Pengalaman Berbelanja di Situs The Watch Co.

This is the first post after a two-year hiatus, but I’m ready to bring out something new. Di tulisan kali ini saya ingin berbagi pengalaman untuk pertama kalinya berbelanja jam tangan di salah satu situs penjual yang menurut saya sendiri sudah cukup terkenal. Dia tak lain dan tak bukan adalah The Watch Co.

Sebelum berbelanja di situs miliknya, saya sudah mencoba googling tentang sederet toko jam tangan yang berkualitas di Indonesia dan salah satu hasilnya adalah The Watch Co. ini. Ada beberapa toko offline miliknya yang tersebar di kota-kota besar di Indonesia yang akhirnya membuat saya yakin bahwa mereka seller yang cukup terpercaya untuk urusan aksesoris satu ini.

Tanggal 27 Mei saya melakukan pemesanan di situs The Watch Co. — setelah melalui meditasi yang cukup lama dalam memutuskan tipe jam mana yang diinginkan. Dan… seminggu kemudian, tepatnya 2 Juni, barang tersebut tiba di meja kantor. Sebenarnya saat itu lagi off duty tapi karena jam tercinta yang dinanti-nanti (tahu dari Tracking Info) akhirnya datang, saya memutuskan untuk meluncur ke kantor yang jaraknya lumayan dekat dari tempat tinggal dan LANGSUNG balik pulang. 😀

Jam nampaknya dikemas dengan sangat baik. Dan waktunya unboxing! Seperti yang saya duga sebelumnya, dalam paketan ini juga disertakan semacam kartu ucapan selamat Lebaran, which was really cute. Di dalamnya juga ada invoice serta JAM TANGANNYA! Disaat proses membuka cover jam tangan inilah saya merasa deg-degan. Sampai akhirnya… WHAT THE…??


Looks cool but bukan punya saya 😦

Jam yang saya terima tidak sesuai dengan pesanan! Saat itu juga saya cek invoice dan membandingkan tipe jam tangan yang saya pesan dan yang saya terima. Merek sudah sesuai tapi tipenya sedikit berbeda. Berbeda satu huruf. 😥

Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk menghubungi after-sales service dan ternyata kantor mereka tutup di akhir pekan. Tidak habis akal, saya putuskan mengontak toko The Watch Co. yang ada di Surabaya dengan harapan semoga jam yang keliru ini bisa saya tukar di tokonya langsung tanpa harus mengirim balik ke Jakarta, which I thought could have taken so long.


What’s in the Box

Ada sedikit rasa khawatir sebelum berbicara dengan petugas toko The Watch Co. via sambungan telepon. Kalau dilihat secara seksama di bagian invoice maupun di situsnya tertera jika barang tidak bisa ditukar atau dibatalkan apabila sudah dibeli. Dari sini rasa cemas bercampur-aduk jadi satu. It shouldn’t have happened!

Setelah berbicara dengan pihak toko The Watch Co. di Surabaya, mereka menyarankan untuk menghubungi kantor pusat mereka di Jakarta karena pembelian melalui situs mereka hanya ditangani oleh kantor pusat. Karena sudah coba dan gagal menghubungi nomer kantor pusat The Watch Co., saya memutuskan untuk menelepon salah satu tokonya yang ada di Jakarta. Sama seperti petugas di toko sebelumnya sebutkan, saya mesti menelepon kantor pusat yang saat itu lagi tutup.

Tambah bingung, akhirnya saya cek lagi bagian Hubungi Kami di situs The Watch Co. dan menemukan kontak Line mereka. Saya tambahkan akunnya dan saya sampaikan masalah yang saya alami walaupun tidak berharap dibalas langsung saat itu juga.


The second unboxing in one week

Sekitar satu jam kemudian, saya mendapat balasan dari The Watch Co. Mereka bertanya kenapa saya ingin menukar barang yang telah saya terima, dan disitu saya jelaskan semuanya. Mereka meminta foto barang yang saya terima dan invoice. Akhirnya mereka mengakui kesalahannya dan meminta maaf. Kemudian saya diminta untuk mengirimkan kembali barang tersebut ke warehouse mereka sesegera mungkin untuk ditukarkan dengan yang sesuai pesanan.

