia, biar gak yang internasional melulu yang kamu cicipi,” kata temannya, Enny.

            “Gak ah! Gue ogah sama masakan yang begituan. Apalagi ini di pinggir jalan yang berdebu, bau… ihhh enggak deh,” geram Resti.

            “Udah ayo turun! Nyesel kalau lu sampai gak makan di sini” ucap Enny.

           Seketika itupun, Enny mengajak Resti makan malam di rumah makan Padang itu. Interior rumah makan itu memang tidak seperti tempat biasanya Resti mengisi perutnya yang meronta-ronta untuk diisi makanan. Hanya ada meja kayu yang lusuh dan tempat duduk plastik. Cahayanya pun tak seterang restoran biasanya ia kunjungi.

            “Nasi Padangnya dua ya mas,” ucap Enny ke salah satu pelayan yang sudah menunggu di sebelah meja mereka.

            “Minumnya apa?” tanya sang pelayan.

            “Lu minum apa Res?” tanya Enny ke Resti

            “Ehmm… milkshake chocolate ada gak?” tanya Resti dengan nada sombong.

            “Lu kira itu minuman asli Indonesia apa? Jangan blagu deh Res. Es teh dan es jeruk adanya,” jawab Enny tegas.

            “WHAT??!!… restoran apa yang gak ada milkshakenya, ha?! Udah gue pergi aja deh

            “Hei Res!! Lu harus coba dulu makanan Padang! Jarang-jarang kan anak seperti loe makan makanan yang asli cita rasa Indonesia,” ucap Enny.

            “Sori En! Gue gak mau!! Udah deh gue cabut aja dari sini,”

           Resti langsung pergi meninggalkan Enny yang masih bingung dengan perilaku temannya itu. Pergi meninggalkan Enny dan masuk ke dalam taksi yang ia panggil.

            “Taksi!! Kemang ya pak” ucap Resti ke sang supir. Di sanalah, Kemang, ia menghabiskan malamnya sendiri dan masih marah terhadap Enny yang tiba-tiba mengajaknya ke rumah makan Padang.

            “Mimpi apa gue semalam?” tanya Resti pelan kepada dirinya.

            Tahun demi tahun berjalan dengan cepat. Resti pun mendapatkan promosi sebagai seorang manager di perusahan di mana ia bekerja selama ini. Suatu ketika ia diharuskan pergi ke sebuah kota di benua Eropa, namanya London. Beribu-ribu kilometer harus ia tempuh demi urusan pekerjaan. Bagi Resti, ini adalah pengalaman pertamanya untuk bisa pergi ke London.

           Ia akan melakukan presentasi di hadapan para manager muda dari seluruh dunia. Ia sedikit merasa gugup, namun ia yakin harus bisa menghadapinya. Sesampainya di terminal bandara Heathrow, ia langsung dijemput oleh mobil khusus untuk dirinya pribadi. Beberapa menit ia tempuh, melewati jalanan di kota itu, dan sampailah di tempat ia menginap untuk beberapa hari kedepan.

            Esoknya ia menemui berbagai rekan kerja yang berasal dari beragam bangsa. Di situlah ia melakukan presentasi, di hadapan banyak orang dari berbagai dunia.

           Beberapa menit sudah terlewati, dan pada akhir sesi, kejadian yang tak pernah diduga sebelumnya terjadi.

            “What is the special food of Indonesia1?” tanya pria Perancis berkemeja hitam yang duduk di tengah audien. Resti pun dibuat pusing dan gugup oleh pertanyaan yang dilontarkan oleh pria Perancis itu. Namun, ia ingat saat itu ia pernah diajak oleh temannya, Enny ke rumah makan Padang yang terletak di pinggir jalanan ibukota, maka ia pun menjawab.

            “Masakan Padang,” jawabnya dengan gugup tapi meyakinkan.

            “How does it taste like2?” tanya audien lain. Hal ini semakin membuat keringat dingin bercucuran dari wajahnya yang tak tau seperti apa jawaban yang harus ia lontarkan, karena ia memang tidak pernah mencicipi masakan Padang. Dengan sedikit ide yang tiba-tiba muncul di benak kepalanya, ia berkata,”You should try it by yourselves, guys. There are lots of kinds of Indonesian food. Have a visit Indonesia, then3!”

           Setelah presentasi itu berakhir, Resti merasa lega. Ia merasakan sedikit kebebasan yang sangat ia idamkan, meskipun pertanyaan itu tidak ada hubungannya dengan hidup ataupun matinya. Resti pun menghabiskan sisa malamnya di London untuk berjalan-jalan santai di Trafalgar Square, sebuah alun-alun kota yang sangat ramai oleh para wisatawan dan penduduk lokal di kala malam hari tiba.

       “Andai saja kota Jakarta dan kota-kota lainnya di Indonesia sebersih dan seindah di sini,” katanya dalam hati. Ia pun melanjutkan perjalanannya ke kompleks restoran yang berjejer di kiri dan kanan jalan sempit. Ia bisa melihat banyak jenis restoran, mulai dari restoran masakan China, Eropa, India, Amerika. Ia merasa bahwa ia sudah pernah mencoba masakan itu.

          Ia pun ingin merasakan masakan yang belum pernah ia cicipi sebelumnya. Akhirnya ia melihat sebuah restoran di akhir jalan yang ia lewati dan banyak orang yang nampaknya antre di depan bangunan kecil itu. Ia melihat papan yang terpampang di depan restoran itu dan betapa terkejutnya ketika ia sadar bahwa tulisan di papan itu menyebut ‘Rumah Makan Bu Ida – Indonesian Restaurant’.

            Entah angin apa yang tiba-tiba memanggilnya untuk masuk ke dalam restaurant mungil itu. Ia masih terkejut akan keberadaan restauran asli Indonesia di kota modern London. Ia akhirnya masuk setelah beberapa menit antre. Ia pun duduk di sebuah kursi empuk yang berada di pojok dekat jendela. Yang mencengangkan lagi adalah ketika lagu-lagu keroncong asli Jawa diputar dan menemani siapa saja yang makan di situ.

          Resti memesan beberapa masakan khas Indonesia, meskipun ia sedikit ragu akan rasanya. Semanggi Surabaya, Soto Ayam Lamongan, Nasi Pecel Kediri, Ayam Betutu Bali, dan Teh Hangat menjadi menu pilihannya saat itu. Setelah semuanya sudah di atas meja, Resti mencoba mencicipi satu persatu makanan tersebut. Betapa terkejutnya ketika ia sadar kalau masakan Indonesia tidak kalah enaknya dengan masakan asing. Selama ini ia merasa bodoh karena menganggap masakan Indonesia adalah masakan yang tidak ada nilai di matanya. Sejak itulah ia mulai menyukai masakan Indonesia dan ia bangga karenanya.

            Esoknya ia kembali ke tanah air. Di bandara Soekarno-Hatta, teman-teman Resti, termasuk Enny sudah menunggunya di sana. Tak lama setelah menunggu, Resti pun muncul dari pintu keluar. Mereka meluapkan rasa kangen dengan pelukan hangat satu sama lain.

            “Lu kelihatan semakin keren, Res,” kata salah seorang teman Resti.

            “Ngomong-ngomong, selama di London, siapa sih yang lu kangenin?” tanya Enny.

            “Gue kangen… kangen… masakan Indonesia!!” jawab Resti dengan semangat yang belum pernah ia rasakan sebelumnya.■

1Apa makanan khas dari Indonesia?

2Bagaimana rasanya?

3Kalian harus mencobanya sendiri. Ada banyak jenis makanan khas Indonesia. Ayo kunjungi Indonesia!


Legato Leadership Training 2013 (Coverage)

            Why can nobody live in a LONELINESS?? That is why I think that everybody was born to live in a big assemblage, no matter it comes to be your interest or not. At last we may not live without any aids of the others. Regarding with the preface, I’d like to write an feature of my another experience since it’s the first time I joined a fellowship in the university I am studying in. What a BREEZY thang!!

