My Mom Got a Massage of Me!

Prepare for Massage

Monday,March 8th 2010

Today I got tired, extra tired! Did you know what the cause is? All around my home. My home been just got rehab, rehab for roof! My family included me worked together. Of course we didn’t do it by ourselves, but helped by a local carpenter. We have known him for a long time and he’s considered as our part of family.

Anyway why my roof got rehab was caused by the disaster that was on in my residence and it occurred twice in a week!!!! the effect could be seen such as my roof were flown by the wind that blew hard. My nearby neighbors’ houses got the effect as well.

My house’s roof fell down to my neighbor’s house that’s at the next mine and absolutely their roof were broken. So because of that, my house need repaired.

Tonight is the tiring day and my mom asked me to give her MASSAGE!!!!!!!!TIRED+TIRED=DOUBLE TIRED!HAAAAAAAAAAA


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