Our Own New Year’s Eve!!

                This New Year’s Eve felt so different!! The most part of the thing I could not even imagine is that I spent that whole night with a little memory to be remembered. Actually 31st December is my sister’s birthday and the party which was previously asked by her to be hosted was postponed until the FIRST date of 2012!!!

My mom made dat CAKE!!

                We definitely had a reason of why being hosted a single day after the right one. New Year’s Eve sometimes indicates the rain will go down and even a continual raining!! And yeah that was raining at the time. Though my sister was getting so disappointed, she then agreed to choose Sunday.

They liked icing off 🙂

                Before the clock struck at 12am, my sister and I had already prepared for the tools to use on the Eve. The trumpet bought by daddy was the chief!! Before striking the midnight, we had gone up stairs. 12 AM!! 2012!! Trumpet was blown so hard!!! Actually not really blown but pushed!! We had the latest model one!!

                Fireworks were sparkling on the sky while we were blowing our chief stuff!! Even though we celebrated it in the countryside and the circumstance was obviously different with downtown, we did enjoy it. So fun guys!

                We were back to sleep at about 1 am. In addition to it, we felt so fed up after having helped my mother mix some cookies.

The main course :p

                The following day we got up so early and set my home to the party arena. So good though!! All desserts on the table and all delicacies were too. Party got started at 10 am, but only some of them had already come in. Okay it doesn’t matter I think. All run well as if the NORMAL party others ever had.

Other main courses

                One by one they came and it made me so glad. Nothing could be compared to this party!!! Really IMMENSE!! Well, all ‘bodies’ getting fun yayyyyeahhh!! Love it!! Taking some pics is a must!! We got crazier!!


                      Then I could persuade some of my cousins to take photos together. Altogether got hyped!! And I think they’re ready to be delivered to this bomb ass WEBSITE J by the evening they gotta be back home in downtown. Felt upset but it’s LIFE!!!

All LIGHTS against yo POKER faces LOL

                     Looking forward to partying again next year and!! just wanna give yall a sneak peek that my own story is also gonna be posted up to this website THIS MONTH!! HAPPY BITHDAY SISTER!!! YOU da REAL BAD GURL J Happy New Year to y’all!! Best wishes for you……….


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