Hefting heaps goods thoroughly

Hefting heaps goods thoroughly

            An organization that I join is an internally-established organization, which means that this particular fellowship is under control of the department of English, but has, however some special rights to hold their structure….going BEFUDDLED?Lol me too! However, this fellowship is a governmental fellowship, in which you gonna find the charts of membership will be a more likely BONA FIDE government. Fortunately, I already knew about this organization since last August, even though it’s just a GRAIN..!

Assemblage assembled on the common

Assemblage assembled on the common

            In last October and November I tried to army myself for the competitions held by this organization, so-called Legato which stands for Let the Great be the Top. I was very happy to take a part in that such a huge event and I didn’t know how to organize an event before, though. The availability of both the immense instructions and briefing was really appreciated for the newbie like ME!!  Because of the events hosted by Legato, they ensure me to sign up for the membership of Legato.

Chicks chit-chatting

Chicks chit-chatting

            Ye gon’ find it would be as hard as PHUCK to get what thou been dreaming ‘bout!! That’s what I felt & had to face. My friends and I must be in interview session as the starter. It took place at the ‘tiny’ chamber in the complex of ORMAWA (Organisasi Pemerintahan Mahasiswa / the Students’ Governmental Organization). The seniors were so funny and not looking so poker-faced. They have known us since last 2012 because some of us may have taken parts in the events they held.

Fed up waiting while the sunshine hitting each bust

Fed up waiting while the sunshine hitting each bust

            The Interview session took place in January 20, 2013. I thought I were late for being interviewed, but I was entirely wrong as nobody would even come earlier like what I did. I just met my classmate, Bibie standing in front of the building waiting for somebody to SCORE!Hahaha jk.. actually I ain’t alone as my friend, Niken escorted me. What a dazzling morning!! After we had already got yonder and found nobody, but US ONLY! That’s like a shitty thang to do, but a few SECONDS later, an interviewer came.

Everything was in the air

Everything was in the air

            We were very welcomed to come inside. For me that ain’t my first visit because I used to go inside grabbing some accoutrements for the EJVED 2012 event. Because there were just a small numbers of participants there, the seniors had banter with us. Honestly I felt a little bit awkward being around the ones whom I knew a bit ONLY!! However, I got myself accustomed as one day I would have teamwork with them.

Buddies, who was absent from indoor LLT, were called on for a duty!

Buddies, who were absent from indoor LLT, were called on for a duty!

            The room we were having banter was in a TINY hall, but in my conviction this sort of room is always used for meeting by all students of Faculty of Letters. This room ain’t broad, but neatly set. The clock struck at 9:30am and we were let into a smaller room in which is used for storing in some goods of Legato. No sooner had the peep come than the interview was begun. The brothers and sisters asked some questions about loyalty and what I gonna give them to support this organization. I really had to be self-confident for what I would answer or they might hesitate to accept what I was answering. Because there were also two other friends of mine being enquired simultaneously, I gotta ensure what I was saying was being harkened by the interviewer. They told me not to be alarmed, but to be CHILLED!!

Laying down the backcloth on the ground

Laying down the backcloth on the ground

            After an almost-half-hour interview, my friend and I decided to get home. However, there had not been so many came for interview session even though that was 10am. The timetable should have been punctually at 9am!! They’re so BEHINDHAND!!

            While waiting for the Leadership Training which would be held the following weeks, I tried to conjecture that the following weeks were going to be such a BACKBREAKING weekend and that’s officially INDISPUTABLE tho!!  A day before indoor training, there was a briefing of the officials about what it would be like then. The about-60 participants were supposed to make a chart of the organizer of an EVENT!! We were also supposed to put white suit with black trousers on. After everything was completely made up, I felt a lill bit confused. The indoor training was held on 2/9-10. We were to be early riser ‘cuz we didn’t want to be late to catch the event sitting calmly in front row! The officials had us breakfast before coming inside the hall. A night before, I went shopping to get some bread and 2 cartons of milk. I realized that they wouldn’t make me full up, but I got nothing more tho.

Raising it upwards to the sky!

Raising it upwards to the sky!

            Well, before getting inside a hall in which the training was held, I must be present at the opening ceremony as well as sign my autograph on a piece of milky white paper. It’s a presence list! I found it so hard to find my name on it that I flipped over the papers many times worrying about my LOST name tbh. Luckily it was stuck in the front page, on the fifth row! After signing the challenging John Henry, I got a bag full of tools to write down whatever important during the training and a tiny paper that I didn’t know what was written down on it.

Officials were spotted kindling a brand

Officials spotted kindling a brand

            The seats were neatly prepared. I had to sit on one of the numbered-chairs. Where we took a seat should have been based on the row number of the presence list!! Uh-oh mine was 5th!! What an exciting place to behold the spokesperson from this angle! Lol. However, it’s all grist to the mill when I would ask ANYTHING. It started very late because some attendees didn’t know how to GET UP early. Well, at least I enjoyed that moment for evanescent chit-chat with chums.

Digging the 'world' to lie down for a single night :)

Digging the ‘world’ to lie down for a single night :)

            The most attractive person that day was the host!! She was very cheerful as well as warm.  She welcomed the participants very warmly and asked them to take into her own RULES. She asked anything to the participants about why they joined it. Not only did she ask about the ordinary questions, but she almost made us enter for her GAME. It was begun howsoever since everybody had already been in and the guests had been so.

Shawty with megaphone was a hostess in the indoor LLT

Shawty with megaphone was a hostess in the indoor LLT

            From 8 am to 12 pm, we listened to and comprehended what the speakers were both saying and explaining. They also gave us the brief explanation about how it would like being in an organization like Legato. It was absolutely arresting, but honestly we went so tired of sitting there!! We got time for rest for an hour and in the mean time we could pray as well as eat our lunch given by the officials. At the same moment, I asked other participants about their feelings joining this event and they surprisingly answered it’s kinda excellent to meet the seniors sharing many things in spite of being extremely tired.

Hunting for branches

Hunting for branches

            Actually, we not only could sit and listen to the speakers, but also ask as many questions as we could. Shortly after we had been full up, we got back into the hall. We actually gotta take our ID card back since we were asked to give ours away to the officials before letting us out to rest. Well, from 1 to about 4pm we had almost similar times. Being buggered notwithstanding, we got a special new learn from the speaker whom presented her material by the afternoon. She even taught us by learning directly on stage. She let anyone who demanded to learn of her to go onstage. That’s deffo WORTH.

They happened to pitch a 'dilemma' tent

They happened to pitch a ‘dilemma’ tent

            Finally we went home in the afternoon. We gotta keep awake and aflame since we still had one more day for Indoor Training. Next day, that’s Sunday morning everybody has been in the hall, but the event hadn’t been commenced yet. All of sudden the host got into it and asked the participants to have aerobic exercise. The worst case was that she invited one of use to be a trainer. My classmates pointed at me and that really sucked! I wasn’t even a good trainer for such a silly dumba$$ ish. Why the heck everybody just said okay that I came forward being their phuckin trainer?? At least I could manage the situation and it ran as if it were a real professional aerobic. Oops it was over then.

Established amateurishly!!

Established amateurishly!!

            After I got back to my seat, the host once again asked the participation of the participants to train all of us with the outlandish style of aerobic. It’s pretty hilarious when my big friend was pointed and he gave us a ridiculous lesson of aerobic. Ha-ha you so droll!!

Embers made the campsite smoky

Embers made the campsite smoky

            On the 2nd day, we would not have the speakers standing in front of us saying something, but we’d make our dummy event. The event looked as if that were the anniversary of English Department. We had set up our own fabulous officials even though it ain’t the real event. After we had been given time for discussing, we were expected to go out of the hall and pretended that the hall weren’t rent yet. The confusion came up when my group, the Human Relations didn’t know what to just after it was launched to work. Finally we realized that our job description was somehow like what the ‘true’ officials told us.