Sore itu langsung saya kirimkan barangnya via JNE Y.E.S. plus asuransi. Tiga hari kemudian barang tersebut tiba di Jakarta dan pesanan saya tiba sehari kemudian dalam kemasan yang baru dan tentunya JAM TANGAN yang sesuai. Oh satu lagi. Biaya pengiriman barang ke Jakarta mereka reimbursed 100% via transfer bank 4 hari setelahnya which was great!


Yang hijau itu adalah kartu ucapan Lebaran

Itulah pengalaman pertama saya berbelanja di situs penjualan jam tangan The Watch Co. Meskipun awalnya kecewa karena mendapatkan barang yang tidak sesuai dengan pesanan, tapi setelah melihat sigapnya layanan pelanggan mereka dalam mengatasi masalah ini membuat saya sedikit lebih lega.

Jika kalian kebetulan membeli barang di situs mereka, pastikan barang yang diterima sesuai dengan pesanan. Jika hal yang sama terjadi, coba kontak via Line karena lebih cepat dan murmer daripada harus kontak ke Jakarta yang kantornya tutup di akhir pekan.

Kalau kalian tanya apakah saya akan membeli jam tangan di situs mereka lagi di masa depan, ada kemungkinan iya karena sejauh ini saya belum menemukan toko online penjual jam tangan orisinil plus asuransi yang sebagus The Watch Co.


Unpredictable Experience with Dr. Science

Where should I start? Okay, I’m not trying to be cheesy but the story y’all gonna read is what truly happened for real. I’d begin with a question ‘WHAT THE HECK IS IT ALL ABOUT?’. Malang has been such a wonderful place and herein I found the real meaning of living a damn life. No.. seriously, I just kiddin’ but that is what happened. College life seemed so awesome (at first!). Everything just turned out so evil that I don’t know why I still survived. Signing up for two students’ clubs at university could not quench my thirst for a friggin damn life. It beat me black and blue but it fucked me so good and I could never get enough!

Tito's Class

Tito’s Class

I was trying to hunt for a part-time job before I eventually landed a part-time English teacher in an institution not quite far from where I’d been studying. This crazy journey took me almost a year, but I was not alone. My mate, Jimy, who was as curious as I was about the part-time job, had my back. We had been researching some vacancies available either online or offline but most of them did not meet our expectations — even we could’ve been apprentices if we’d taken some up on the offers!

Fate unfortunately didn’t bring us together. We had to live our own lives. I didn’t stop and neither did he! Te, one of the best mates I’ve known so far, showed me a link from a random Twitter account like three years ago and it directed us to a job vacancy that was looking for a part-time English tutor! Tada! I worked for them for like two years before I decided to resign. Te had even sent in her resignation months before I did the same thing.

Then… what is Dr. Science anyway? Is it the workplace where I ended up working?

It couldn’t have happened if one of my friends, Choirinnisa, did not post it on the group chat. I ain’t serious when I replied to her offer, but I was just saying ‘Okay… I’ll take you up on that offer’. The next day, I Googled the office’s location as she told me, and it was like ten minutes or less away from the boarding house. I was still wondering what it would be like.

Cindy's class (Sorry for the shakes)

Cindy’s class (Sorry for the shakes)

Eventually I could locate where it was! To be frank, I lost my way and it took me around 30 minutes to successfully find it. I just realised it wasn’t Dr. Science – not until few months later when they proposed a name and asked me to give any ideas about the name. I was like a bit surprised when they came up with that name and I guess it represented the whole thing in it. Sure. That’s a good name.

Dr. Science is a start-up established by some mindful people with brilliant passion. I know they were at least vulnerable to compete with other competitors which progress significantly and have got a head start, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be along with them. I am not really damn close to all of the people working here, but you know, only few of them that I know and they are good people I guess. My first weeks were full of teaching teens in the afternoons and I gotta squeeze in this timetable while I was still doing my stuff at the university. It’s a bit crazy man. Several times had I deterred myself from hanging out with other fellas, but that’s my choice after all.


