David Copperfield

This was based on the novel with the same name but it has been turned into a short drama script and summarized already.

Enjoy the story! 🙂

In London there lived a widow with her little son named David Copperfield. His dad was gone when David was a little kid because he was very old, weak and not suspected to have any odd illness.

Their marriage was actually forbidden by the sister of David’s father because the difference of ages between his mom and dad was very far.

After the death of his father, David’s mom was getting married again with another guy who was very arrogant and cynical.

David’s SF             :         “Hey Master Davy, I can’t stand with your

behavior so I decide to send you to a great school

in downtown to fix up your behavior entirely.”

David                    :         “I can not leave my mom alone.”

David’s SF             :         “Who do you think I am?”

David’s M              :         “Obey what your dad said to you. He did the best

for ya”

(Then David agreed)

Next morning David was picked up by a cart that would take him to his new school in downtown. The carter looked very friendly.

On the way to the destination, the cart was all of sudden stopped by a sound coming from behind the cart. That was his house-keeper.

Pegotty                  :         “Honey, this is for your sake. Your dad did not give

you anything during your study there, huh?”

David                    :         “No.”

Pegotty                  :         “Take it. Take care your self dude.”

David                    :         “Thanks a lot.”

Then the cart continued its trip. Some hours later David had reached his new school. This was a terrifying school that was surrounded by a huge wall in every side.

On his way of studying there, David found a new friend named Johnson. He was the son of the rich family who donated the most much money for that school. David made a good relation with him.

David still remembered his first love with Emily though. But that now seemed so hard. The distance came to be an enemy. His love was getting faded then.

When David was at the edge of his study, his mom was getting ill but David had never got the permit of his step father to get home.

David                    :         “It’s not fair!”

Johnson                :         “You only need to be patient.”

David                    :         “I can’t sit here any longer. My step-father has no

rights to restrict me to go home. She is my mother.”

Johnson                :         “You gotta obey what your dad had told you.”

David                    :         “He ain’t my dad! He’s just the one who tryna come

inside through my life. He just wanna my dad’s                                         poverty. He never loved my mother truly. I gotta

stop him or he will take over all of my life. Can you

help me?”

Johnson                :         “What is that?”

David                    :         “Help me get outta here. I gotta be there and see my

mom. (crying) She really needed me now.”

Johnson                :         “Uhhh”

David                    :         “Do me a favor please.”

Johnson                :         “Well, I will.”

Afterwards Johnson helped David escape away to his home. He just wept out since his step-father chased him away and never let David enter his home.

Years by years David lived with his auntie, Mrs. Trootwood. David was already grown up and had been a nice-looking guy and working as the lawyer.

One day David heard a news that his mom was died. He was let know by his step-father but he did not allow David to see his mom. David was getting super upset.

Mrs. Trootwood    :         “Don’t ever come here again. You have no heart as

the usual father in this world. Stay away from my

house and don’t appear in front of my eyes! Go


Since that incident happened, David became uncommunicative man. He was more closed.

One day when he visited his friend who worked together with him, Mr. McCauber, he shared a problem he faced.

David                    :         “Mister I wanna ask you if you know  something

about the money of the farming production we

make together. I found it lost some days ago. I don’t

know who did that but I got a suspicious that Mr.

Hip did that.”

Mr. McCauber      :         “Yeah I see. But we no need to be in hurry. We gotta

detect where the money gone. Just search for the

clues we got and it will make all easier to find the

right person.”

David                    :         “I’ll do it immediately and catch him soon.”

The conflict that was happening to David’s life proved so hard. Yet he successfully found the suspected person. Mr. Hip admitted his fault and since then he was jailed.

Some years later, David Copperfield was getting married with a girl named Dora. She was very kind but childish though.

Mrs. Trootwood  :         “Are you sure with your choose? You know her


David                    :         “Yeah and she’s very kind but a little bit childish.”

Mrs. Trootwood  :         “You love her, huh?”

David                    :         “Absolutely. I have no doubt.”

Mrs. Trootwood  :         “Well in case that’s what you really want, I just

follow your deserve. I just can give my bless for ya.”

David                    :         “Thank you auntie.”

Next David Copperfield got married with Dora. Nevertheless an ill struck Dora and made her die. David Copperfield was very sad.

Mrs. Trootwood    :         “Be patient.”

David                    :         “So many problems I had during my life and this is

my third losing of somebody I love. I don’t know

what to do.”

Mrs.   Trootwood   :         “Yeah I see. I am here for you honey.”

David underwent his days without the one he loved. He did not get upset as he had used to. Now he became more confidence since his auntie always supported her.

One day he met Mr. McCauber.

Mr. McCauber      :         “How are you?”

David                    :         “Not so bad mister.”

Mr. McCauber      :         “You still alone?”

David                    :         “Yeah. And I never mind about my status.”

Mr. McCauber      :         “I think you may need someone who will help you in

everything. I mean a wife.”

David                    :         (laughing) “Not now.”

Mr. McCauber      :         “Well that doesn’t matter.”

One day David met a girl in his office named Agnes. He didn’t know who she was. Since then, he became more closed with that girl as she sometimes appeared and walked in his office.

At last he realized that the girl was Mr. McCauber’s daughter. He really wanted to marry her but he needed suggestion of his auntie, Mrs. Trootwod.

David                    :         “What I gotta do?”

Mrs. Trootwood    :         “I’m still afraid of your marriage failure some years

ago and I don’t want it happen to you for the second


David                    :         “but we have known each other very well.”

Mrs. Trootwood    :         “Really? But David I hope it will be your last

marriage as your mother only did it twice.”

David                    :         “I’ll keep my promise.”

Mrs. Trootwood    :         “I bless you.”

David                    :         “Thank you.”

After all sorrow that David Copperfield had during his life, he finally found his truly love with Agnes. He managed to overcome all problems on his life. And now he lived together happily with Agnes forever.


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