Tons of stories I have right now makes me want to share with you all. This is even more ridiculous!! My 18 birthday was so amazing as well remarkable forever. I had planned it for a month earlier before it was held on the right day. Many arguments debated between me against my mother about when it ought to be hosted and WHERE!

Been caught up after getting my own GIFT

                At first my mother was very cheered to have my birthday party, even she had decided what-to-do lists for me. But when this occasion came closer, she seemingly looked so unhappy and afraid of bad things to me.  I tried making her calm down but the situation even was getting worse. She used to approve me to hold birthday at one of the malls in Western Surabaya but she didn’t anymore. It disturbed my mind obviously.

                Meanwhile, I already contacted my friends, I mean my best friends who I know very well. They all said yes but 2 of them didn’t! Definitely it was suck! How came a party I held for my best friends was not completed then?! All getting worse! The worst EVER!

                In such a dizzying condition, I tried to reflect and think what I ought to do but I had no way out! I ever thought and almost decided to treat my friends at the school’s canteen but it was not special though. Apart from it, it would be so embarrassing to declare and tell them that I would entertain them all at canteen which sold the cheap-food, I don’t mean to mock the food but it is the fact.

                When my birthday got closer I almost gave up but I just wanna it run smoothly as I used to desire. It shouldn’t be in mess I thought. Just so you know that it becomes such a concrete tradition to give a presence to whomever having birthday but it is specific only to my best friends. I was thinking what they would be giving to me on my birthday. Even I was afraid of getting the bad gift but the most important I know is the love in the gift!! They are very worth!!

2 big faces landscaped!

                One week before my 18 birthday party, I logged in to my facebook account and saw some posts on timeline. Nothing interesting honestly. I typed my best friends’ names and hoped to find some silly sentences. And it was TRUE! Two of my best friends posted wall-to-wall and wrote down the gift!! I guessed it must be for me. They seemed confused for the gift to give!! I just laughed at my mobile screen (being like laughter at their silliness).

                Not so long afterwards, I sent a message to my best friends telling and notifying them all that my birthday party would be held on the 28th of January. How shocking it is when my friend, Tere let me know that she couldn’t be present because on Saturday and Friday she would be having a course. It got me down!! I tried to reset the date to January 29 the afternoon but once again Tere wouldn’t be able to come over for she would be going to church. So stupid!!

                Giving up on the situation, I offered the free time when they were all free. Some said it should have been held one week after my birthday!! I asked my self it was so dumb to hold a very late birthday party!! Even my mom didn’t agree to this schedule. She said it was better not being held than postponed until uncertain date. Oh God give me the THINK!!

                Well, I followed what my mom said that it must be held on 27th January. I told them all and some felt so disappointed with my decision but I couldn’t do anything!! My mom conquered and had that large sum of money which was used for all parts! Indah and Tere didn’t join with us then, but I promised to treat them a food at canteen (NOW I don’t get down my canteen haha)

Party Totally Party

                At the midnight of 27 January I got up and checked my inbox, BBM, Twitter and Facebook but nobody wished me a birthday yet!! Suck!! So different with last year. By at 4 a.m. I got 2 messages of my classmates even though I am not too close with them both but they were the first ones yelling it!! They are Siska and Dita. So much thankful to those chicks!! In case they read this blog, I hope they know that I am so thankful!!

                At school that morning I felt so ashamed!! Ashamed not for being a ROBBER but as a BITCH!! Haha just kidding. My classmates gave the SUPER SHOUT-OUTS!! They were the real perfection on this year’s birthday. One stupid moment is when my friend sitting at the front row or I can say she is in front of me, she is Shanti. She logged in to her facebook account and with a BIG ELEPHANT or even GORRILLA mouth nobody ever had SHOUTED AT EVERYBODY at the class!! ‘Helmi’s birthday!!! It’s today!! Ahaha” all watched her with chilled faces and started laughing.

                Then several messages came in to my mobile, appeared and stated ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELMI. WISH YOU LUCK!!” felt like being the only guy living on the dry world haha

                At noon I got a message of Dini and telling me to stay at class after school. I could guess that I would have my birthday gift hahaha too naïve but it didn’t matter. What I was supposing to was becoming the shit. But this shit was too cool!! They all brought a green wrapped-box and sang ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU’ I was shy guys!

                The moment I knew afterwards was we photographed off the camera of my mobile. We missed Andika actually. Next, I thanked to them and so sorry for being unable to change the date of my party to my Indah and Tere but they understood.

                Between me, Dini, Dinar and Andika contacted each other to get the right time. At first we decided to start to leave for at 1 p.m. but with all of sudden he asked me to delay our departure till at 3 p.m. since he would ride over to countryside with his f*cking problem. He instructed me to wait for him in three-junction where might make him confused later on. He didn’t know downtown honestly. While Dini, Dinar, and I were waiting for him, he was still in Mojokerto!! I asked him if he would come or not but then he asked us to go first and he would be coming later.

                We were having some stuff to eat (JUNKFOOD!) when Andika sent me a message stating that he was LOST!! F*ck Yea!! We were having fun but he was missing somewhere?! I was so depressed (NOT really) to think him over. He didn’t know where to go and what way he should take. I tried giving him an explanation, in hope for him reaching the venue in which we were at that time. It all was like a rope tied incorrectly, he couldn’t find us. My friends who were eating their crispy chickens suggested me pick him up but that was raining then.

                I got an idea!! I asked him (it’s better) to get home and I would bring him some food to eat as my responsibility. He was disappointed but it’s okay then. After we used up our dishes and bought some for my family and Andike, we got home while taking some photos to be remembered.

                That Friday was so BREATHTAKING! I love it so much!! Lots of thanks to whosever wishing me huge lucks!!! 18 felt like being just released out of JAIL!! Thank you!!


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