Paying a Visit to the Capital

It should’ve been posted up on my blog a few weeks earlier, but there had been so many things I needed to get through shortly after I returned from the CAPITAL. I can’t conceal this feeling that I was so merry to jot down anything I have experienced during my debut visit to Jakarta.

We're in #JAHkarta !!
We’re in #JAHkarta !!

Why I sort of must recount and upload this one is because the visit was not just a recreational activity, but furthermore it had a special purpose. We did have certain purposes to set off to Jakarta in the early week of December 2013. I would awfully be grateful to Ran whom had apprised me of this remarkable time since without her, it would just never happen. My gratitude goes out to Shinta who had been working hard to draw up any arcane documents so that we all could be headed to Jakarta with cut price tickets, and to Jimy, Arlita and Nadia who had their backs during the proceedings, I’m highly thankful for that special time.

Welcome to UNJ - State University of Jakarta!
Welcome to UNJ – State University of Jakarta!

It was all begun when Ran became a proponent in front of the entire members of LEGATO, a local English students association. She said that our English department had just received an invitation from State University of Jakarta to attend a national conference, called Indonesia English Students Conference (IESC) supposedly hosted in the capital from December 6 to 8. This annual event had been organised in Brawijaya University in 2012 and there were reportedly 200 attendees, and at once I hoped to meet more joiners in Jakarta.

There were just few people anxiously knowing the news because not only did she tell about the conference, but an essay competition to enter for as well. In 2013, there were four optional topics which the entire participants could select out. All topics had something to do with the language shifting in Indonesia which meant that each essay was to showcase a relevant problematic situation regarding the counterbalance effort of English to Bahasa. Then it ain’t no surprising that only some got interested to join. However, it did not prove as smooth as silk. The faculty became such a real barrier. They would just allow two people to sit through the conference. After contemplating for such a long period, there were only four people who were willing to go. The situation was getting worse since the faculty almost loaned no pennies as regards the end of the year. We had been so worried about hearing this unexpected news. Never did I think it would have been so much complicated that it had ever crossed my mind to sign out.

The first day of the IESC 2013
The first day of the IESC 2013

On the one hand we had to deal with this dilemma, but on the other hand we were all supposed to finish off our essays in due course. In the meantime, a shocking news percolated. Two other people who were never thought to be going to come along with us eventually entered for the conference as well as the essay competition. They are my freshman and junior respectively. Honestly, I did admire them both since they did not rely upon the funding. They splashed out on it, though. In awaiting for response of the faculty, we successfully managed to end up at the verge of the making of our essays. At the same time, we tried to reserve the seats for the December-fifth departure. It took much effort to purchase the tickets. At last we obtained ours.

After so many speculations taking part in this administration, we set off for Jakarta on December 5 ultimately. We took an economy class train and this didn’t disappoint me, though. I felt comfy all along the way to the capital. We departed at nearly 3 p.m. or exactly one hour later than the expected timetable. This actually pissed me off since we didn’t get any single seats in the waiting room and it sucked.

Colourful dance opened the ceremony
Colourful dance opened the ceremony

Because of the delayed departure, the train arrived at Pasar Senen Stationt late. In short, we spent 17 hours on board. One thing which is being stuck in my mind, but I’m just able to laugh at it is that I gagged on such a lengthy road trip and in addition to that, I was starved. It was not only me who felt travel sickness, but my buddies as well. Scarcely had we hit the station when a friendly chap was awaiting us in the waiting room. I thought he was the one who would guide us to State University of Jakarta free of charge! Nevertheless, we frittered some rupiahs away for a so-called ‘lift’!! However, it doesn’t matter.

My friend as a speaker in the World Coffee session
My friend as a speaker in the World Coffee session

That was the first time I set foot in Jakarta, but I had got an idea that the traffic was backed up. Something I admired was the temperature because it is not as hot as Surabaya’s. Many people say it is blistering in Jakarta, but it is actually not true completely. Bringing heavy luggage was another problem. The one I borrowed from Niken seemingly needed to be fixed, especially the wheels. Should I bleat on it exactly here? LOL

Mind taking some pics? :D
Mind taking some pics? 😀

For sure, we had been being awaited by our official liaison, Ely, and she was the only one we relied on during the ‘goings-on’. She is an English Department student of State University of Jakarta when this blog was being jotted down. We surely thanked her for all her best assistance. That was Friday so that men had to do their pray. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any single pictures of the unique mosque of the university. Poor me! While the men were praying, the girls were standby in the nearby canteen having lunch. After we were all ready to leave for a dorm, the coach came to give us a lift with no charges of course. The bus was almost similar to the one we got in, Metro Mini by which we were headed the campus.

The gentle breeze cooled our faces while bus kept running at a crawl. It took about an hour until we reached the dorm. We had been so phuckin weary and everything just went so blurred that what we desired was to sleep in only. That night on the same day, we attended a sort of meet-and-greet event in a hall. I met so many English Department students of a variety of universities all over Indonesia. We were supposed to introduce our own department’s profile. Some were anxious to heed them.

One of the snapshots during GALA DINNER
One of the snapshots during GALA DINNER

On the next day, we got back to the campus for an opening ceremony as well as the main event. I couldn’t wait for it any longer. Since the announcement of the selected papers to be publicly presented on the event had already been announced, and we were of Malang chosen as the speakers, we had to be ready and prepared. Five out of six of us successfully won and it was a sort of pride for us. Some people ever asked me how we study at campus and it was ridiculed, though. After that, we had a kind of ‘Gala Dinner’ in which there was so much authentic food of Betawi, an indigenous tribe living in Jakarta. If I could take a conclusion from the dinner, it was such a gluttonous goings-on.

Dat Greasy SKIN!!!
Dat Greasy SKIN!!!

On Sunday, I was really upset since we were gonna leave this epic town with all its hustle and bustle. Even before that happened, we needed to come back to campus to showcase the conclusion of the selected papers in order to achieve the main goal of this conference. After it was all wrapped up, we took a stroll in some historic places, such as Monumen Nasional and Masjid Istiqlal. However, we almost had no chance to stop to purchase some souvenirs. With the luggage on us, we rushed to the central station as we didn’t want to miss the train. This all ended perfectly despite being fed up with the hectic timetable since the beginning. So beautiful!



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