Ospek Universitas Negeri Malang 2012

We had to make some rows as that was the OPENING CEREMONY. Just so you know that it’s horrible indeed πŸ˜€

A 3-day ospek at Universitas Negeri Malang was marvellous as well as tremendous! We were supposed to prepare all stuff to bring with when the ospek would be going on. the thing I was really fear of was that a violence committed by the seniors. I absolutely never agree for that abusing. We got some stuff to create and some were very peculiar. Nevertheless, the sorrow I had that time was not as hard as what my other friends had. Actually their ospek would be getting started a month after my turn rolled.

All stuff must have been related to the ropes. As you all know that these ropes had to be determined for the colours. The major colour I gotta find out was YELLOW..!!Yawwwnn!!I remembered of something disgusting floating down the STREAM!. Besides we all had to create our own ID Card. Once again the card must be ORANGE with the identity written on-and-back of the side. I put my unwell – picture on it. Silly face!!

We got a command to make these shits on July while the ospek would be on in the early August. I just could not sleep soundly as everytime and everything I did was all fulfilled by diz THANG!

It’s a common sense to be defeated during the ospek, but as far as I knew that this term was no longer applicable to this modern era. The violence was just a histoRIH that would be always a histoRIH!! The era flips up and the civilization got us not doing such embarrassing action. Well, let’s be back to topic we talked about minutes ago πŸ˜€

After I had prepared and got ready to go, I really had to say goodbye to my mom and sister awhile as the distance became apart and an opponent-alike. I was sent to Malang by my dad and uncle, whom were very pleasantly bringing my goods over to my NEW-MINI dorm! I didn’t use to it, I mean the situation ‘cuz I was situated as BITCH- trapped in the small room as if I were a thief who had fucked thousand of CHICKS!, but then I’m getting used to this NEW LIFE slowly.

We had just like a crying-moment when I had leave home and be off to a new city, living there with nobody else. Okay let’s skip the story and make it fast forward….!! I came at my dorm and dad and uncle took my goods into it and cleaned away some fuckin’ rubbishes. DAMN!!I almost forgot to take a way rightfully towards this place even though my dad and I had ever been to this DORM.

Well, that ain’t cool to tell to ya. And….the next morning (that month was ramadhan so that I didn’t have to have a breakfast, but SAHUR) I got my ride over to campus, putting on a suit in such a WIMPY day!. Unfortunately my dad and uncle gotta go back to Surabaya so that I slept by myself 😦

That was still 5am but everybody seemed to be in hurry and some shouted at the others, like a commander!!. I actually had a problem with the sight and I couldn’t have a look a thing from a far apart so that I didn’t know where the others at and where the ceremony would be held. Nonetheless, I had a map of mine in my hand and WOW!! I found the spot. Everybody could be seen running towards a small yard, which is next to a mosque.

Those were the painted-men and my friends were addicted to ’em :O

The ceremony was opened by the drama played by seniors. They were all in paintings, ENTIRELY! But some wore such disgusting costumes I didn’t know at all, but I believed that what they wore were ethnically representing the departments. I’m from English dept. that I met a crossed-on-chest man. He’s very MYSTERIOUS but not COOL, man! Come on, be serious! Lol

Day 1-Day 2-Day 3 were passed by lots of speeches and introducing to UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa, such kind like extracurricular πŸ˜€

What did I love of the OSPEK? They absolutely didn’t press us down the sure as the PRINCIPAL wished it no shouts-no violences-no liars!!Lol
I was literally helped by the statement addressed by the principal on the letter sent to the host of this OSPEK. I couldn’t imagine no shits we gon’ do if dem slaying at US..NOOO!

I was really missing my parents after the ospek had already been OFF. That was Friday and one day before my departure back to hometown, I got a chance to take some photos with my new ARRIVAL friends. They’re all coming from many regions both in the East Java and out of it.

Me and my girl friends with a lecturer in the mid πŸ™‚

I was so excited to meet new friends as they brought their own cultures! Just so you know, that 3-day ospek was actually not ended yet. Without my good knowing, this kind of event was gonna going on STILL!