Keep calm and dish was being cooked !

Keep calm and dish was being cooked !

            While waiting for some documents from the Secretaries, we were trying to contact the foremost people in our department. The stupid thing was when we reached out to the ‘real’ foremost people. Actually, it’s just like a simulation so that we ain’t got no need to contact the ‘real’ people. The worst part was that we already sent some messages to the Dean and he replied our messages. We didn’t really heed the steps about contacting the numbers given by the officials. We’re so lousy boo!

All in CBA :D

All in CBA :D

            Then our slow drudgery affected to the way we asked for the autographs from the fronts. There had been some unknown sitting around the building whom we considered as the ‘students’, but they were the ‘fronts’. We just pretended to be well-behaved students asking for their autographs. You know what?? Even though they’re ‘similar’ to us whom put the same blazers on, but they were good at casuistry. Well, at least we succeeded to get their signatures and got back to hall giving away the documents needed to the authorized.

Finally the tents standing up

Finally the tents standing up

            Lights ON… Music UP… Windows DOWN… But everything didn’t run as expected. Was it another bullshit or whatsoever, but we found out that the officials went berserk. They did that because they thought what we were doing ain’t like what they hoped for. They could be fed up, but WHO KNEW? Well, this time everybody gotta explain what’s wrong (even tho not everybody would love discussing with the officials). Some of the officials even kicked the chairs around and also shouted at us in such a rage. Gosh, I saw one or two of us weeping!! That’s all messy.

Peeping into the officials' grand tent

Peeping into the officials’ grand tent

            We were given the second chance to re-commence the event. Despite the fact that the audience had already walked out, the friends tried persuading them back into the hall. That’s so degrading tbh. In fact the guest stars were asked to get into the hall for the second time. Everybody got irritable, but kept their emotion low down. My friend, who hosted the event, started to bumble about what she ought to do. However, each participant did support one another for the accomplishment of the event.

Weather seemed not to be friendly

Weather seemed not to be friendly

              Although it had been over, I could still remember what’s wrong at that time. 100% sure that it’s not over YET!! While waiting for the next announcement, we discussed with each other outside the hall. No sooner had we discussed than one of the officials called us to get into the other hall across the one we used before. The circumstance in this hall was very awkward. They started to be mad and yelling the spells at us. None of us was brave to deny. The denial was nonsense in such a stormy situation like that.

Due to flooded tents, some were 'escorted' to officials' tent

Due to flooded tents, some were ‘escorted’ to officials’ tent

            We’re given 30 minutes to pray before coming back into the hall. What a jaw-dropping time when everything became harmonious. It’s phucking shocking! Tehy let us tell our experiences during the event we held by our own. This was also an evaluation for us so that we could take learning. The funniest part was when I told anyone there that my friends and me were misleading information that shouldn’t have been like that. That’s so embarrassing, but we would take learning as much as we had.

            That’s a challenging weekend ever!! We were so fucking much tired that we were let go home by 8pm. However, I shan’t get it outta my mind for a long time!! That’s da ish, my FAVE part of my life!!

The gloom and the cold

The gloom and the cold

            5 days later we had a briefing about the outdoor training which would was gonna be held in a mountainous area. That might be very frozen, I think. That’s Friday, 15th February 2013. The briefing was 100% different from the previous one. It was held in a building in which the students usually use for daily studying. The other contrast was that there were fewer people attending the briefing. Idk why, but it seemed like they would ask the ones attended the briefing. Uh-oh… We were all asked to bring some goods which gon’ be needed for CAMPING!! FYI that it was my second camping and I was so HYPED to set off!! Some things we had to carry were 2 packs of noodle, a bottle of mineral water, raincoat, carpets, a spoon, etc. They’re still apt tho. The exciting news was that we gon use lorry to head over to the campsite. I couldn’t believe that it’s my second time to be in a lorry!! EXOTIC!!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

            That Saturday I got up so early and already had an appointment with a friend to go the jumping-off point where was so far away from my living hahaha!! Not only my friend and me, but also other participants perambulated when we got there, many of the participants had already been there waiting for others to come and the LORRY!! It took about an half hour before the lorries came. When we’re all boarding, there was another sensation y’all couldn’t find anywhere else!! Feeling the breeze was particularly incongruous!! The campsite was in Coban Rais, approximately 20 Kms from the downtown of Malang. Our backpacks were put safely on the back of the driver’s chair. It took about 20 minutes to reach the campsite.

The officials' grand tent seen from a distance

The officials’ grand tent seen from a distance

            After getting off and dropping down all our backpacks, we were let rest before HIKING!! Well, the track didn’t prove easy to be walked on since that’s a rainy season so that it’s fully slippery. We took care of each other worrying about anyone that might slip away. We reached the campsite and afterwards we were asked to turn in the what-to-carry things collectively. They were all put into the red sacks. The ground was so wide and located at the high elevation that we could even have a look at the faraway sight of the city of Malang. One thing I had never imagined before was to put a tent up. Honestly, I had never done something like that before so that when it really came to me to do that, I was obviously nervous and befuddled about what I ought to do next and next. Luckily, we got one or two people good at doing this particular job, while the others were tryna aid whatever they could. We found it very hard to pitch the tent because it started drizzling. We needed more than 2 hours pitching the tent before it was completely done. Pegging out also proved difficult to do. Some of us even lost the tent pegs given by the officials. I was so worrying about the effect we would have in case we lost one or more tent pegs. Somehow it didn’t really matter as the boys in our group managed to put our tents up. We needed to be cooperative tho.

The leader of LEGATO explaining the real situation

The leader of LEGATO explaining the real situation

            While we’re doing our thang, most of the girls were cooking the meal for our lunch. One or maybe three of the boys were asked to aid the lasses collecting the firewood. You know what made it even worse was that the bad weather. The raindrops caused the fyah to have a small lit, which then made the food being cooked didn’t come well-done entirely! There was cloud-burst apparently and it affected to our activities. Meanwhile, the officials were also being busy preparing for the food and surveying how far we had been working with.

Aerobics on the following morning

Aerobics on the following morning

            The trenches had to be strengthened or the flood would damage them all and make our groundsheet wet. That absolutely happened!! We trenched again and again until we got the sufficient depth. Every tent must have the trenches around them or the water would take our stuff away. The spurt did attack our tents. One tent… two tents… were all damaged and unable to shield anymore. The lucky thing was that the men’s tent wasn’t damaged at all!! I was tryna trench again and again so that the spurt wouldn’t get into our tent. Unfortunately, we were a little bit late when the things inside the tent were impregnated with the water-flow.

At least, that sort of exercise got us a lil bit fatigue

At least, that sort of exercise got us a lil bit fatigue

            Oh MAN, that so SUCKS!! The proceedings were totally failed due to the bad weather. At noon we had a lunch (kind of soup, added with ‘tempe’ that the girls cooked) in the officials’ tent that was located on the higher-level ground. So MISERY!! The dinner was also held in this tent. The generator made our nightmare even worse. It didn’t want to work well so that we got no illumination at all. We just relied on the torches we carried with. The funniest thing (in my opinion) was that mine was even brightest than all. It was just like a generator!! While holding our own torches, the officials felt so sorry for the inconvenience. The event-list was totally paused for a long period due to it. There should’ve been bonfire, but it was pended until tomorrow morning because of exhaustion. One of the officials asked if we would like to have bonfire that night or the following morning. Since everybody felt so tired that we all chose the following morning. But… that’s what made me question. Morning bonfire? Are you sure? Okay… at least we had our own celebration, chuckling up in my mind. Going back to the tent, we found it was all very messy inside. All gone wet totally. Before we got a sleep, we set the ‘model’ of sleeping or one or maybe two or more of us might get no groundsheet to sleep on. Well, you don’t have to expect to get the best position to sleep on when you’re camping like what I did. “Get up please” said someone outside the tent.

Set a bonfire in the morning, PARDON?!

