The Summer’s Holiday Series 2011


Day 1

Visiting Surabaya downtown is never boring us with its historical sites. They even teach us how to be a nice person and to realize our own history. June 20, 2011 is the beginning of my long-lasting holiday. It had been planned with my best buddy to visit some old spots in downtown.

The Insight of The Art Gallery of House of Sampoerna Surabaya

We thought it would be great trip as we had never been there before. Early morning at about 9 a.m. we started to leave for downtown. We were trapped in jam but that’s very cool LOL and at about 10 a.m. we arrived. Our first destination was House of Sampoerna.

Some paintings can't be explained and even understood well enough -_-

Why did we choose it? Damn! This spot is highly recommended for anyone who is gonna visit this shit city! LOL This place is always related to the cigarette factory, the biggest one in Indonesia. Yet, this location is so deep in the old Surabaya but then we found it even though it seemed so hard to reach that place.

In front of the 3D metal sculpture 🙂

We had been told by some of our friends that we would not be allowed to get inside of the House of Sampoerna due to the under-aged! We admit that we have not had citizen cards but we really looked forward to it! Shit! 2 hours before our departure to House of Sampoerna, I had tried to make a call with the contact person who is responsible for that venue and he told me that we could get inside but at the moment we could not. Never did we feel as disappointed as like that.

This is REOG PONOROGO painting. It's the latest painting I think and it's playful 😀

Just so you know that this place has so many interesting rooms. Museum, Art Gallery, Merchandise Store, and Café are all here! Museum really interested us since there were lots of old styled stuff you can find here. When we had just stepped forward to the museum, we were asked, “Are you old enough? Are you 18 years old or above? If so, show your citizen card” but we did not have any and we were not 18 years old yet!! HOLY SHIT!! The officers were so sorry to ask us outta museum since we had to bring our parents if we desired to enter that room.

My BEST EVER buddy standing in front of the Rolls Royce of Sampoerna's 🙂

Luckily, there was another part of the rooms we could get in. That was Art Gallery. Yeah at least we were still able to look at some unknown paintings and sculptures. The room was small enough and had 2 floors. Nobody was there. Only me and my friend was standing there and looking some paintings we did not even know what they meant, but they were all very expensive though. I’m screwed! We are not good artist LOL A great many of tourists of abroad came there LOL they were all old enough SHIT!

Give that FUCK for that shit place LOL 😀

After getting outta the site, we headed over to Tugu Pahlawan (Glorious Heroic Monument). That was my first time to visit that such a freaking beautiful monument! Yeah that’s flirty and HUGE! It’s located in the center of the city of Surabaya. That was such a hot day that we even planned to go swimming LOL however, the swimming pool is so far away from where we were at that time.

The monument is HIGHER than me lol

The museum of the Tenth November is at the same spot with Tugu Pahlawan. In this museum we saw lots of stuff used in the Surabaya War which was believed as the biggest war in Indonesia after its independence in August 1945. Bung Tomo, the one who lit the spirit of Arek-Arek Suroboyo (People contributed in this war especially Surabaya citizen) had also several things on this museum and are all kept well in it. His speech really interested us and even I had the video. However, this building at least a lil bit frightened us as the situation around was completely silent!!


Then we got outta the building which almost killed us inside LOL. We took some rest in the square of Tugu Pahlawan while enjoying the best view of the monument. That was very nice. I can not imagine!! We also took some shit pics. They have all been uploaded to my official facebook account. At 2 p.m. we got home. That experience in the first day of holiday will be always remembered and CRAZY as well lol. Here’s the video we got from Tugu Pahlawan:

P.S. Both House of Sampoerna and Tugu Pahlawan are the best sites for your holiday. Nevertheless, you can find the different between them. Find dem out!

Day 3

This is what I had been yearning for a long time, ASSEMBLING with my GANG is supa dupa!lol This time we all were invited by one of my friend who was so lucky of wining a speech contest held in downtown.

She won the 3rd place and it’s the real pride! However, it really gives us something happier to do, THAT WAS PARTY!! That Wednesday, 22 June 2011 was the day of full of SHITS. That’s werk though

Eating, joking, playing the shit were all crazy but we LUV it though :p and it’s more joyful 🙂 Yet we’re missing for somebody who couldn’t come over to this party. She got tired and we knew that.


The last session was closed by taking a great deal of snapshots and that’s all over then but not at all cuz the next PARTIES comin’ up! Do It All Again!

Day 6

That Saturday could be a very exhausting day since I gotta go out of my SWEET house in the noon and got back then at the midnight. Drifting to downtown seemed so hard. Shopping was the actual schedule but it was BIGGER than I thought before. Really amazing but SHIT! However I got some stuff I would like to purchase some days before. Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya is the most favourite shopping arcade in my shit hometown. That’s GREAT enough and the proper venue to seek for anything you want. Everything here is all LUXURIOUS and MAJAH! LOL I bought lots of JEANS and a special gift of my daddy was a National Geographic Indonesia Magz + Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 VCD. They’re all what I desire dude :p

NGI Magz + Harry Potter 7 Part 1 VCD completed my shopping that time 🙂

After getting what I wanted, we got out and went the party of circumcision of my dad’s old friend’s. We lost our way to be there but WE DID IT even though I was so fed up!!Who really hope for SURABAYA-GRESIK-SURABAYA-GRESIK-SURABAYA???!!!Gosh!!

Day 16

This is what we had been waiting for so long. A crazy visiting to downtown Themepark!! Almost runnin out the time but then we could steal a few lol. G4L had planned this shit planning and that day, Tuesday had been chosen as the rite time for this realization. And then we rode our ride passing the long STREET we never expected before.

Surabaya Youth Theme Park was a lil silent but not for the nite after that. We tryna some attractions which could have killed us!!Lmaoo that’s crazy!!

My bffs posted back of the one of the most favourite attractions in the Surabaya Youth Theme Park (Family Swinger)

That must be a FABULOUS nite ever. Yet we were missing 2 ppl who couldn’t come to our vacation but we really looked forward to them 😦 And at 8pm we headed to the restaurant in downtown,KFC. And then we got home at 8.30pm. Such a nice nite wif my gang!!

That nite was the closing of my long lasting holiday. Next year we’re gonna have an EXAM we never want before but we gotta be!. There are actually lots of experiences but I can’t write down here. Experiences of mine is WORTHY!! LOL Good bye!!Ta Ta!! Muaachhhhhh….. 🙂


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