Notable Note 2012

            Am I there yet?? That’s what I could even say until right now. Have you ever felt the 4-month holiday? That must sound freak as well as unusual and you got to be asking yourselves ‘HOW FUCKING COME?’. That’s definitely happened to me and most of my buddies.

            You must be recognizing very well about UNAS (National Examination). Hmmm that’s been so far far – far away since I contributed to this event couple of months ago. So how should I start this story out?? We’d better open this ish up from March!!

            Most of the pupils of the third grade of various schools in Indonesia felt afraid of the annual event held by this country’s government. The National Exam or we get used to know as UNAS would be coming ahead in April. We had already been forced to prepare for it since last year (2011). Some schools conducted extra-class either after school or before. At first we were okay to get ‘em but time went by and we got so much bored for this habit. We almost had no time off!! It was crazy guys! On March I felt very nervous and maybe a little hopeless for a test that would be held the following month.

            Not only myself, had my classmates also got a high level of being nervous. We just need pray to God and gave any efforts we did already to Him. He knew better!!

            The month we had been waiting for finally came in just a few days. We were hesitated so much with the results later on. Okay, that aint a problem tbh. Our teachers had given many supports and we were so much thankful for those ‘special-gifts’. In my opinion, the moral supports are more WORTH than a big train of YELLOW DIAMONDS!!

            The test took place from 16th to 19th April 2012. We were from the Language programme and the subjects examined were Indonesia Language, English, Mathematics, Anthropology, Japanese, and Indonesia Literature. I found some difficult to learn, such as Japanese, Anthropology and Indonesia Literature. But at least I had been trying hard to learn those subjects carefully. I succeeded to learn Japanese and I got it very well. I was very doubtful with Anthropology and Indonesia Literature. You know WHY?? Anthropology had me learn the cultures of the world and that came to be very impossible to do as we were growing up while our mindset were set to be older too!! Hahaha that’s a truth!! In the other hand Indonesia Literature got me feeling the words written on the papers. Why must be feeling? This kind of subject owns some words that are hard to read once! You must read the texts several times to get ‘em.

            Yep I been tryin’ hard MAMA…!

            The unique thing that always happens during the national examination is to cheat!! Was it already set to be inheritance of our ancestors? Shit I don’t know exactly. This ‘experience’ (lemme call diz in such a LIE-WAY) affected my class too. Not only my class, other classes also applied this rule! Sshhh it aint a pretty secret tbh. Don’t be a liar as YOU DID IT TOO!! RIGHT?? *jk*

            The 16 was coming and we just prayed and prayed for a success we really desired. The watch-men (they’re teachers of another school while our own teachers were guiding up at other schools) were surprisingly very kind!!! They LET us do our thang. Fantastic!!

            4-day tests felt easily undergone and we rejoiced to know it was over already. Some said we had an early holiday and I just couldn’t believe we had been so far!! I was confused about how to spend this long-holiday.

After the show, I was relaxing on the couch with my girl friends

            I had a best buddy named, Erwin. I asked him about what to do on this holiday. He offered to watch movie and I know it!! I have loved Rihanna very much and she featured in her debut movie, Battleship which was on the SHOWLIST at cinemas of my city that time. We thought it would be very boring if we just two went over there. I stated what if we invited the others, but then he asked ‘WHOM?’. Ahaa!! I got an idea to invite my ‘selected-elementary school-friends’ to come along. Some said YES while the others couldn’t since they were having their own business which I didn’t really know and was doubtful with their problem. Harris, Dinda, Nur C. Fahmi, Arvid, Inul came along finally, that it would make this ‘reunion’ felt very fabulous.

Silly times with faces low-down 😀

            We chose one of the cinemas at downtown in which is also near with our livings. You know PTC-XXI?? It is located in such a lux-city side where you would find a lot of jaguars, APV’s, MPV’s, limousines, and more!! But we rode our motors, not one of THOSE!! However we got so much fun and almost lost one of our ‘beloved buddies’ right there hahaha U THE SHIT!! This is a real cunt life….