Set a bonfire in the morning, PARDON?!

            No sooner had they called us than we got up and headed over to the field. We were paired and to walk down the wet road. However, we ain’t alone ‘cuz 2 out of the officials led each of the group over to the pointed spot. I felt it’s too early waking us up to track down the path which was so miserable. I was afraid of being slipped away since it had rained a day before. The track proved to be uneasy to walk on. Apart from being slippery, it was also up and down. We needed to hold on tightly to others’ waists in case we were worried to step forward. We got a little luminescence from the torches we carried with.

It would never be a blast :D

It would never be a blast :D

            Eventually, we got a spot in which had no lights so that I needed look around where we were exactly. There was other group standing beside us. We kept silent until the officials told us to divide and make mini group consisted of at least 10 peep. Then we were asked to sit down with some unknown people. They were literally our seniors, but I was sure that I got no idea who they were since I had never met them or maybe I had ever seen them, but didn’t recognize.

            There was a lantern-like in the midst. We sat cross-legged encircling the lantern. There were three senior in front of us now and two officials next to them. It’s such a horrible dawn to be shouted at, but that’s not! They gave us plenty of speeches and they’re all worth exactly. They shared their own experiences when they were a ‘part of us’. They’re so admirable that some of us were allowed to ask questions as many as possible. I didn’t want to skip this moment away that I decided to bravely ask a question about how to manage time between school and organization since I thought I was really worth asking howsoever.

Charlies everywhere

Charlies everywhere

            After all questions had been asked, we were guided back to move along the road we were on previously. We went on walking to the far-away spot and sometimes we had to jump as there were some dirty mini-pools on the ground all along the way we had to pass. This time, we were split into a smaller group comprising of three peep for each group. We would find our tutors by ourselves. The first thing popping outta my mind was that they were not literally friendly to communicate. I thought they were ‘made’ to this. They asked three of us about the event we hosted a week before. We tried explaining and telling the truth what had happened to the event. That’s so embarrassing tho. Nevertheless, they also tried to let us know that working in an organization ain’t that easy. We need hard-working to reach our goal.

            After the given-advices, we three were back to the big group. After that, we were gladly allowed to sleep back or enjoy the BONFIRE!! What time was that?? That was almost morning!! Some of us decided to get back inside the tent while the others gathered around the being-prepared-bonfire. Until 7am the officials were not successfully igniting the fire. Some fancy rituals were held, but they even made us all laugh out loud for their foolishness.

We were all inaugurated :)

We were all inaugurated :)

            Well, that’s such an attractive show, but it’s over now!! Before we went back to Malang, we had such a naturally artificial-breakfast. While enjoying the sunray, we were having our breakfast with the noodles and omelettes cooked by the officials. That’s very appetizing to have a breakfast with the officials. The most surprising thing was when they became so friendly with us, different from what had happened a week before. Then we packed our tent, but one incident happened when some of pegs were missing. We found it all over the ground, but no result. Luckily, after seeking for almost an half hour, we could successfully find them and give them back to the officials with some packs of tents.

It was wrapped up sheepishly

It was wrapped up sheepishly

            We then walked down the slope over to the waiting trucks. Previously, there was such ceremony or maybe something like an inauguration that we are now officially the member of this organization. What a joyful thing it is!! Everything, as well as the ceremony was hastened so that one of the officials leading the inauguration falsely as well as nervously misspelt the date of the day!! Everyone was chuckling, but able to control.  What an arduous weekend ever!! However, I felt that’s the BEST WEEKEND of my life!! We got on the truck in a group. Unfortunately, there was only one lorry that had already come there so that many of us had to wait. The lorry-driver seemed to be ambitious and tired of waiting that he began to start the machine and took some of us back home!!.


Finding Ambiguity on the Notices in Public Venues and Observing the Applied Sociolinguistic in Use


a.Semantics is the study of linguistic meaning; that is, the meaning of words phrases, and sentences.  (Nirmala Sari, 1988:41)
b.Sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of any and all aspects of society, including cultural norms, expectations, and contexts, on the way language is used and the effect of language used on society. (Wikipedia, accessed on April 17th)
A. In the Central Station
1st sample was obtained here

the samples were obtained here

#1 Sample
A banner seen next to the entrance to the station

A banner seen next to the entrance to the station

1. On the first line of the banner, it says “Mulai 1 April, Berlaku Jadwal Perjalanan Kereta Api baru”. The word BARU (new) has an ambiguity if it is connected to JADWAL (timetable) or KERETA API (train). It should have been put forward, so that it would be placed after the word JADWAL in which means the NEW SCHEDULE.
2. On the last line, the phrase JADWAL BERANGKAT DAN DATANG has ambiguity since it has no correlation. It should have been omitted or if necessary can be put after the word JADWAL on the second line of the banner and replaced with the word JADWAL KEBERANGKATAN DAN KEDATANGAN (Departure and Arrival Timetable).
#2 Sample
Another banner was hung over the ticket boxes

Another banner was hung over the ticket boxes

The last sentence on this banner which said KEDAPATAN TIKET… was formed inappropriately. The word KEDAPATAN (found) should have been replaced with JIKA (If) or APABILA (In case).

#3 Sample

This 'Service Information' banner was pasted over the gate for check-in

This ‘Service Information’ banner was pasted over the gate for check-in

The second relative pronoun YANG (that) has an ambiguity because in English it is rare to find a dependent clause having a dependent clause. In this banner, YANG MEMPUNYAI TIKET (whom have tickets) modifies PENUMPANG (passengers) and DIPERKENANKAN MASUK…(are allowed to enter…) modifies IDENTITAS DIRI (identity). The second relative pronoun YANG (that) should have been left out as it perplexed people perusing the banner.

#4 Sample

A flier showing a new information was pasted to the glass ticket box

A flier showing a new information was pasted to the glass ticket box

#Point of View in Sociolinguistic

We can infer from the samples taken place in the central station of Malang city that the notices (language) used there are in the written form, so that they are  made up in full sentences in order to transfer the main points to the readers. In addition, one sentence to another sentence elaborated structurally-it means that the sentences in the notices have the relation that can not be avoided. However, there is a sample (1.4) proving that some people there have acquired English to be practically applied in a daily life even though some words are falsely written based on the right English.

B. In the Terminal

The frontage of Arjosari Terminal, Singosari, Malang

The frontage of Arjosari Terminal, Malang

#1 Sample

Tariff list shown to anyone who would park their vehicles into a car park

Tariff list shown to anyone who would park their vehicles into a car park

The notice is ambiguous in inserting the tariff of the vehicles parking. Some people may decode this notice as the ‘price’ of the vehicles themselves. There should have been a new phrases added just before BERDASARKAN (according to) – that is TARIF PARKIR (parking tariff).

#2 Sample

An error in the left-side flier

An error in the left-side flier

The left-hand notice was wrongly arranged. There may be misunderstanding to peruse this notice because of the omission of the punctuation.  Meanwhile the last line does not matter at all.  We suggest change the entire composition of this notice. It should have been KAMI UCAPKAN TERIMA KASIH ATAS KESADARAN DAN PENGERTIAN ANDA PERIHAL PEMBAYARAN RETRIBUSI PARKIR (We thank you for your awareness and understanding referring to the retribution payment).

#3 Sample

A steel-banner standing in the car park

A steel-banner standing in the car park

The sentence MOHON HELM DITITIPKAN (Please entrust your helmet) was falsely put down. It should have been put in before the sentence HELM HILANG/TERTUKAR (the missing or swopped helmet), so that the rule of action-reaction applies.

#4 Sample

A sign that was falsely arranged

A sign that was falsely arranged

The word POSKO (post) should have been stuck before the word INFORMASI (Information) and PENGADUAN (Complaint), so that the meaning will not be incoherent.

#Point of View in Sociolinguistic

The language used in terminal is almost similar to which is used at the central station because the passengers there has the same ability to understand the words stuck on the notices. That is why the use of language is not as difficult as which used in other public venues.

