The Backbreaking PAMERAN KARYA 2013

            Another story I wanna tell y’all is so much different in spite of the fact that some might have said it ain’t as different as I stated. It has something to do with a particular event my friends and I had prepared for almost 5 months. This is not about commercial or else, but something bigger.

My team is truly multitasking!!
My team is truly multitasking!!

            FYI that I’m eagerly attached to writing skill so that I implied to join a club in which there is a bunch of people with the same interest. It is very interesting to be around those such persons. They’re open-minded and highly educated. When it came to host an event, they didn’t want to have a cheapo one. This event is so-called PAMERAN KARYA 2013 where there was a sequence of events during a week.

Taking their seats at first day
Taking their seats at first day

          Since we had been holding several meetings to make this event not only fabulous, but also marvellous, the guests whom we invited were really eye-catching. We mentioned one of them; that is Ahmad Fuadi, a popular writer of Negeri 5 Menara. I felt it ain’t as easy as many people thought about. We had been assiduous in inviting so many guests that they would come to our event anyway.

            One thing that caused this event named PAMERAN KARYA is because the main goal that is to achieve has something to do with ‘an exhibition’. Every member of this club was supposed to turn in their book(s) in any forms. No matter what we wrote about, we just had to write, edit, print, and publish it. Eventually ours would be displayed on the racks standing up during the event. Personally, I found it a bit harder to jot down whatever crossing into my mind. For this year, I didn’t TURN IN any single book. Despite this, I guarantee myself to create one or two by next year.

After the show
After the show

            Regarding with the books, there had been more than 118 books collected in a month. It is less than what I hoped though for there are more than 100 members and there should have been so. This, however, staggeringly came to be a huge appreciation to be awarded to those whom were capable releasing theirs. CONGRATULATIONS!!

            PAMERAN KARYA 2013 was officially launched on September 29, 2013 in a bookstore in Malang. At that day, we had not only exhibition, but a discussion as well. The discussion was so mesmerising that some of the bookstore’s visitors came to see. We had an almost-two-hour discussion about the short stories made by a particular group of our folks.

Exhibiting the books wasn't proven easy thus far
Exhibiting the books wasn’t proven easy thus far

            The first day ran smoothly although there were not so many visitors as we all expected. We assumed that it may be because we did less effort to promote the first day. At least we thankfully rejoiced to have this run in good way.

Situation at Campus Library was pretty damn hectic on that day
Situation at Campus Library was pretty damn hectic on that day

            On the following day until the 4th of October, there were no significantly grand events. It had been planned to launch this exhibition once more at different venue, our campus library. For almost 5 days, 5 racks standing to put our books on show were attractive enough. Some students paid a visit to just go grabbing and reading one or some books. There was also a review competition for public. A chance also came for the club’s members and I tended to try this anyway. Ever having joined the same competition, but failed in the end didn’t discourage me to do it all again. I supposed it would be a great winning for me, though it finally was not.

Oops..! It's blurred pic, but somehow Imma figure this shyt out
Oops..! It’s blurred pic, but somehow Imma figure this shyt out

               One part I loved from this event is a discussion amongst the journos held at Tuesday night at a hall. Unfortunately, I skipped this event for I had to have my own business that late night. As said, the discussion talked about what’s happening in Indonesia and particularly about corruption cases. This should be interesting though.

Ahmad Fuadi on his throne!!
Ahmad Fuadi on his throne!!

            The last day of PAMERAN KARYA 2013 exhibited a talk show, not really free for anyone though. This was hosted on 5th October at City’s Library. We whipped everything needed out of our camp. Our preparation was made since Friday night of October 4. Everything in the hall was well-set and nothing unexpected was to be expectedly happening. The chief of this event wanted any spots should not be missed for any ways. From the seats to the stage had to be noticed carefully without missing another thing.

            When Saturday came by, our feelings mixed. Worrying about tardiness and anything else was such dilemma, but we must control it. Ahmad Fuadi arrived almost 20 minutes late from the schedule set already. One and half hour event was staggeringly causing the audience to give a standing ovation to him, and maybe the committee as well.

          PAMERAN KARYA 2013 made me deeply realise that what we have been trying to achieve eventually meets with what we have been dreaming about and this would not be successful without teamwork we had built so far…



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