            One another thing I could still remember is when we hurried to be over there as we just had a little time before the film began. Running fast is the bitch’s steps AS IF!!

Rihanna is the reason why I was so eager to watch Battleship 🙂

            Let me tell you that it had been a long time since my first visit to cinema with dad watching Monster Inc., and Harry Potter several years ago!! That I felt not okay to comeback is TRUE!! Somehow I enjoyed the movie as Rihanna appeared in it! She was very gentle, strong and different than the USUAL-Rihanna hahaha

            After it had been done, we stepped out to dine as it was about 6pm. I persuaded my friends to dine at a fast-food restaurant inside the building but mostly disagreed… okay i understood you all guys. My friend, Inul was having a fast that it had been to be ‘broken-up’. We rode out along the street of the city looking for a small-resto. Some wanted meatball or whatever. I got a sight on a resto near the traffic light in Lakarsantri. They sold fried-duckies and I loved it tbh. I asked the others what if we dine at the venue and they were okay.

            Everybody was having a dinner but Arvid and Harris seemed to reach out their faces of our rendezvous. I had a friend ask them why they didn’t want to eat or order some meals and you guess what they stated?? They lacked of money instead of paying the tickets for watching movie!. Come on MAN!! What was the existence of the friends for?? Finally they dealt to sit with us though they just had a drink lemon tea.

            We got home afterwards and that day became such a nice day to remember as it was a rare event to hold. At least, we can still get in touch each other by messaging or social-networks.

My first GWR book! I still haven’t finished reading the whole content tbh :p

            Aha! I just remembered that during my holiday I bought my dreaming-book!! You know the GWR?? If you don’t, what about the Guinness World Records?? Well-known guys.

            Actually it’s my present given by my parents as I just had got a scholarship, amount 2 million rupiahs!! Much enough to go shopping haha but I don’t want my all part to waste. Some bucks I asked for was used to purchase this GWR at one of the biggest mall at downtown. Specifically at a famous book store, Gramedia. I had been dreaming this all day ay ay!! Now that came to be real like a phuck!

            Some students who graduated of senior high school must be thinking of a ‘thing’ that’s gonna be happening to them after UNAS took place already. They might be going on to study at a higher grade or university or they could be seeking for a job that has to be suitable with their own skills applied at high school (I mention it as the Vocational High School)

            Nevertheless, we seemingly hadn’t had a thought of it yet. The holiday was still running and we hoped for the best result of the National Examination taking place couple weeks before.

            In this holiday I also can’t get a very-first-time experience out of my mind, that is when I renew my citizenship card into the newest one with A MORE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY!! Even though the validation of my card remained to be valid, but our government got us changing ours into the new one. It has a CHIPSET!! I should’ve got my new card right now but it is found hard to be ‘coming in front of our door-house’.

            It is said that this new citizenship card will be able to be used for the business related to the matters of taxation, electricity and water payments, property purchase, and many more. However, I still consider the usage of this card just as like the usual purpose.

City’s Hall was the spot I had a gym that morning w/ my cousins

            While I was on a vacation, I never wanna let the days off just away!! A day after I had renewed my citizenship card, I planned to go in a cruise with my cousins in the Sunday morning, SUCH AN EARLY GOING!! I had messaged my cousins to come along with me over to the City Hall some days before. They said okay and yup we’re going. I stayed at my grandparents’ house for a visit with my parents and sister. On Sunday morning I rode over my ride to my cousins’ house by myself. That was still dawn guys!! I felt a little fear while riding my ride.

            Let’s skip the storyline right to the time when we were walking down the street and enjoying the fresh air in the city in the morning. I could have a look at some groups of people gathering on their own areas doing some kinds of their favourite sport.

What a calm city park! This is what I’m looking for when I visit the city 🙂

             We paid a visit at a roped-bridge near with a small city-park. This absolutely reminded me of my own kid-times. That was all about many years ago but I could still remember about it. My parents and I spent the night time out there and it was like a fabulous spot to visit as it had so many blinking lights and they were all very attracting me though.