C. In the Airport

The gate of Abdurachman Saleh Airport in which the samples were taken from

The gate of Abdurachman Saleh Airport in which the samples were taken from

#1 Sample

The stickers on the check-in door

The stickers on the check-in door

In this notice, the word PENJEMPUT should not have been separated from DILARANG MASUK (do not enter) because it would make different meaning.

#2 Sample

Another printed-sign found around the airport building

Another printed-sign found around the airport building

1. The preposition KE (into) should have been added between SENJATA (weapons) and DALAM (inside).
2. SISI UDARA (air area) must be removed and changed with AREA (area).
#Point of View in Sociolinguistic

This sort of venue uses such a complicated language because the passengers who use the airplane to transport them away have the high ability to acquire the words on the notices.


• We can conclude that there are so many errors found on the notices in three major public venues in Malang City, even though they are not such a significant matter.
• Society does affect to the notices in these three major public venues, so that they prefer using the suitable language. That aims to make the people, who use the transportation there, capable of comprehending what the words stated.
The newest thing we can obtain from our research is that there is such a movement of language usage in one of the public venues in which we took samples from; that is railway station. Many of the banners and notices here are using English apart from Bahasa Indonesia. We assumed that it is caused by the passengers of the train whom not only are from Indonesia, but also other countries. Malang as one of the favourite travel destinations in Indonesia, it will willy-nilly make sort of changes towards the development of the language used in her public venues, such as the railway station.
This mini-research was conducted seriously, but not taking any outer sources. It was in partnership with Ahmad Ainur Rokhish , Jimmy Chandra, Habibi Rahman.


Ku Tau Siapa Engkau (Cerpen)

Cerpen ini adalah karya saya sendiri dan telah diikutsertakan dalam Lomba Cerpen Se-Universitas Negeri Malang Raya tanggal 18 Maret 2013. Segala bentuk penggandaan tanpa izin demi kepentingan pribadi maupun publik dianggap melanggar HaKI.

Ku Tau Siapa Engkau

Oleh Helmi Dana B.A.

Courtesy: Getty Images

Courtesy: Getty Images

            Rintik-rintik hujan menerpa tubuhku dengan lembutnya. Namun yang aku tunggu tidak kunjung datang. Atau mungkin tak akan pernah datang ‘tuk selamanya. Hingga pada akhirnya bus terakhir dari kota Jakarta tiba di terminal. Entah apa atau siapa yang aku tunggu tapi aku tetap tertahan disitu hingga segalanya menjadi tenang tak bersuara.

            “Mas, nunggu siapa? Kok bengong daritadi di sini?” tanya seorang lelaki tua yang berperawakan seperti seorang satpam di terminal itu.

            “Oh, ini nunggu taksi” balasku kepadanya.

            “Kalau taksi, nyarinya deket sana mas. Bukan di sini. Coba aja jalan ke sana”  jelasnya kepadaku. Akupun berjalan dengan tatapan kosong, menerawang dengan tidak jelas. Akupun masuk ke dalam salah satu taksi di situ.

            “Simokerto Utara ya pak” cetusku ke pak taksi. “Oh iya mas. Ngomong-ngomong ini tadi masnya datang dari kota mana? Kok malam….”.

            Samar-samar apa yang dikatakan pak taksi itu ke aku. Aku sendiri sibuk dengan segala pikiran yang ada di dalam kepala. Namun, pada akhirnya aku bisa menyusun kembali puzzle yang sempat tercecer itu.

Saat itu bel di sekolah berdering, ‘membangunkan’ jiwa-jiwa penerus bangsa untuk bergegas keluar ruangan kelas mereka dan pulang ke istana masing-masing. Aku sendiri waktu itu sangat senang apabila mengetahui bel sekolah berdering untuk terakhir kalinya di hari itu, meskipun aku bukanlah anak kecil yang memakai celana kedodoran berwarna merah dengan atasan putih dan dihias dengan dasi merah kecil. Aku bukanlah seperti itu lagi.

Karena knalpot sepeda motorku sedang diperbaiki di salah satu bengkel terdekat, aku meminta papa untuk mengantar dan menjemput aku di hari itu. Ternyata papa sudah duduk di sepeda motornya yang berwarna biru tua sambil sesekali melihat ke arah gerbang sekolah. Saat aku muncul, dia langsung menyalakan mesin sepeda motornya sambil berteriak,”Hei kesini!”

Langsung aku berlari ke arah papa yang berada di seberang jalan. Setelah mengepaskan apakah pantatku sudah dalam posisi pas di atas sadel sepeda motor, aku langsung bilang ke papa,”Udah jalan”.

            Aku sendiri adalah anak berusia delapan belas tahunan yang tengah duduk di bangku sekolah menengah atas. Harusnya berbeda dengan anak-anak kecil itu tapi entah mengapa aku sangat senang disaat waktu pulang tiba. Aku menyadari hal itu sebagai hal yang istimewa, sebab hari-hari terakhirku di sekolah menengah atas hampir usai namun tidak semudah membalikkan telapak tangan. Perjalananku untuk menempuh pendidikan 12 tahun kini tengah berada di ujung tombaknya. Di saat itu bukanlah hal yang mudah untuk dilalui dengan santainya tapi aku berusaha semaksimal yang aku bisa untuk lulus dari segala belenggu yang tengah menghadang.

            Di sisi lain, orangtuaku adalah sesosok yang protektif terhadap segalah tindakan yang aku ambil. Dalam hal ini, mereka menyemangati diriku untuk tetap dalam jalurnya. Segala jenis buku untuk mempersiapkan hajatan tahunan terbesar negara telah diberikan kepada diriku. Hingga pada akhirnya hari itu tiba.

            “Sebelum mengerjakan soalnya, usahakan berdo’a terlebih dahulu kepada Yang Kuasa agar diberikan kelancaran dalam mengerjakan ujiannya”, pesan mamaku..

            Hal itulah yang selalu beliau ucapkan selama empat hari bertutur-turut hingga ujian berakhir. Suatu kelegaan yang tak ternilai harganya. Di sisi lain, aku ingin melanjutkan studiku ke pendidikan yang lebih tinggi, atau orang-orang biasa menyebutnya ‘kuliah’. Karena hal itu, kedua orangtuaku berusaha mati-matian untuk bisa menyekolahkanku hingga Perguruan Tinggi.

            “Kalau kamu ingin kuliah, nggak usah dipikir. Biar mama sama papa yang mikir masalah itu. Yang perlu menjadi konsentrasi kamu adalah belajar dan belajar biar nantinya bisa membahagiakan mama dan papa” kata mama setiap menjelang maghrib. Namun, hal itu selalu menjadi hal yang selalu aku pikirkan.

            “Lho mama udah punya uang untuk biaya mengkuliahkan aku? Kan biayanya mahal” tanyaku dengan penuh perhatian.

            “Masalah itu nggak perlu kamu pikirin. Asal kamu tahu, ternyata papamu udah punya tabungan untuk menyekolahkan kamu lho” jawab mama dengan serius.

            “Sungguh ma? Tau darimana?” gembiranya aku kembali bertanya.

            “Ya pokoknya kamu belajar dengan rajin dan tekun, kita sebagai orangtua akan rela mengorbankan apapun demi anaknya” kata mama.

            “Tapi ma, papa kan orangnya agak cuek gitu dengan kondisi anak-anaknya. Segala hal yang berhubungan dengan keluarga aja agak cuek, apalagi hal yang yang mendetail seperti biaya sekolah?”

            Tapi sesungguhnya itu adalah nyata. Papaku sendiri adalah sesosok yang sangat keras dan cuek dengan kondisi sekitar. Segala hal yang berhubungan dengan kepengurusan rumah tangga seperti biaya listrik, air, dan biaya SPP dibebankan kepada sosok mama. Dia hanya menyerahkan uang gajiannya ke mama dan setelah itu segala ekonomi diatur oleh mama.