I met fabulous students with incredible passion about learning outside school. There was always time when I felt about quitting this job. January 2016. That’s all when it all crossed my mind to give up, but I realised I had to keep my promise and would not quit — not until it all came to an end. I had to go back and forth from Surabaya to Malang almost every week in the beginning of 2016. I know you thought I was mad, but I would never hit back at any judgments over me and how crazy I was. I know I was on duty and I had to finish what I had started. Nothing can hinder me.

Local trains had been friends with me for a long time and I owe them indeed. And now.. when the story unfolds, everything that I have started nears the end. It draws nearer. I am so thankful for any opportunities that Putra, Fitri and Sherly have shared with me. Now, Dr Science has completely changed, but this change will never alter the positive energy that enlightens and empowers others to be equally confident about what they are doing. Don’t ever let it be a commotion that lasts for a short period. I’ll see you around, Dr. Science.

P.S. Some photos attached in this post are by courtesy of the owners of Instagram accounts.

Teaching Course

In this post, I would just like to share a link of a video about the Q&A session with the English teaching professionals from British Council. The session is actually a part of the online course that I have been joining since last January 2016 and will come to an end this March. You can still catch up this free online course by signing up HERE.

I raised a question about EFL Teaching Practices that you can watch through the link provided above. This post will accompany a new post – slated to release next month – about my latest ELT experience.

Examining Abbott’s Speech Style Commenting on ‘Bali Nine’ Duo



Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, is notorious for his provocative statements mostly uttered during official press conference. The latest statement he said which sparked controversy amongst Indonesian people is about his repudiation of Indonesian law case on Bali Nine ‘the convicted drug smugglers’. Indonesian government stood out against a few of Australian asking the execution of duo Bali Nine to be halted with no exceptions.

Herein, we are about to see the word meaning and the reference Abbott may have referred in his utterance and from which, we can derive the verbal-diplomatic style of his. To begin with, this is one of his provocative statements which becomes our concern:

Let’s not forget that a few years ago when Indonesia was struck by the Indian Ocean tsunami, Australia sent a billion dollars’ worth of assistance, we sent a significant contingent of our armed forces to help in Indonesia with humanitarian relief…

As seen from a transcription above, an expression let’s not forget used by Abbott may mean that he personally invited Indonesia, in this sense, to feel the same way as what he, as a representation of Australian people, was feeling at that very moment. It may also indicate that Abbott expected Indonesian government to do what he wanted them to as shown by the existence the word let’s.

The next part includes a noun worth; Abbott is likely to stress out the meaning of assistance his country had given to Indonesia in the past years. Also, it is followed by a significant contingent, which is absolutely wordy. Judging by those two expressions, it seems that his utterance is mostly tied by the subjectivity of the speaker, which is Abbott himself. The speech style of Abbott is notorious for its stern and tough remarks, and the statement he said may lead to undermine a diplomatic strategy being made effort to save the lives of two Australians presumed to have smuggled heroine (Garnaut:2015).

            The first part of the transcription is also followed by the second part, as follows.

We will be letting Indonesia know in absolutely unambiguous terms that we feel grievously let down.

The use of reference we there signifies that what is going to be delivered at that time is a collective statement rather than personal statement. This is to give emphasis that Abbot, as a Prime Minister of Australia at that time of speaking, positioned his figure as a ‘messenger’ of Australian’s opinion toward Bali nine death penalty rather than a ‘political figure’—showing that this issue is Australian common interest rather than personal interest. Actually the word we may refer to Australian people or the government.  We prefer choosing the former considering the situation, in which death penalty is the issue – the human right issue. It is likely to be more adequate and effective to refer to people (Australians) rather than politic (government) since human right issue is all humankind concern. The other reference mentioned is Indonesia. As the addressee, Indonesia refers to the government since the death penalty is about governmental policy. Indonesia gives a significance that the statement is made specifically only for Indonesia.

