Legato Leadership Training 2014 (Coverage)

Last year, I promptly released a coverage of Legato Leadership Training 2013, a time when I was trained for sure. Today, it marks the commencement of a new version of the coverage of another LLT where I wasn’t trained, but I did. When you guys read this cautiously, I never have a doubt to appoint any names which might supportively indulge my very freshly-composed writing. Any subjectivity may occur during the perusal, but have a good reading..!!

All in straight line..
All in straight line..

Similar to last year proceedings, it was all commenced officially with a solemn ceremony in the morning. Everybody was in navy suit. I preferred taking a side-on row that I could have a chance to gaze at the protocol entirely. It was not always coming to be a good start for us to have it started to perfection. Taking a whole overnight training before a day came is a serious matter which I undoubtedly found a bit funny. However, I did appreciate my mates for making this all run as we all looked forward to.

Worn out, eh?
Worn out, eh?

In spite of ‘rubber time’ being avoidable, the sleepyheads were not. Adjusting this event to be as such what we demanded ain’t as easy as apple pie. This proved, hence, ordinary for the committee to feel drowsy, instead of extremely energetic on that day. I was one of them to be honest. The ceremonial morn wrapped up effectively as well as punctually. I indeed saluted the guys having had put up the flagpole at the car park.

Bit words of the Mister and Mistress :)
Bit words of the Mister and Mistress 🙂

One out of four days was filled in with loads of sermons. Starting from 7 a.m. up to approximately 4 p.m. in which a lunch break took place at noon was all definitely backbreaking. When I was the one being trained back in 2013, I could not even feel my pretty a$$. My bunch of mates also felt the way I did. The game session was a source of merriment nevertheless. I would never have it crossed my mind if there would not be a kinky idea showing up during the sheer boredom. Yeah… truly an enjoyment!! But this year, it gotta be the whole difference. Being promoted to the chief of a subsidiary part of my organisation meant that this time I needed to talk more frequently promoting all-you-wanna-know to all-comers. It was always a great idea when somebody raised their hands and got started bombarding you with colourful questions. Good job!!

Anyone would to ask??
Anyone would to ask??

Day 2 was a press-up for the new buds. They were got to create an event in the blink of an eye in a day..!! Reminiscing me of the time when I had to hunt for the autographs of the important which ended up opening my eyes widely that the ones I hunted down were frigging piracy!! Surely a chuckle to see back. That was what these buds were about to deal with. I was frigging sure they would no sooner realise they were on the game, but once they were in, nobody could get out of the way having been set up. And, just as I had been trying to figure out previously, they were even trickier to reach the finish line before us. I gotta admit they were brilliant for sure. But, it all didn’t come to an end as simply as they would love to see. A grand ‘prize’ was awaiting them, but as a saying goes, ‘All good things come to an end’, they need patience and strategically a control to pass it.

The Massive!!
The Massive!!

I’d dearly express my gratitude to Mr Fahmi, Ms Talita and Ms Ran. You guys been doing the toughest put-up job throughout the day and it had to be ended (on the day 2) dreadfully. Hope you not remain hesitated, though. That is all for the indoor training.

Day 2 Out of 4: SIMULATION
Day 2 Out of 4: SIMULATION

I’m doubted if spilling it out may wound some subjects anonymously mentioned beforehand. But, this was what happened: some friends had just discovered that it was illegal for the faculty to let their students hold an event outdoors acknowledging a recent news of the brutality by the bloodthirsty seniors of a private college in town. Thus it was no wonder they took precautions before something worse possibly occurred. After such a lengthy argument, we got the legality few days prior to the anticipated date. This made quite an impact on other friends whose job could take a longer time than available. I and my team working on facilities gotta exhaust our focus to ferret the stuff. Not an easy case man, but this one was a little hasty to get done. I was slightly convinced we would not make it. One thing which I remain not to be able to deal with is a day when my mate and I attempted to rent a gigantic tent in an army force. Since I had never been to such place, it sounded weird for me to hearken the spelling of hardness out of ‘their’ mouths. At least, I got a mojo to stand still and encourage myself not to return for life.

Comical performance by B.I.T.C.H :D
Comical performance by B.I.T.C.H 😀

After all, the day we had been awaiting was nigh. The night before the event, the team set off for the decided spot. I need to thank Ainur for giving me a lift during the night racing turning out to be a damn belated scheduled eventually. With lots of craps, it proved to be uneasy to pack and unpack them upwards the dark hill. Nature seemed not to be friendly enough that night. A sudden gust of wind blew our faces when we were trying to put up the master tent. After taking hours to get done, our tent was perfectly standing up the hill against the gust which might come all of sudden, but it seemed strong enough to stay put.

I was silly watching The Silly Story's gig
I was silly watching The Silly Story’s gig

That night, I also had almost lost my cellular which slipped away unnoticed. When being on way down the hill to get back to town, desperate due to missing thing, I heard a tool beeping around. That was my phuckin phone..!! Totally disorientated for a while. That was after midnight when I could lay my back on the sheet.

Closing ceremony
Closing ceremony

The next day I came along with the mass by lorry carrying us over to venue. The proceedings took two days. Thankfully, that was a good day!! Compared to 2013, it was a way much better that what I experienced. At night, particularly midnight, the participants were woken up. This was what been waited..!! Night Touring (more playful brand) got them all bringing lanterns with them and following the lead. There were three stopovers they all gotta pay a visit. And, there they’d get ‘sermons’ again… but differently. This was aimed not to discourage one’s self, but merely to test the mentality so that leadership could flourish in themselves. Any violence is highly prohibited. I guarded at post twain with some pals until dawn was nigh. I was wrecked though due to drowsiness, yet couldn’t close these phucking eyes!

My new fam... *hyped*
My new fam… *hyped*

Sun had risen high and the next agenda was a sort of warm-up blatantly led by multi person. That was the closing for the 2-day camping-like which nearly got my skin burnt. Everyone started to pack their stuff and the closing ceremony, afterwards, was held under the sunrays. It was a bit warm, though. However, we were merry since it all paid off. Not much to say, but I hope incalculably good things will always be bestowed upon this new regime under the supervision of Ms Mirta. This might be the final coverage of LLT I jotted down and I’m gonna miss so much. CHOP CHOP…!!

© 2014


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