The bridge I was standing on is the one I last visited when I was a little kid 🙂

            Back to the future!! That was very cloudy but we still had some photos taken. After some minutes passed away, we planned to head over to a beach in which I was missing for so long!! This beach was located in the northern area and it took about 20 minutes to get there.

            It was still 6.30 when we got there. There were not so many people to have a look but some souvenirs-sellers could be found sitting across the road heading to the shore. They sold the pretty-scallops and more!. We walked downwards the bridge on the shore. I was very pleasant to come here as I did need something fresh and definitely was it supposed to seek right here!

Dark clouds were hanging on the white skyline

            We were very hungry after going out of the beach. We stopped awhile to buy some snacks. The most joyous moment was when I could borrow my cousin’s gadget just for using Instagram!!He actually didn’t know what this application is for after I had let him know what this is for!!. What a poor boy!! Yup that’s my first pic uploaded via Instagram and will be the only 1!!We rode our HORSE back home!Nah, I meant to say it’s motorcycle lololol and….spent our time off at our beloved GRAND’s house in North Surabaya.

I should have put all my clothes off to TAN freely 😀

            On May 12, 2012 my friend had a birthday party. It was like a long-time-no-see event with my classmates. We rarely met each other since UNAS had been done. That party was hosted at her house. All delicacy did tempt me! We had some big beverages to serve and the main course was also delicious. I thanked to YOU my friend 🙂 We also talked shit, what we did during the holiday and so on.

Talk That Pretty A$$!!

            Some days later I got information from my best friend about a pre-test held by a university. This pre-test was just like a test for making sure the students who would be going onto the university be ready as good as possible. Actually some institutes held such kind tests but this time or maybe the one I took at that time was the one held by the State University of Surabaya. We gotta pay Rp 20.000 for a registration. I absolutely didn’t keep this good information in but I tried forwarding to some of my friends who might desire to join with us. The ones who were okay to join finally asked me to sign them up as they might be kinda busy but I don’t know whether they lied or not. WHO KNEW MANNNNNNNNN??!

Stating about the technique used in TRIAL 😀

            The registration wasn’t proven as easy as I thought before. I had been trying to sending a lot of messages to the hosts but sometimes they didn’t even reply our texts. That’s kinda disappointing. Then I asked my BFF what if we went right over there to ensure us that it was really in!!NO LIES!!

            After we had rolled around the campus in Ketintang, Surabaya for some minutes (we also needed to ask some people passing-by about where the registration locket was being at), we finally found where it was. It was located in the nearest point with the entrance but we didn’t even see ‘em guys! WTF was happening then? I just thought the office of signing up would be kinda comfortable or at least air-conditioning but ALL JUST A DREAM!!They opened the registration inside a small building or we can say it’s like a mini-room. There weren’t even any chairs to sit on that we gotta kneel!!Don’t worry cuz that’s okay.

            After we had already done with the registration, we decided to go shopping at a big mall downtown. Erwin wanna know anything about Tunjungan Plaza. That’s all kinda exhausting so much!! And we expected so much from the pre-test (TRIAL ver.) cuz we could measure up how far the thing we could do. LITERALLY!!

            The pre-test was taking place on May 13, 2012 at the main building of Faculty of Economy, UNESA Ketintang. We went there all together by motorcycle early in the morning cz we didn’t wanna get late then. Besides, we also wanna look for the chairs/room we were in. There were so many ppl when we reached the site.

            WOW that’s fantastic to meet and find again some of my old pals who also joined this event!Even I met my high school friends -,- I couldn’t believe that we had been met by this such a wimpy event lol Let me tell ya that it aint such an easy test to join for a high school student, esp. for those whom might never have a trial before the REAL test comes due.

Empty BLACK seats in UNESA

            I thought we should have got more practices before having a strong BELIEF that we would love to be a part of it. Honestly I had been trying to solve some exercises referring to it, but there were just FEW questions could be answered correctly 100% !! I didn’t take any courses out of the class as I believed in my own capability. You know that I aint a science student, but I was a language one so that I had to EMIT an extra work to AIM what’d been my GOAL.

