Amusing Day!!!

October 15th was officially PERFECTO as my classmates and I were in PARTY DRESSED while performing our own musical dramas which were bringing us to huge happiness. That is actually a task of my literary teacher but we made it just like a BIG FAREWELL PARTY tbh. Behind-the-Scenes are photographed and already became the proof of our hard work. Here are the photos I could take during the show. We got 4 groups and each of them had their own style on presenting special shows.

Hard Morning 🙂
This or THAT?!!!WTF
Take outta control 🙂
Draft it up or STOP!
Lots of instructions given by Rungu lol
They're the BEST 🙂
...and the show began...
standing ovation baby!
It ends.... 😥


Now get a look inside the videos of their performances:


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