Search for the El Dorado

This post is a my hand-made story and dedicated to all children in the world. Besides it is the annual task from my literature of English.The story is now waiting for you + my CRAZY pictures made by myself!Enjoy it!


Search For The El Dorado

The cover of the story 'SEARCH FOR THE EL DORADO'

One day in a backward village, there lived a family. The family had a son named Nutty. He was such a stubborn boy and he did not like his life. His parents worked as the farmers in the nut farm land. They were paid in small sum.

The residence where Nutty and his family lived

And it was impossible for them to get the proper life. Nutty thought that his life was not fair. Of the all matters, he was very clever. He aimed to get the rich by his own way. He learned lots of books including the book that showed him about El Dorado.

He was very anxious to get the El Dorado, the gold-man, but he would never fly to its origin country. He just imagined and imagined and thought that would be never reality.

One afternoon after he has been asked to send some food for his father by his mother, he sat at the edge of the stream. He did nothing. And sometimes he threw few pebbles into the stream.

Meanwhile in the fairy world, Queen Fairy knew what Nutty was facing. She tried to help him by sending her messenger to him. At least she also expected Nutty’s stubborn would be gone. Petty, a small-beautiful fairy was had to do this order. At first she did not want, but then she was persuaded till she did.

That was going to the evening and Nutty had not returned home. When the light of the sun was going to set, Nutty heard something behind the grass in the other side of the river.

Nutty wanna know what is on the other side of the stream

He stood up and almost ran away but he wanted to know what that was. Something glowing appeared and Nutty became anxious to know. Suddenly a tiny creature flew over the grass softly and flew towards him passing over the stream. After few meters that tiny creature and Nutty were face-to-face and kept silent. Then the glowing creature told Nutty that she was a fairy ordered by the Queen Fairy to help his matter.

Nutty and Petty, the Fairy were having a chat

Nutty was very surprised by the fairy’s explain. He even did not believe to be able to see that such creature. Keeping silent for few minutes till Nutty told the fairy what he wanted. He really wanted to search for El Dorado. The fairy soon was surprised since he had never known that such a silly legend.

The fairy told him that the legend was not true. That was just a fake story, but Nutty seemed not to follow what the fairy said. He even said that it had been the task of the fairy’s to make the children’s dream come true. The night was changing the light of the beautiful sun and the wind began to blow gently.

Whatever it would be, the fairy finally granted Nutty’s wish. The fairy asked him to hold the fairy’s hand. Nutty was a little shocked as the fairy’s hand was very mild. Then a light seemed to hit them hard and soon after that, they had been on the centre of the jungle, DEEP JUNGLE! It was very different here because it was still the day!

The sketch of Ecuador jungle

Nutty asked fairy a question about where they at. Petty, the fairy told him that they were being in Ecuador. The legend of El Dorado was said to be here as well as the shrunken heads. They began to breach the jungle until they were on the quiet street. No vehicles at all. Sounds of the mammals and birds inside the jungle were the only sound could be heard. They began to walk again by the street. Suddenly a group of people came out of the jungle with something sharp on their right hand.

Then Nutty was awakened and he just realized he was separated from Petty by those people. He was inside the house and he looked out the window near him. A ceremony would be held in this village. The man wore big earrings and the women wore unusual wears. The residents inflamed a big flame in the central garden of the residence. Nutty really hoped Petty to be there that time.

Nutty was tied up to be sacrified and the headhunters would take his head away of his body!

A door was opened by a mysterious man and he took Nutty out of the house. He tied him on a big tree. A big flame seemed to let know Nutty he would be killed by this way. Nutty just knew that he were in the residence of the head-hunters of Peru. They would need a head of the victim or even the entire his body!

He started to cry in his self. He regretted with his stupid way he took. He hoped not to be there that time. The searching for El Dorado brought him to his own death. He really needed his fairy. Then he tried to loose the tie but the time might be going to run out. A flame was getting bigger and waited for him. Slowly but sure he could release himself of the bond. When no one noticed him, he ran into the jungle, unfortunately two men glimpsed at him. The two man gave know the others to catch Nutty.

Nutty ran faster but a great many young men ran after him. He was desperate, but he kept running. He saw a great tree some meters ahead. He hid on the behind it. Meanwhile the young men did not know where he at.

Nutty could breathe anymore and he thought that it was his entire fault he made in the beginning. What fairy said was really true. It was a fake! El Dorado was just a legend.  Unexpectedly a group of young men had been in front of him. He was very scared. He really wanted to go home. He shouted calling Petty, his fairy but nothing happened. Those people approached him. The spears on their each hand made him scared very much. When they were ready to throw those tools toward Nutty, he had been taken away by a hand.

A spear was thrown towards Nutty. Fortunately, Petty the Fairy helped him out of there

Nutty was lying on the ground while the fairy was sitting next to him. He got up and asked Petty where he was. Petty told him everything happened just now. It was all learning for him. Nutty realized his stubborn could damage his self. He did not want to do it anymore. He wanted to come home with his family.

The fairy also wanted to farewell with Nutty. Actually Nutty did not want he left, but she made him sure that she would be there whenever he needed him. Nutty was very grateful to Petty for the learnt he got from him.

The fairy flew higher and higher till he could not be seen anymore and left a point of light in the sky. And finally Nutty came home in which his parents were waiting for his coming

Nutty realized that the El Dorado was just a fake story and he went home safely and happily 🙂


© 2010



This Story Was Composed By Airan, Helmi D.B (06/XI Language Program Class). All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Copying, Reproduction, and Changing Prohibited and Distributed by Helmi Airan. Composed and Printed in Indonesia



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