Unpredictable Experience with Dr. Science

Where should I start? Okay, I’m not trying to be cheesy but the story y’all gonna read is what truly happened for real. I’d begin with a question ‘WHAT THE HECK IS IT ALL ABOUT?’. Malang has been such a wonderful place and herein I found the real meaning of living a damn life. No.. seriously, I just kiddin’ but that is what happened. College life seemed so awesome (at first!). Everything just turned out so evil that I don’t know why I still survived. Signing up for two students’ clubs at university could not quench my thirst for a friggin damn life. It beat me black and blue but it fucked me so good and I could never get enough!

Tito's Class
Tito’s Class

I was trying to hunt for a part-time job before I eventually landed a part-time English teacher in an institution not quite far from where I’d been studying. This crazy journey took me almost a year, but I was not alone. My mate, Jimy, who was as curious as I was about the part-time job, had my back. We had been researching some vacancies available either online or offline but most of them did not meet our expectations — even we could’ve been apprentices if we’d taken some up on the offers!

Fate unfortunately didn’t bring us together. We had to live our own lives. I didn’t stop and neither did he! Te, one of the best mates I’ve known so far, showed me a link from a random Twitter account like three years ago and it directed us to a job vacancy that was looking for a part-time English tutor! Tada! I worked for them for like two years before I decided to resign. Te had even sent in her resignation months before I did the same thing.

Then… what is Dr. Science anyway? Is it the workplace where I ended up working?

It couldn’t have happened if one of my friends, Choirinnisa, did not post it on the group chat. I ain’t serious when I replied to her offer, but I was just saying ‘Okay… I’ll take you up on that offer’. The next day, I Googled the office’s location as she told me, and it was like ten minutes or less away from the boarding house. I was still wondering what it would be like.

Cindy's class (Sorry for the shakes)
Cindy’s class (Sorry for the shakes)

Eventually I could locate where it was! To be frank, I lost my way and it took me around 30 minutes to successfully find it. I just realised it wasn’t Dr. Science – not until few months later when they proposed a name and asked me to give any ideas about the name. I was like a bit surprised when they came up with that name and I guess it represented the whole thing in it. Sure. That’s a good name.

Dr. Science is a start-up established by some mindful people with brilliant passion. I know they were at least vulnerable to compete with other competitors which progress significantly and have got a head start, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be along with them. I am not really damn close to all of the people working here, but you know, only few of them that I know and they are good people I guess. My first weeks were full of teaching teens in the afternoons and I gotta squeeze in this timetable while I was still doing my stuff at the university. It’s a bit crazy man. Several times had I deterred myself from hanging out with other fellas, but that’s my choice after all.


I met fabulous students with incredible passion about learning outside school. There was always time when I felt about quitting this job. January 2016. That’s all when it all crossed my mind to give up, but I realised I had to keep my promise and would not quit — not until it all came to an end. I had to go back and forth from Surabaya to Malang almost every week in the beginning of 2016. I know you thought I was mad, but I would never hit back at any judgments over me and how crazy I was. I know I was on duty and I had to finish what I had started. Nothing can hinder me.

Local trains had been friends with me for a long time and I owe them indeed. And now.. when the story unfolds, everything that I have started nears the end. It draws nearer. I am so thankful for any opportunities that Putra, Fitri and Sherly have shared with me. Now, Dr Science has completely changed, but this change will never alter the positive energy that enlightens and empowers others to be equally confident about what they are doing. Don’t ever let it be a commotion that lasts for a short period. I’ll see you around, Dr. Science.

P.S. Some photos attached in this post are by courtesy of the owners of Instagram accounts.


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