            Di sisi lain, ku juga bisa mengingat kebaikannya ketika ia menyumbangkan uang yang diperolehnya dari hasil kerja untuk sebagian disumbangkan ke anak yatim piatu. Hal ini tidak disadari oleh yang lain hingga suatu hari mama menemukan amplop yang berisi kwitansi yang menyatakan bahwa papa telah menyumbangkan sebagian hasil kerjanya ke sebuah yayasan yatim piatu di sebuah kota di Jawa Timur.


            Di saat pendaftaran Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri, papa ternyata menghubungi mama apakah aku sudah mengirimkan uang transferan pendaftaran atau belum.

            “Uangnya sudah ditansfer belum untuk SNMPTN?” tanya papa ke mama lewat telepon. “Belum lah. Soalnya masih nunggu papa dulu. Dia belum pernah nyoba transfer” jawab mama.

            “ Ya udah nanti aja kalo aku udah sampai rumah, aku antar dia ke ATM terdekat” kata papa.

            Sesampainya di rumah, papa langsung mengajak aku ke ATM untuk mentransfer pembayaran SNMPTN. Belum sempat dia makan malam, papa langsung pergi dengan aku memakai sepeda motor birunya yang sudah kelihatan tua seperti pemiliknya.

            “Masukkin password dulu trus tinggal pilih menu transfer dan masukkan nomer rekening panitianya” jelas papa ke aku.

            “Oh iya aku paham” balasku sedikit cuek.


            Beberapa bulan setelah aku berhasil masuk Perguruan Tinggi yang aku minati, aku merasakan hal kesepian. Segalanya harus aku atur sendiri karena aku tidak lagi tinggal bersama kedua orangtuaku dan adik tercinta. Aku tinggal di sebuah kos di pusat kota Malang.

            Suatu hari aku meminta kiriman pulsa dari papa karena aku lagi hemat-hematnya dengan uang belanjaan yang dijatah tiap bulannya oleh mama. Kutulis melalui pesan singkat, “Tolong belikan pulsa 20rbu skg. Thx”. Tidak lama setelah itu, kiriman pulsa pun  masuk sesuai dengan nominal yang aku minta. Pernah aku meminta pulsa dengan nominal 50 ribu rupiah dan papa pun mengiriminya langsung seketika.

            Suatu saat, terlintas di benakku untuk memberikan kado di hari ulang tahun papa yang jatuh pada bulan depan. Aku tanya ke salah satu seorang teman dan ia menyarankan untuk beli jam tangan. Entah kenapa aku merasa dekat dengan papa akhir-akhir itu meskipun hubunganku dengannya tidak sebegitu dekat seperti diriku dengan mama.

            Esoknya aku memutuskan untuk membelikan batik saja di sebuah toko batik ternama dengan menggunakan uang yang telah aku tabung dari sisa uang belanja yang dijatah oleh mama. Kupilih dan akhirnya menemukan sesuatu yang cocok.

            Pada pekan itu, tidak pernah sekalipun aku menerima telepon dari keluarga di Sidoarjo. Pada akhirnya, bulan selanjutnya aku pulang ke Sidoarjo dan mendapatkan kabar bahwa papa tengah terbaring lemah di sebuah rumah sakit di tengah kota Surabaya. Setelah aku coba tanyakan apa yang tengah terjadi ke mama ternyata papa mengalami serangan jantung.

            “Kenapa gak hubungin aku kalau papa ada kenapa-kenapa??” tanyaku dengan agak kesal sambil meneteskan air mata. “Papamu tidak mau membebani kamu gara-gara penyakitnya. Dia takut kamu tidak konsentrasi kuliah, Nak” balas mama sambil meneteskan air mata.

            “Tapi aku juga berhak tahu. Emangnya aku ini siapa? Anaknya kan?”  dengan nada sedikit marah.

            Hari demi hari, kondisi papa tidak semakin membaik hingga pada akhirnya dokter memberitahu kita kalau umur papa bakal tidak lama lagi. Ku hanya bisa membeku dalam kondisi seperti itu. Tak tau apa yang harus aku lakukan.

            “Papa cepet sembuh ya. Aku pulang dari Malang kok dan sekarang ada di samping papa. Papa mau apa? Biar aku belikan. Besok adalah hari ulang tahun papa. Papa harus sembuh” kataku dengan terisak-isak. Tapi, tetap saja papa tidak bergerak.

            Hingga suatu saat elektrokardiograf papa pun berhenti di malam sebelum ulang tahunnya. Aku pun hanya bisa berteriak di dalam hatiku dan akhirnya hanya air mata ini yang bisa meluapkan segala yang tengah kurasa waktu itu. Seharusnya aku bisa merayakan ulang tahun papa esoknya dan memberikan kado berupa baju batik untuk dikenakannya. Tapi, itu semua hanya tinggal kenangan.

            Segala kebaikan dan perjuangannya selama ini kini hanya bisa dikenang dan dihargai. Senyumnya telah terkelupas dari dinding ruang kaluargaku dan mungkin aku akan merindukannya sangat dalam. Tak peduli ia cuek dengan keadaan sekitar tapi ia adalah sosok yang rela membanting tulang demi istri dan anak-anaknya. Kegigihannya itulah yang patut dicontoh meskipun dia tidak lagi di samping kami. Cintanya tidak akan pernah pudar dan sejak itulah ku tahu siapa sosok dia sebenarnya.

            Taksi yang aku tumpangi akhirnya sampai di depan rumah.

            “Kembaliannya untuk bapak aja” kataku.

            “Lho mas, ada kok kembaliannya, bentar” balas si sopir.

            “Udah gak apa pak. Kalau lihat kerja bapak yang sampai malam, mengingatkan aku kepada papaku yang tak pernah letih bekerja untuk menafkahi istri dan anak-anaknya. Aku sendiri belum sempat berterimakasih kepada beliau…dan satu hal yang aku ingat dari beliau… adalah banyak memberi daripada meminta…semoga dengan ini…aku bisa meniru seperti apa yang telah papa lakukan kepada orang lain” jawabku sambil mata berkaca-kaca.

            “Amin…  Makasih kalo begitu, mari mas” balas sopir itu dan taksinya pun meluncur di jalanan tengah malam yang penuh kabut.

            Akupun masuk rumah. Mama dan adikku tercinta sudah menunggu di dalam dan mungkin kenanganku dengan papa tetap ada di dalam rumah itu dan akan selalu ada di pikiranku selamanya.


Vaca in Metro Pool – Kepanjen

Metro Public Pool which is situated in Kepanjen town, Malang

Metro Public Pool which is situated in Kepanjen town, Malang

There must be a reason why people writing on their blog sites about their experiences, DISTINCT REASON!! Regarding with that one, I would like to write this sort of feature because this was my first time, since my departure to this town last August swimming down the pool ! How merry I was! However, it proved to be unlike what people are used to thinking about, but even HARDER to get to the venue in which we gonna spend only 3 hours for DIP! Actually I wished to have a swim at a nearby pool, but my buddy even suggested the venue that cost little to enter.

Map interactive shows how to get to the Metro pool

Map interactive shows how to get to the Metro pool

I would start it off with the day when I planned to go out somewhere in which was uncertain yet. My buddy and I were discussing about something and he apparently recounted a favourite spot of his out of town. At first I definitely disagreed with his thought ‘cuz that would be weary. Just so you know that I would have to venture about more than 10 Km’s to get to the spot!!


In another discussion, my other friend, Nov (so-called Te) presented her suggestion about the swimming pool spot which was very near with the university we study in. In the other hand, my buddy, Jim kept his persuasion to go swimming out of town because of CHIPO. Well, we finally were brainwashed by his opinion. It would be totally a jollification to invite more friends, so that I had my close-friend, Ken join us. The day we were gonna leave for was a week before this year’s Valentine Day. That could be a medicine  for us who had no chicks or guys sitting beside us in health and sickness on VALENTINE’S DAY LOL…!!