Some days after I got my first college, an announcement from the faculty told us about the ‘NEXT-CHAPTER OSPEK’. It definitely SUCKS! Some say it wasn’t ospek like what we all thought. It might be just like a social responsibility to the others. That’s why we were supposed to bring fire-woods and brooms with us.

A little part of BMS 2012

The 2nd ospek was going on in 2 days from 8-9 September 2012. In fact, the most amusing moment was when we had to ride on a BIG TRUCK to get to the place on the side of a mountain ranges! That’s almost like a mini jungle, but we could still have a find some open yards.

We even had to sleep under a messy tent put up by the seniors close to the big river with a dangerous slope might be waiting for us. This kind of ospek, maybe to make it soft-to-hear, was called BMS 2012 (Bakti Mahasiswa Sastra). Yup and I just can’t deny that we did many social actions towards the people around there. Sweeping down the roads, cutting off the wild-grass growing unresponsively on the roads and putting down the bins across the roads and the houses of the residents were all the BIGGEST efforts we did during BMS 2012. If you were me, you must’ve been very tired as well as chilled as the temperature over there dropped down until 15 degrees maybe πŸ˜€

Levinda and I in one-shot after the event on Sunday πŸ™‚

On Sunday we were back home to Malang, of course. Still with the same truck but not as big as the previous one we’re on, we brought home lots of experiences to share. We were taught so many lessons of LIFE. Nonetheless, our innocence faces were fully painted!! Was it a part of a party?? Huh?!

All smiling after the event of BMS 2012, felt like freed from the phucking HELL!

The final ospek actually would be closed down with the performances from all departments in one faculty: FACULTY OF LETTERS! My department prsented such a brilliant performance and I was rolled in this shit πŸ˜€ One of my classmates proposed one suggestion and that was obviousle and apparently accepted by all English students, even though I aint no sure at first.

I got a chance to dance with all guys there. I was pretty doubtful not being able to dance like a JAGGERZ. Weeks by weeks passed through and I could dance rightfully and be HARD. Shuffling is my fave and I got no doubt anymore to do it

After rehearsal or maybe during that time, we always had silly conversations and fun πŸ™‚

Rehearsals came very tighter and we had a tight schedule every week as the closing ospek would be coming on September 22, 2012. That was the night of JOYOUS! We set the decorations, clothes, moves, music, and MOOD!. We were had to smile all the time during the event. Most of US called this as the Inauguration of Faculty of Letters 2012.

I never forget that after the rehearsal we always said ‘LEGATO – FIGHT!’ in several times to lit our spirit up. Yeah and at least it will be a piece of UNFORGETTABLE time in my life. I met so many new friends here and had some relations, serious relations, REALLY? Fuck yea!

We had been trying hard to present the best performance to the audience, but sometimes there was a time when we felt it was so tiring and useless. We always went home very late but our seniors always burned our feeling to the TOP. She said,”this event is for you, not for us. It’s to remember for life. Just be diligent to rehearse and show what you had done. This never comes twice or more, but ONCE!”

Before the REAL performance

A week before the inauguration, we had one event that oughtn’t be missed, English Fun Weekend 2012 (EFW). This event was held by our department only. Those whom were very responsible for this event was LEGATO. They’re kinda like an organization established in our department. All about English of course.The event took place from 15 – 16 September 2012. It’s not related to the violence at all, but being FUN, SASSY, and FLIRTY!! That’s what they said so far.

A small glance of EFW 2012, U know what the fun is?

Okay get back to the inauguration! Well, that was about 6pm and everybody was inside the changing-room. I was even dressed up like a nigga-b*tch! No lies that this was what we all had been waiting for so long. The common interest was when I held a gun, long-gun like my DICK lol

English deaprtment got the first role to perform on stage. Yeah and this was what we all expected. Of the Hercules, Naruto, Saddam Hussein, Rhoma Irama, Mr. Bean to the peak of the part of us, Shuffle-Dance!! What a great night guys!!

Rhoma Irama involved on the stage

That night was FUCKIN’ AWESOME!!!! We’re now officially inaugurated as the members of Faculty of Letters and its Empires πŸ˜€ We couldn’t believe that our hard-work totally was WORTH IT. Some said that we would miss this moment but time still goes on and takes our memories with us all the time.

After-party with the classmates πŸ™‚


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