Still in beginning of the statement, Abbot employs two emotive lexicons placed side by side: grievously (adv.) and let down (noun). The choice of an adverb grievously has, of course, a reason, instead of selecting the other adverbs of manner, such as completely, deeply and very. Abbot’s choice goes to ‘grievously’ which is not only to indicate degree but emotive feelings, as well. Grievously indicates the pain, which is the same as being let down. The omission of grievously is actually possible, as being let down already means sad and pain. However, to strengthen his point, grievously whose meaning emotionally is similar to being let down was chosen. ‘Grievously let down’ moreover gives significance that the disappointment felt by Australian is indeed there.

Lexicons, which are used to make meaning crystal clear, are also found in paragraph one, namely absolutely (adv.) and unambiguous (adj.) à “absolutely unambiguous term”. As an adverb of manner, it absolutely gives a significance in the sense that Abbot did believe in what he was going to say while unambiguous indicates that what he was going to say is completely clear.

The next part of Abbott’s statement is:

I would say to the Indonesian people and the Indonesian government: we in Australia are always there to help you and we hope that you might reciprocate in this way at this time.

The problem indicated by this statement is the word reciprocate, pronoun you and the adverb in this way and at this time. A verb to reciprocate means ‘to share the same feelings as someone else, or to behave in the same way as someone else’ (Cambridge Dictionary). Abbott, again, asked Indonesian people to look back at the times Indonesia enlisted some help from Australia when a tsunami hit the Sumatera west coasts.

            Meanwhile, pronoun you may refer to Indonesian government, Indonesian people as the whole, or perhaps certain people Abbott pinpointed, including the Indonesian president. The pronoun you is mentioned twice in this statement and there is likelihood that Abbott emphasised his remark. Adverbs in this way and at this time are ‘time-constrained’. It is somewhat hazy to draw conclusion that at this time is similar to as soon as possible or immediately.

            In conclusion, the official speech addressed by Tony Abbott is full of intriguing word choice which needs revisiting. The utterance conceals the actual meaning of the whole part, and interestingly, it may be a characteristic of the way Abbott delivers his speech anytime and anywhere. One’s speaking style is actually identifiable on the basis of spoken style which includes the word choice and tone. After all, we assume that Abbott’s comment on the execution of Bali Nine duo is intriguing to study.


Garnaut, J. (2015, February 20). Fears Tony Abbott has damaged Bali nine diplomacy. The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved from

Reciprocate. (n.d.). In Cambridge Dictionaries Online. Retrieved from

You can also watch a video of Abbott’s comment on Bali Nine duo execution HERE

This post was a part of Final Assignment for Stylistics course completed and submitted by the blog owner, as well as Anggia in May 2015. Whatever written in this post is prone to subjective views, yet somehow, still acknowledging the established facts for a fundamental theory.

Ace Your TOEFL with No Slips

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Following the long-running English course or self-study you have taken so far, it might cross your mind that you want to find out about to what extent your effort pans out. There are several ways to certify your accomplishment and one of which is by taking the most popular English test, ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’ abbreviated as TOEFL. Unfortunately, public misconceptions about TOEFL remain inevitable amongst the unknowing test-takers. These two common slips are what every test-taker needs to tackle prior to sitting for TOEFL. I’m not bluffing.

First, a fallacy of equating TOEFL and other English tests you might have ever had is something to get rid of. TOEFL administered by Educational Testing System (ETS) includes a myriad of general topics, ranging from social issues to complex scientific cases. It is no wonder that English used within TOEFL is deemed ornate. Learning English grammar is a good idea, yet somehow, when it comes to reading a text, test-takers will be confronted by the complexity of a single text which involves not only grammar, but sophisticated vocabulary as well. Working yourself up to reading more texts with various topics, such as news articles, academic journals, etc., will really help you a lot.

Second, Test of English Proficiency is not similar to TOEFL by ETS. University students in Indonesia are mostly unaware of the fact that an English test administered by a local institution is not endorsed by ETS. Thus every certificate issued by ETS cannot be substituted for that of any local institutions.

Getting familiar with these issues will help test-takers out of the dilemma over how to deal with TOEFL. Cutting through the public misconceptions can really make you understand TOEFL way better than before, and as I believe, it’s always worth a shot.