Taking a walk at a notorious cemetery with friends after the TRIAL

            At least I had been trying to join the event. Maybe I could have more luckiness I would not get of other places. One thing to be sadden is that I let my chance get a special voucher as the REWARD to the others. I think that’s kinda promotional way to attract the readers.

            In the early of June 2012 (I don’t remember when it was exactly) we had a graduation ceremony held at school’s hall. Oh yeah I just remembered that it was held on the WEEKEND!! Everybody was dressed in a good manner. The boys wore the suits as well as the ties while the girls were all in KEBAYA dresses. That’s clearly 100% different from what the boys wore which symbolized the modernity and HUMILITY. Teachers seemed to force the girl students to put on kebaya in a reason of preserving the authentic culture of Indonesia or we can say ‘REPRESENTING’, but what’s the elaboration????

We’re a big army 🙂

            Well, let’s not talk about mocking what’s already happened at my school but get moved to what’s happening in this event. All of my friends had already gathered at school’s basketball court before they were to head into the school’s hall. I thought I were late for the main show, but I was absolutely fooled. The event got started an hour later than what we all expected. I think there might have been something wrong with it, but I remain to know nothing from that puzzling-case.

            The show finally went on dramatically and artistically. There were lots of performances which were very surprisingly popping out on the stage. There was one thing I shalln’t miss out, that was when my buddies were busy taking some photos of each other as the additional collection of BOOK YEAR! I kinda felt so hyped at first, but then I realised that it was just a piece of CAKE.

I was with my G4L after the event

            As like another graduation, the principal gave his speech and the vice did too afterwards. All of their words were like a SUPPORT to face the FUTURE. Hmm that’s so wise. I also remembered when we all had to go on stage receiving the graduation documents. That’s the best part I think. We shook hand with the teachers happily. Some might think of what they would do after it was all over. They thought about going on their education to a higher degree and the others thought about seeking for job. Those are all the best deal as long as they knew what to do and how they acted in a new social life.

            After the graduation ceremony had been over, some students remained to stay at school for the last time. They had a chat, laughed, and maybe planned something. That could even be the last seeing before they went away for something better ahead.

            My friends and I sat on the gazebo in the corner of the school’s park discussing about the upcoming plan. Everybody desired to have a custom-farewell party, but we didn’t know where to hold it. Some suggested host it here, there, or wherever, but then we didn’t find the way out. That was afternoon already so that we had to end this discussion and take the ‘question-mark’ home or to take an immediate action right at that time. Most of us agreed to take it home and maybe we could think of it clearly and wisely.

            Days gone and gone…that’s June and I started to think about my university I wanted to enrol enthusiastically. That’s why I had to prepare my self by studying and practising some exercises in the text book. I bought a book and sometimes rent one or two books from my friends or the nearby library in order to get me used to face kinda HORRIBLY SNMPTN! I don’t lie to my self that the exercises sometimes weren’t caught up on my mind. Hard to understand was like a real temptation for me to redo and redo and redo. Sometimes I also discussed anything which might come so hard in mind that I would get more clearance from those whom were very pro in that field, even though I ain’t pretty sure for what they told me. At least I could compare my ability to my friends.

            In Indonesia itself, there are some ways to enrol in the university we would like to. This year (2012) the government divided the system of registration of the universities into 2 ways; Undangan (Study-Report Overview) and Tulis (Achievement Test). Those whom got the nice scores during his/her study at high school may be able to enrol at the college without any tests. Their high school score reports must be outstanding continuously. Otherwise they will be unpleasantly deleted from this special program. Some people said that this kind of registration proves to be difficult, especially when the student, who have already been at the university is highly supposed to kick the good scores.

            At first I put my hope on this way, but the god of fortune seemed not to get a deal with me. Then, my parents supported me to take the achievement test of SNMPTN. Even though I was a bit disappointed – why I didn’t make an extra effort to result something better for my future – I realised that it might have been a destiny of God. He knows more that what we do.