Water was unfriendly the first time I plunged down to the pool

Water was unfriendly the first time I plunged down to the pool

A night before leaving, I set all the stuff of mine that would be used for swimming. I remembered I left my swim-suit at home, not in my wardrobe in boarding-house. Let’s keep going onto Plan B. I gotta put on my boxer shorts, instead of trunks and that was very loose even if I did put on no PANTS!! I was worrying about my CHOPPER that could be SEEN by other sluts there…LOL! Uh-oh that could be such an embarrassing experience in my life. After letting in all goods I had to bring with, it’s time to sleep tightly….

Don't you see any weirdness??Wish you didn't

Don’t you see any weirdness??Wish you didn’t

I couldn’t await this moment, enjoying days-out together. I rode my motorcycle and went straight towards my buddy’s boarding-house to pick him up. While waiting for two other-girls, I had some questions to ask to Jim. They’re about what it was like in swimming pool, was it cold or moist, or WHAT?? He told me that it might be a little bit frosty as it was rainy season. Well, be I ready for being iceberg!! And they finally got us and we all were about to go!! That was such a long road to venture.

I couldn't wait to refresh my a$$ in the water again :)

I couldn’t wait to refresh my a$$ in the water again :)

No sooner had we touched down the venue then I was so surprised to know how it was like!! It was so noiseless and not CHOCK-A-BLOCK. Nobody there, you might be able to see 3 to 7 people only. However, i was getting impatient to be shirt-off and plunge into the blue-pool. It’s a recommendation for whosoever gonna swim here that it will be more like your own private-pool when you come there early in the morning. My buddy, Jim even told me that he used to park his motors freely.

My buddy, Te taught me how to RE-SWIM

My buddy, Te taught me how to RE-SWIM

It felt awkward to swim again after it had been almost a year not to plunge into the big-water pool. I also forgot the strokes that I used to know well. I need my friend, Te to help me with these strokes. I gotta be thankful to her for her patience teaching me how to re-swim LOL…!! Like what people said that swimming provoke HUNGER!! That was still about 9am and I had been famished enough. After taking some folly pictures by the pool, we decided to find the food trucks selling menu for breakfast.

Taking some pics to wrap our days-off up in Kepanjen

Taking some pics to wrap our days-off up in Kepanjen

Because Jim knew so well about that small town that he showed us his fave spot for meal. They had so many foods on the menu that I got confusion to choose as my breakfast. Yum yum..!! I prefered the meat, eggs, and vegetables. They’re on my 1 PLATTER..!! After I had been full up, we got back to Malang. We had an afternoon class so it ain’t no worry to be late. Even though I was buggered, I was BLISSFUL!!

Pemakaian & Pelestarian Bahasa Jawa Suroboyoan Pada Masa Kini

ABSTRACT: Since the Javanese live not only around the palace of Ngayogyakarta, but also in the farther parts of the Java Island, it is obvious that the language spoken by the Javanese are not similar. Boso Suroboyoan is one of the examples. Boso Suroboyoan is known for roughness. Surabaya’s people believed that it symbolizes bravery and honesty. This kind of language is now very popular in Surabaya and some towns in East Java.

Keyword: Boso Suroboyoan, the Javanese, Surabaya

ABSTRAK: Karena orang Jawa tidak hanya tinggal di daerah sekitar Keraton Ngayogyakarta, tapi juga di bagian yang jauh di Pulau Jawa, sehingga jelas membuat bahasa yang diucapkan oleh orang Jawa juga berbeda. Boso Suroboyoan adalah salah satu contohnya. Boso Suroboyoan terkenal dengan kekasarannya. Masyarakat Surabaya menganggap ini sebagai bentuk keberanian dan kejujuran. Bahasa semacam ini sekarang sangat populer di kota Surabaya dan kota-kota sekitarnya di Jawa Timur.

Kata Kunci: Boso Suroboyoan, orang Jawa, Surabaya

Masyarakat Jawa adalah masyarakat yang memiliki jumlah populasi terbanyak diantara suku-suku yang ada di Indonesia. Hal ini tentu saja memberikan kontribusi terhadap bahasa yang dituturkan oleh pemakainya. Menurut Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, bahasa adalah sistem lambang bunyi yang arbitrer, yang digunakan oleh anggota suatu masyarakat untuk bekerja sama, berinteraksi, dan mengidentifikasikan diri. Sementara pemakai bahasa Jawa sendiri tersebar dari barat hingga timur Pulau Jawa.

Dengan luasnya cakupan pemakaian bahasa Jawa tersebut membuat keragaman dalam bahasa Jawa. Banyak dialek yang dituturkan berdasarkan di mana kelompok tersebut berada, meskipun ia tetap merupakan orang Jawa.

Pada awalnya bahasa Jawa yang murni adalah bahasa Jawa yang dipakai oleh orang-orang di kalangan keraton dan sekitarnya, tapi karena mobilisasi masyarakat Jawa dari wilayah keraton dan tinggal di daerah yang jauh dari wilayah keraton mengakibatkan keberagaman bahasa Jawa muncul di tengah-tengah masyarakat.

Bahasa Jawa yang dipakai oleh orang-orang keraton dan sekitarnya merupakan bahasa Jawa yang berdasarkan sistem sosial. Hal ini berarti dalam menggunakan bahasa Jawa harus memperhatikan dengan siapa ia berbicara. Pemakaian bahasa Jawa dari yang muda ke yang tua tentu saja berbeda dengan cara yang dipakai antar sesama kaum muda. Model seperti ini bertujuan untuk menghormati yang tua oleh yang muda.

Bahasa Jawa keraton tidak hanya dilihat berdasarkan usia tetapi juga kekuasaan yang dimiliki. Meskipun seseorang berumur lebih tua daripada orang yang berkuasa di keraton pada saat itu, maka ia harus mneggunakan bahasa Jawa yang halus dan sopan kepada yang berkuasa.

Hal seperti ini masih diterapkan oleh masyarakat Jawa yang tinggal di Jogjakarta, Jawa Tengah, dan sedikit bagian Jawa Timur bagian barat. Mereka masih menganggap nilai-nilai kesopanan patut untuk dijunjung tinggi di tengah-tengah perubahan zaman, meskipun dialek yang dipakai tentu saja berbeda antar satu kelompok dengan kelompok yang lain.

Perubahan drastis terjadi di wilayah Jawa Timur yang memang lokasinya sudah sangat jauh dari wilayah pengaruh keraton Jogjakarta. Masyarakat Jawa Timur sendiri memiliki dialeknya yang khas. Menurut Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, dialek adalah variasi bahasa yang berbeda-beda menurut pemakai (misal bahasa dari suatu daerah tertentu, kelompok sosial tertentu, atau kurun waktu tertentu). Dari penjelasan ini, maka dialek yang berkembang di Jawa Timur adalah dialek regional (daerah).

Menurut Soedjito (1981:2), dialek-dialek bahasa Jawa Jawa Timur yang ada, terdiri atas:

  • Subdialek Tubak, Gresik, dan Surabaya
  • Subdialek Malang, Pasuruan
  • Subdialek Banyuwangi

Dialek yang akan dibahas di sini adalah dialek yang dipakai oleh masyarakat Surabaya dan sekitarnya yang terkenal dengan kekasarannya dan keterus-terangannya. Penduduk Surabaya menganggap diri mereka berbeda dengan masyarakat Jawa pada umumnya yang masih harus berbasa-basi untuk menyampaikan sesuatu. Orang Surabaya berterus terang dan apa adanya melalui bahasa yang mereka gunakan.


Masyarakat Surabaya dan sekitarnya merupakan suatu kumpulan masyarakat yang khas dan berbeda dengan masyarakat Jawa pada umumnya. Masyarakat Jawa dalam kehidupan sehari-harinya mengajarkan nilai-nilai santun dalam berbuat apa saja, termasuk makan, minum, berkelakuan, dan berbahasa. Seperti yang dijelaskan sebelumnya bahwa orang Jawa sangat menghormati orang yang lebih tua sehingga dalam pemakaian bahasa pun juga memiliki kaidah.