Intern 101: Things I Adore

It would probably take more than two pages (I’m dramatising my post!!) to recount the whole things I experienced during my first EVVAAA internship.  #Internship101

I’d rather make it shorter ‘cuz I believe it ain’t worth a shot for ya, but I just kept making it work out as it was meant to be. LOL… Well, here we GOOO…

Once upon a time…

He X the BM Team

He X the BM Team

I never thought that this would take such a long time of my life, but when it is concluded, I know why it took that way. As a requirement I and other guys have to comply with, internship had been one of the nerve-racking moments in college, not forgetting the thesis. I been doin’ good from scratch. And just so you know that we’re granted freedom to select any institutions we want to, but at least, they got linear relationship with the major we take, which is English Language and Literature.

My Second Mentor

My Second Mentor

Of all friends I know, I was one of those few countable guys taking an early step to kick off this laborious activity. I applied for an institution keen on English test service in Surabaya. They told me via email that I would be contacted within a few days or a week, but surprisingly, I never give a damn, but they did. A sweet promise led to disappointment which is not cool at all, man.

Clock is ticking and one, two or three of my friends already got their cool positions. Say, an adventurous travel guide, a rookie translator, and many more. They got their a$$ really feeling good. I was still there after getting dumped for a misery I would never want to have.

Such a pleasant, helpful lady!

Such a pleasant, helpful lady!

I listed a number of institutions which are credible, and of course unlikely to dump me for the second time. I put my faith on the second one running business in the education – sort of school. I been kinda familiar with this one, but could never get enough of it. In the meantime, I got a call from a branch office of the institution in Malang – which shockingly also opens an office in Surabaya – and they told me that I got ‘a second chance’ I could never interpret what that meant.

Back in January, it felt so surreal to me just because of an email stating I could sit in for an interview – less than a week after I sent my application for a job position – and of course, a TEST! To be honest, I put all my effort – the best yet effort – into it, but I gotta admit that I ain’t geared up, and thus I quit like a coward two days after a released information on my admittance – in short, I aced the tests.

When they gave me a ring in May for the second chance, I had no idea what to do – not until I consulted my mum for an advice. I said ‘yes’ to them and would be happy to rekindle my relationship with them.

Unfortunately, my application for the internship programme in the second institution I’d been hoping for did not meet my expectation. They did not even give me a call to assure me that I could work for them and of course, assurance when I’d be able to kick off the programme. This situation got me into despair in the middle of May. To make it even worse, the Malang office deserted me anyway. I hate it. A type of wishy-washy lodge.

Okay…now let’s go ahead with the saga.

This class is EPIC!

This class is EPIC!

Twice already had I been disappointed and feeling choked, but life really must go on or otherwise, time’s gonna explode. Time didn’t hang heavy, but it flew! Just saying that I was desperate… not until it popped up on my mind. Then I sent an application to a world-famous institution I betchu all already knew. Yup.. you almost got it.. EF ENGLISH FIRST! A language school where I used to study. I know it’s crazy, but it’s demanding doe.

Needed almost a week or even more till they called me up. At first, they asked me which positions I’d like to be. Marketing would be fine to me. Few days later, they called me back to inform me that they had ‘Teacher’ position to fill in. I said ‘yes’, but the thing is, I had to sit the test. Well, fine.

Class of the Year

Class of the Year

That Thursday in May, I sat the test and was interviewed by TWO interviewers at a time. It took about half an hour to find out the result and I WAS HIRED! I started out the following week in Kayun, Surabaya.

General introduction to the products by EF English First and systems valued there was what I had to learn in the first. I’d had my own timetable and for the second and the rest, I’d have to cover some classes taught by my mentor.

Oh all right. Guess I gotta tell you that I was assigned not only at one centre – as we all know that EF has several centres in Surabaya – and it undeniably means that I had more than one mentor to assist me with all about the internship. However, I had so much fun with the staff and the students! When I was assigned to Bukit Mas centre, I met my then English teacher. I didn’t blame him for forgetting who I was since I was his student back in 2011 and he may have been through so many things!

Me and a mentor at PTC

Me and a mentor at PTC

You know, this internship means a lot to me ‘cos I met so many people from different background and from around the world! I realise how important it is to sit in on Cross-Cultural Understanding and Intro. to Business English classes. I bumped into my senior at university who is now working for EF and I was so happy to find out that she could have my back when I was feeling bushed.

