Challenge in ‘Japan’

Monday, October 25th 2010 my classmates and I (included the 10th graders and the 12th one) had exciting experience we’ll never forget. We boarded my car and ‘bison’ car. The 10th graders followed me and unfortunately my classmates did not 😦 On the way to the destination, we had a traffic jam. I have never met in this such situation before.

After we had reached our destination, we gotta register again to the organizer. That was sunny that day and after we’re done with it, we took the seats. Meanwhile, my dad who accompanied us as well as drove the car had to go work and leave us alone without anyone.

My classmates were listening to the instructors before Japan challenge began 🙂

We were just entertained by two performances only. The Japanese special dance seemly interested us. It had no longer after we saw the performance,  we started our challenges. Unfortunately I did not take the pics when the challenge was in progress guys.

The challenge was divided into three parts –> Smart in Japan’s Culture, Rudoku (Reading Hiragana,Katakana, and Kanji characters) and Drawing Anime Characters. I was interested in Smart in Japan’s Culture of course. So were my classmates but not all friends.

We were given 2 signs: TRUE or FALSE (True in Blue Flag and another one  in Red Flag) and we sat on the floor inside a small room with the projector in front of us .We got addition lesson there learned by the Japanese lecture before the challenge began. And then THE QUES were given to all of us.  One by one of my friends were eliminated from the challenge. My friend and I were just left on the floors with other participants. I was getting nervous that I gotta fail from the challenge. Just one of my classmates who still kept on the floor and perhaps our representative only!but she failed too.

All of us were failed (Rudoku was too).The only hope was just Drawing Anime Characters. We went out of the building and headed to the front yard where the challenge of Drawing Anime Characters took place.

My friends who wore Batik were drawing anxiously 🙂
A great many students from all kinds of schools participated in Drawing Anime Contest

The 10 graders joined this challenge and so did some of my friends. The pics were very nice!I might luv one of them. After being done with all challenges, we took a rest and while we waited for the announcement about the winners, we strolled up in the exhibition centre

Inside, we found lots of the stuff came from Japan, Germany, France and even China!I got a calligraphy of my name in Mandarin language. That was the first time I got it!

Titis and Tere were standing next to Hana-Matsuri dolls.You see?

There were so many surprises inside. Of the Japanese’s cuisine to the piece of Berlin Wall!Here is the pics!

Ocha and Udon were served to see not to eat!!!LOL
Never see Euro coins?Here I got for you!


A piece of the left-Berlin Wall was put on the show!

After being tired of taking a walk together, we took the seats under the green trees in front of the main building. In order to make our day happy, we sometimes make crazy jokes and that happened on this occasion!

Had a chat in waiting for the announcement 🙂
Nothing worried!LOL

After we had waited for almost 2 hours, the announcement was announced to all of us.Unfortunately we all failed in the challenges!Mostly the cups were taken by the students of the private schools in Sidoarjo and Surabaya. We think that was no problem at all. Just for experience, and everything is gonna be running well then! –> The only certificates we got 🙂


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