            Undangan is also divided into two sub-parts; the regular and the free-tuition one (Bidik Misi). Some of my classmates took this chance to continue their study. They seemed not to be afford continuing their study in case this program was not organised by the government. It was just like a miracle in a dusty desert. Unfortunately, not everybody who registered in this program could be qualified. They had to be included in the minimum requirement system which was issued by the Department of National Education. Those who wanted to take Bidik Misi gotta have the ‘requirements of home-living’. That ought to be not tiled, unfurnished, not having a large front-garden, etc. A team of the Capital was sent over to their houses in order to make sure if it was ‘really’ theirs or not. Their neighbours may also be inquired about the way of their living without the knowing of them. That team must be called as ‘a Spy-like’.

            Anyway I aint included in this ‘thing’ or otherwise my parents would be very angry at me in case I SIGNED UP. The days I had been waiting for finally came. Previously I had got to register via online and fortunately I still remember the site’s address WWW.SNMPTN.AC.ID . there were some blank columns I was to fill up concerning about my identity, the school I already attended, my parent’s salary, the department I aimed to study at, and more. I was very nervous filling it up because I had got to consult with my parents. I was so eager to study in Malang that my parents just said okay if my ambition was THAT then. They’re the very good parents. They never force me to follow their wishes. I do LOVE them!!

            The enrolment was open from May to the early of June. Some students who were unlucky to qualify for Undangan SNMPTN got the second chance to sign up for the achievement test SNMPTN. I my self tried to make my self as not worried as I could. I had had an experience about that trial so that I knew how far I ought to study at least.

            That 2-day test was exhausting. Some were very difficult while the others weren’t. I just put my pray on God. He knew the best. Anything that would happen to me, I would accept it with an open hand. I was waiting for that announcement nervously. Oh I don’t know…

We want dat CAKE CAKE CAKE!!!!

            While waiting for the result, my classmates and I were busy discussing the postponed-farewell party. Finally we all decided to host it at house of one of my classmates. That was quite far away from my home but it was the last time we could gather together so that I used this lovely time as good as I could. The party was held a week before the result leaked up online.


            We had the cakes, fruits, JAMESON, balloons, and more. The music was turned on and we sang crazily all day long until the night almost came. A topic we discussed during the party was about the upcoming result of SNMPTN Tulis. My friends who succeed in SNMPTN Undangan were just able to wish us the best. They were the BEST and LUCKY people!! The party eventually came to end. Altogether hugged joyfully and sadly. After had we said goodbye, we got back home. That’s wrapped amusingly and entertainingly. I shalln’t forget it for life.

Outdoor photoshoot! The field around US was phuckin WILD

            Before the news of the test result, some hoax news spread out around my friends. They said the announcement would be coming earlier than what it was expected. I became so much worried about my test result. I didn’t know what to do if I was failed to go to university. Actually, that news was just BULLSHIT completely. I don’t know who made that shocking topic. Didn’t they have got another proper topic to tell than to lie to many innocent kids like us??. The result ended up online on July 7th, 2012. My mother was being downtown and I was at home. I ran over to my best friend’s house to see the result in the internet. Both of us were very worried. When I typed my reg.number in the list and then it said ‘CONGRATULATIONS for YOUR SUCCESS’.

            DAMN!!! I couldn’t believe that it really worth studying! My effort was so meaningful that I couldn’t stop thanking to God for His Greatness!! My friend was also qualified. We all never stopped thanking for His Kindness. The screen also said we were supposed to re-registration at our own university. The State University of Malang is like a DREAM! Still can’t believe I am there right now. I called my mother whom were in Surabaya and she couldn’t believe it. She was tearfully happy!

            That’s all just like the unforgettable moment in my life. I’m pretty sure that God is MAJOR! He knows whatever we don’t know. Yeah that’s phucking clear, MAN!. That moment will always remain to STAY in a DEEP RED HEART….


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