Anyway, I always admire the enthusiasm EF teachers have and share, and I start thinking that I gotta work up the same feeling as what they do. When I wrapped up the final week of the internship at EF PTC, I still can’t believe it happened. Five weeks. And I am now nonchalant. Thank you for always making me giddy.

My First Pe-Ka-Em (Road to PKM-AI) [Updated]

Howdy blogger readers! I’m back to bring out a story about the journey my squad and I experienced last term which was so much full of brainstorming – meaning that it slightly deals with a story about a so-called research conducted for the sake of intellectual pleasure. Bet y’all gon be a little ‘Uhhh WTF is it??!!’ or be like ‘Yikes! I ain’t into it’ or the worst be like ‘I’m over it’. Okay that does not seem to matter for me, but just so you know that this piece of (crappy) writing would not make you look like an idjit or sort of idiotically behaving people who are friends with nerd and bookworms, but it’s more likely to be a push (not being a pushy writer) for ya to get yourself started creating your world more advantageous for, say, the body of knowledge.

First Shot

First Shot

Being an ordinary student (so my dream tho) is what most of us are keeping up with. I obviously believe y’all never want to get into messing your hands with all about experiment stuff. Butt…. (WHAT?? You got that? I don’t mean to write dat down!) that’s worth attempting since it’s tempting tho. Get your brains started to think critically RIGHT NOW Buds!

To be honest, the research was conducted due to the fact one chivvied us into going about doing this. Well, sounds cheesy. But, I was certain that we’d make it.

Big Grinner

Big Grinner

Thinking about the research title was arduous. My posse consisting of Ran and Iqbal, and I myself held a meeting in between a noon break at a cafeteria in Malang. The first time this research crossed my mind, I had names which would have my back during the completion of this project – and above all names surrounding my mind, these two kiddos perform as bad as phuck!

Tongue Out!

Tongue Out!

I proposed and presented my idea, as well as let them know all detailed information pertinent to the steps to complete our report as expected by our varsity. Ran got her own while Iqbal got his THANG. Dayuuummm! We were just this excited and burst out laughing. Okay. Time’s up. Seems we gotta find another time which suit our tight schedule.

To have a broad knowledge on what we’re gonna do, I insisted on joining few meetings staged by both my faculty and department. At least, in this point, I had already talked about the well-chosen topic – and the title o‘course – with the mates, so that I did not find it difficult to explain it to the master. Eventually, we ended up going with PKM-AI as believed that it would prove less difficult, yet unfortunately we could not enter PIMNAS which was our actual goal!

Like Trio

Like Trio

Well, lemme show y’all a sneak peek on the title; as I been sort of a soft-hearted English tutor in the city of Malang for nearly two years, it crossed my mind that I should not miss out the opportunity of the teaching process I’ve been conducting. Then I take dat! The research would be overdue in a week, but we got a few more days till the deadline!!! That’s ‘cause of a PASSWORD. Given this shyt, we managed to straighten it out. We built a communication thru e-mailing. I sent a draft to Ran and she would peruse it and fix it and send it to Iqbal, who did exactly the same. What a gruelling weekend!

Oookkaaayyy…. SEND! Just few hours before the registration was slated to close, I successfully sent and attached all necessary files to DIKTI – and this got me wondering which buttons I shoulda clicked.



Weeks later, I got a short message telling me to cash the proposal we made – they promised us ‘an appreciation’ – and I just hurried to snatch it. Frankly, days before, we just celebrated the best shot we did to the research and threw our cash around. Then when it comes to cashing the proposal, I said in my mind… B**** BETTA HA’ MY MONEY!!

Final Cut

Final Cut

The announcement of the selected proposals will be posted this August and once it hits online, I’ll let ya know if we’ll really top it off. Rahh!!

Updates: the announcement took zillion years before it was made public. There are just few people knowing what happened. To sum it up, we’ll definitely TRY AGAIN sometime 🙂 You can view and download (all rights reserved) the findings HERE.