Intern 101: Things I Adore

It would probably take more than two pages (I’m dramatising my post!!) to recount the whole things I experienced during my first EVVAAA internship.  #Internship101

I’d rather make it shorter ‘cuz I believe it ain’t worth a shot for ya, but I just kept making it work out as it was meant to be. LOL… Well, here we GOOO…

Once upon a time…

He X the BM Team
He X the BM Team

I never thought that this would take such a long time of my life, but when it is concluded, I know why it took that way. As a requirement I and other guys have to comply with, internship had been one of the nerve-racking moments in college, not forgetting the thesis. I been doin’ good from scratch. And just so you know that we’re granted freedom to select any institutions we want to, but at least, they got linear relationship with the major we take, which is English Language and Literature.

My Second Mentor
My Second Mentor

Of all friends I know, I was one of those few countable guys taking an early step to kick off this laborious activity. I applied for an institution keen on English test service in Surabaya. They told me via email that I would be contacted within a few days or a week, but surprisingly, I never give a damn, but they did. A sweet promise led to disappointment which is not cool at all, man.

Clock is ticking and one, two or three of my friends already got their cool positions. Say, an adventurous travel guide, a rookie translator, and many more. They got their a$$ really feeling good. I was still there after getting dumped for a misery I would never want to have.

Such a pleasant, helpful lady!
Such a pleasant, helpful lady!

I listed a number of institutions which are credible, and of course unlikely to dump me for the second time. I put my faith on the second one running business in the education – sort of school. I been kinda familiar with this one, but could never get enough of it. In the meantime, I got a call from a branch office of the institution in Malang – which shockingly also opens an office in Surabaya – and they told me that I got ‘a second chance’ I could never interpret what that meant.

Back in January, it felt so surreal to me just because of an email stating I could sit in for an interview – less than a week after I sent my application for a job position – and of course, a TEST! To be honest, I put all my effort – the best yet effort – into it, but I gotta admit that I ain’t geared up, and thus I quit like a coward two days after a released information on my admittance – in short, I aced the tests.

When they gave me a ring in May for the second chance, I had no idea what to do – not until I consulted my mum for an advice. I said ‘yes’ to them and would be happy to rekindle my relationship with them.

Unfortunately, my application for the internship programme in the second institution I’d been hoping for did not meet my expectation. They did not even give me a call to assure me that I could work for them and of course, assurance when I’d be able to kick off the programme. This situation got me into despair in the middle of May. To make it even worse, the Malang office deserted me anyway. I hate it. A type of wishy-washy lodge.

Okay…now let’s go ahead with the saga.

This class is EPIC!
This class is EPIC!

Twice already had I been disappointed and feeling choked, but life really must go on or otherwise, time’s gonna explode. Time didn’t hang heavy, but it flew! Just saying that I was desperate… not until it popped up on my mind. Then I sent an application to a world-famous institution I betchu all already knew. Yup.. you almost got it.. EF ENGLISH FIRST! A language school where I used to study. I know it’s crazy, but it’s demanding doe.

Needed almost a week or even more till they called me up. At first, they asked me which positions I’d like to be. Marketing would be fine to me. Few days later, they called me back to inform me that they had ‘Teacher’ position to fill in. I said ‘yes’, but the thing is, I had to sit the test. Well, fine.

Class of the Year
Class of the Year

That Thursday in May, I sat the test and was interviewed by TWO interviewers at a time. It took about half an hour to find out the result and I WAS HIRED! I started out the following week in Kayun, Surabaya.

General introduction to the products by EF English First and systems valued there was what I had to learn in the first. I’d had my own timetable and for the second and the rest, I’d have to cover some classes taught by my mentor.

Oh all right. Guess I gotta tell you that I was assigned not only at one centre – as we all know that EF has several centres in Surabaya – and it undeniably means that I had more than one mentor to assist me with all about the internship. However, I had so much fun with the staff and the students! When I was assigned to Bukit Mas centre, I met my then English teacher. I didn’t blame him for forgetting who I was since I was his student back in 2011 and he may have been through so many things!

Me and a mentor at PTC
Me and a mentor at PTC

You know, this internship means a lot to me ‘cos I met so many people from different background and from around the world! I realise how important it is to sit in on Cross-Cultural Understanding and Intro. to Business English classes. I bumped into my senior at university who is now working for EF and I was so happy to find out that she could have my back when I was feeling bushed.

Anyway, I always admire the enthusiasm EF teachers have and share, and I start thinking that I gotta work up the same feeling as what they do. When I wrapped up the final week of the internship at EF PTC, I still can’t believe it happened. Five weeks. And I am now nonchalant. Thank you for always making me giddy.


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