The Fascinating Holiday of December

This month, especially DECEMBER will be the month to remember!! We’ve never reached and experienced it since long years ago. On vacation with BIG relatives could be such an amazing time while the togetherness will be hard to lose. December 3rd, 2011 was the start up and we were leaving for a beautiful place in this world, PACET. That was at 2pm but none of my family members had come to pick me and my mother up. While out of my house it started drizzling in which not sooner after that it turned out a heavy rain.

We got hyped!

It had been planned to go at about 2pm actually that we would not get late to reach the villa in which we were going to stay at for 2 days, but the fact said differently. All of my family came to my house at almost 4pm!! It’s all just unpredictable as they were all trapped in the heavy rain; even one of their cars almost got sunk!! How come??!!

Well, we headed to PACET at 4.30pm. All goods already been packed to the car which could carry more goods than the others. And my dad drove it lol.

It was all about fun!!! Why we chose PACET?? Many people talk ‘bout this place and we think we had never been there before but now we have!! The ranges of mountains and of course they are not active anymore lol.

Do ya see the background??Yeah we're on the high farmland!!

Unfortunately we reached the villa by the night that we could not see the beautiful view there. But we got satisfied enough when we knew how the villa looked like, it is so cool!! My parents are so good at choosing this villa for settling in 2 days WOW!

One thing we can’t forget is the temperature!! We were getting chilled during staying there. You know we did not get use to the extremely changing temperature. SURABAYA is so hot while PACET is so chilling!! Lol

We spent all that night (on Saturday night) with orientating the whole area of that villa lol. That is so big man! BarbeQue party was on at cold night but I missed it as I got asleep. How poor I am… my uncle took it control. He put some corns and fishes on the FYAH.

Climbing up to the SHYT

My cousins are the badass!! All fun, smiling, laughing and shouting are the real hope as well as the dream I really wanna hear from them. I don’t know how to rewind this moment but the ENTIRE experiences we got on 2 days is remarkable.  We felt so swagga’ in 2 days!! Yasss!!!

We also visited the geyser pool in which filled by THOUSANDS of people in the next morning!! The raining also accompanied our travelling that Sunday. However we enjoyed it. In the afternoon we had to get back to Surabaya bringing lots of experiences hard to forget!! PACET!! We promise to come back SOON!!


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