Di sisi lain, orang Surabaya bersifat lebih bebas dan terbuka dalam penggunaan bahasa Jawa. Mereka menganggap ini sebagai bentuk dari kelugasan, keterbukaan, dan tidak basa-basi. Meskipun demikian, bahasa Jawa halus, seperti krama inggril dan madya tetap digunakan oleh beberapa orang di Surabaya dan sekitarnya untuk sekedar menghormati orang yang lebih tua, sama seperti yang dilakukan oleh masyarakat Jawa umumnya.

Hanya saja di masyarakat Surabaya, kehalusan dalam berbahasa Jawa tetap saja tidak sehalus masyarakat lainnya, seperti orang Yogyakarta dan Surakarta. Kebanyakan bahasa yang ada sudah bercampur dengan bahasa kasar.

Penggunaan dialek Surabaya terbentang dari Lamongan, Gresik, Surabaya, Probolinggo, Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, sebagian Malang, hingga Banyuwangi. Luasnya pemakaian dialek Surabaya ini menimbulkan banyak media lokal yang dalam menyampaikan beritanya menggunakan bahasa Suroboyoan.

Memang terdengar kasar bagi para pendengar dan juga sedikit aneh, tapi ini adalah salah satu bentuk upaya pelestarian bahasa Suroboyoan di masa kini. Salah satu kata yang diucapkan oleh salah satu reporter berita adalah kata ‘matek’ yang berarti mati. Bagi masyarakat Jawa standar, hal ini dianggap sangat tidak sopan dan kasar.

Contoh lainnya yang membedakan bahasa Suroboyoan dengan bahasa Jawa lainnya yang ada di Jawa Timur adalah kata dunia. Di dialek Surabaya hal ini berarti ndoŋa, sedangkan di bahasa Jawa Malang dan Probolinggo adalah doŋa.

Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan juga banyak dikenal oleh masyarakat luas melalui salah satu lirik lagu yang khas berjudul Tunjungan, seperti berikut ini:

            Rek ayo rek mlaku-mlaku nang Tunjungan

            Rek ayo rek rame-rame bebarengan…

Kata rek dalam lirik lagu di atas berarti teman dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan bocah di dalam Bahasa Jawa standar. Selain contoh di atas, masih banyak lagi lainnya.

Dalam Bahasa Suroboyoan juga sangat dikenal dengan katanya yang sangat kotor, contohnya jancuk. Di dalam filosofi orang Surabaya, jancuk tak hanya berarti ‘disetubuhi’ dalam bahasa Indonesia, tapi juga bisa melambangkan persahabatan bagi yang mengucapkannya kepada sesama anggota di dalam kelompoknya.

Di masa sekarang, Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan sudah mengalami perubahan seiring dengan banyak nya para penduduk dari luar kota Surabaya yang datang ke kota Surabaya. Beberapa anak muda zaman sekarang dalam kesehariannya selain menggunakan Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan juga menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia, bahkan beberapa menggunakan logat Jakarta.

Upaya Pemerintah Kota Surabaya dan pihak swasta dalam melestarikan Bahasa-Jawa Suroboyoan sebagai bagian dari kekhasan kota Pahlawan ini adalah dengan melalui media elektronik maupun cetak. Bahkan salah satu program televisi lokal dalam menyajikan acaranya menggunakan pengantar Bahasa Suroboyoan. Banyak program televisi yang menggunakan Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan dalam menyajikan acaranya. Selain itu juga, media cetak juga turut mewarnai upaya pelestarian bahasa Suroboyoan.

Selain dari kerjasama antara pihak swasta dan Pemkot, banyak para aktivis maupun budayawan yang memperjuangkan Boso Suroboyoan untuk tetap eksis di masyarakat. Salah satu bentuk konkretnya adalah dengan mengadakan pertunjukan budaya ludruk di aula-aula kota. Media yang dituturkan adalah menggunakan bahasa Suroboyoan. Dengan demikian, pewarisan bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan bisa dilakukan tidak hanya melalui media massa dan cetak tapi juga bisa melalui pertunjukan seni dan budaya.

Dalam pertunjukan budaya semacam ini sebenarnya tidak hanya berupa pentransferan atau pewarisan bahasa saja, tapi juga nilai moral dan budaya. Dari hal ini bisa diketahui bahwa bahasa Suroboyoan yang terdengar kasar bagi masyarakat Jawa umumnya, ternyata juga bisa menyampaikan nilai-nilai moral kepada para penontonnya.

Selain itu, upaya kesadaran diri untuk menjaga identitas daerahnya masing-masing perlu dikembangkan asalkan tidak memunculkan sikap etnosentrisme. Sikap bangga memiliki bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan sudah sepatutnya ditanam sejak dini, selain penggunaan Bahasa Indonesia sebagai bahasa formalitas.



Hasil dari pembahasan di atas dapat disimpulkan dan dibuat saran sebagai berikut.


Bahasa Jawa yang berkembang di Indonesia memiliki keberagaman dialek. Hal ini bergantung pada daerah mana bahasa Jawa itu berada. Bahasa Jawa yang berada di daerah sekitar keraton masih berupa Bahasa Jawa yang standar dan halus, sedangkan Bahasa Jawa yang dituturkan oleh masyarakat yang tinggal jauh dari daerah keraton, seperti Surabaya sudah memiliki perbedaan.

Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan dikenal dengan ketegasan, kelugasan, dan terus-terang (Wikipedia). Banyak masyarakat Jawa pada umumnya menganggap Bahasa Jawa yang dituturkan oleh orang Surabaya dan sekitarnya adalah yang paling kasar. Meskipun demikian, hal ini merupakan salah satu identitas daerah yang patut dilestarikan.

Perubahan zaman di masa sekarang bisa saja mengubah struktur bunyi bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan. Oleh karena itu, diperlukan upaya konkrit dan kerjasama antar pemerintah dan masyarakat untuk tetap melestarikan Bahasa Suroboyoan.

Selain sebagai bahasa keseharian, Bahasa Suroboyoan juga memiliki peran dalam pewarisan nilai-nilai moral kepada para generasi muda. Hal ini terbukti melalui diadakannya pertunjukkan Ludruk. Bahasa Suroboyoan juga bisa diketahui melalui media massa maupun cetak yang ada. Mereka juga turut berupaya untuk memberikan kesadaran kepada masyarakat bahwa Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan merupakan ciri khas dari Surabaya dan sekitarnya.


Bahasa merupakan salah satu unsur kebudayaan universal manusia, maka sepatutnya kita sebagai manusia melestarikan bahasa itu. Bahasa yang tidak memiliki penuturnya bisa disebut dengan bahasa mati. Hal ini tentu saja tidak pernah diinginkan oleh satu orang pun, sebab bahasa melambangkan indentitasnya.

Begitupula dengan Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan yang sekarang sudah banyak dipengaruhi oleh bahasa-bahasa dari luar. Hal ini tentu saja menimbulkan keprihatinan, sebab seperti yang dijelaskan sebelumnya bahwa bahasa juga melambangkan identitasnya.

Kita sebagai generasi muda hendaknya melestarikan Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, contohnya dalam percakapan antar sesama teman di manapun kita berada. Hal ini dikarenakan dalam percakapan menggunakan Bahasa Jawa-Suroboyoan di suatu lingkungan tertentu berbeda ketika dilakukan di lingkungan lainnya karena tekanan sosial yang membuatnya berubah, contohnya percakapan di pasar dan kemudian berubah di mall.

Kita sepatutnya bangga dengan bahasa kita dan bukan malu atas apa yang memang itu adalah milik kita. Sesuai dengan prinsip arek suroboyo yang tegas dan tanpa basa-basi, kita pasti bisa melestarikan Boso Suroboyoan tanpa pikir panjang lagi.


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