Notable Note 2012

            Am I there yet?? That’s what I could even say until right now. Have you ever felt the 4-month holiday? That must sound freak as well as unusual and you got to be asking yourselves ‘HOW FUCKING COME?’. That’s definitely happened to me and most of my buddies.

            You must be recognizing very well about UNAS (National Examination). Hmmm that’s been so far far – far away since I contributed to this event couple of months ago. So how should I start this story out?? We’d better open this ish up from March!!

            Most of the pupils of the third grade of various schools in Indonesia felt afraid of the annual event held by this country’s government. The National Exam or we get used to know as UNAS would be coming ahead in April. We had already been forced to prepare for it since last year (2011). Some schools conducted extra-class either after school or before. At first we were okay to get ‘em but time went by and we got so much bored for this habit. We almost had no time off!! It was crazy guys! On March I felt very nervous and maybe a little hopeless for a test that would be held the following month.

            Not only myself, had my classmates also got a high level of being nervous. We just need pray to God and gave any efforts we did already to Him. He knew better!!

            The month we had been waiting for finally came in just a few days. We were hesitated so much with the results later on. Okay, that aint a problem tbh. Our teachers had given many supports and we were so much thankful for those ‘special-gifts’. In my opinion, the moral supports are more WORTH than a big train of YELLOW DIAMONDS!!

            The test took place from 16th to 19th April 2012. We were from the Language programme and the subjects examined were Indonesia Language, English, Mathematics, Anthropology, Japanese, and Indonesia Literature. I found some difficult to learn, such as Japanese, Anthropology and Indonesia Literature. But at least I had been trying hard to learn those subjects carefully. I succeeded to learn Japanese and I got it very well. I was very doubtful with Anthropology and Indonesia Literature. You know WHY?? Anthropology had me learn the cultures of the world and that came to be very impossible to do as we were growing up while our mindset were set to be older too!! Hahaha that’s a truth!! In the other hand Indonesia Literature got me feeling the words written on the papers. Why must be feeling? This kind of subject owns some words that are hard to read once! You must read the texts several times to get ‘em.

            Yep I been tryin’ hard MAMA…!

            The unique thing that always happens during the national examination is to cheat!! Was it already set to be inheritance of our ancestors? Shit I don’t know exactly. This ‘experience’ (lemme call diz in such a LIE-WAY) affected my class too. Not only my class, other classes also applied this rule! Sshhh it aint a pretty secret tbh. Don’t be a liar as YOU DID IT TOO!! RIGHT?? *jk*

            The 16 was coming and we just prayed and prayed for a success we really desired. The watch-men (they’re teachers of another school while our own teachers were guiding up at other schools) were surprisingly very kind!!! They LET us do our thang. Fantastic!!

            4-day tests felt easily undergone and we rejoiced to know it was over already. Some said we had an early holiday and I just couldn’t believe we had been so far!! I was confused about how to spend this long-holiday.

After the show, I was relaxing on the couch with my girl friends

            I had a best buddy named, Erwin. I asked him about what to do on this holiday. He offered to watch movie and I know it!! I have loved Rihanna very much and she featured in her debut movie, Battleship which was on the SHOWLIST at cinemas of my city that time. We thought it would be very boring if we just two went over there. I stated what if we invited the others, but then he asked ‘WHOM?’. Ahaa!! I got an idea to invite my ‘selected-elementary school-friends’ to come along. Some said YES while the others couldn’t since they were having their own business which I didn’t really know and was doubtful with their problem. Harris, Dinda, Nur C. Fahmi, Arvid, Inul came along finally, that it would make this ‘reunion’ felt very fabulous.

Silly times with faces low-down :D

            We chose one of the cinemas at downtown in which is also near with our livings. You know PTC-XXI?? It is located in such a lux-city side where you would find a lot of jaguars, APV’s, MPV’s, limousines, and more!! But we rode our motors, not one of THOSE!! However we got so much fun and almost lost one of our ‘beloved buddies’ right there hahaha U THE SHIT!! This is a real cunt life….

            One another thing I could still remember is when we hurried to be over there as we just had a little time before the film began. Running fast is the bitch’s steps AS IF!!

Rihanna is the reason why I was so eager to watch Battleship :)

            Let me tell you that it had been a long time since my first visit to cinema with dad watching Monster Inc., and Harry Potter several years ago!! That I felt not okay to comeback is TRUE!! Somehow I enjoyed the movie as Rihanna appeared in it! She was very gentle, strong and different than the USUAL-Rihanna hahaha

            After it had been done, we stepped out to dine as it was about 6pm. I persuaded my friends to dine at a fast-food restaurant inside the building but mostly disagreed… okay i understood you all guys. My friend, Inul was having a fast that it had been to be ‘broken-up’. We rode out along the street of the city looking for a small-resto. Some wanted meatball or whatever. I got a sight on a resto near the traffic light in Lakarsantri. They sold fried-duckies and I loved it tbh. I asked the others what if we dine at the venue and they were okay.

            Everybody was having a dinner but Arvid and Harris seemed to reach out their faces of our rendezvous. I had a friend ask them why they didn’t want to eat or order some meals and you guess what they stated?? They lacked of money instead of paying the tickets for watching movie!. Come on MAN!! What was the existence of the friends for?? Finally they dealt to sit with us though they just had a drink lemon tea.

            We got home afterwards and that day became such a nice day to remember as it was a rare event to hold. At least, we can still get in touch each other by messaging or social-networks.

My first GWR book! I still haven’t finished reading the whole content tbh :p

            Aha! I just remembered that during my holiday I bought my dreaming-book!! You know the GWR?? If you don’t, what about the Guinness World Records?? Well-known guys.

            Actually it’s my present given by my parents as I just had got a scholarship, amount 2 million rupiahs!! Much enough to go shopping haha but I don’t want my all part to waste. Some bucks I asked for was used to purchase this GWR at one of the biggest mall at downtown. Specifically at a famous book store, Gramedia. I had been dreaming this all day ay ay!! Now that came to be real like a phuck!

            Some students who graduated of senior high school must be thinking of a ‘thing’ that’s gonna be happening to them after UNAS took place already. They might be going on to study at a higher grade or university or they could be seeking for a job that has to be suitable with their own skills applied at high school (I mention it as the Vocational High School)

            Nevertheless, we seemingly hadn’t had a thought of it yet. The holiday was still running and we hoped for the best result of the National Examination taking place couple weeks before.

            In this holiday I also can’t get a very-first-time experience out of my mind, that is when I renew my citizenship card into the newest one with A MORE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY!! Even though the validation of my card remained to be valid, but our government got us changing ours into the new one. It has a CHIPSET!! I should’ve got my new card right now but it is found hard to be ‘coming in front of our door-house’.

            It is said that this new citizenship card will be able to be used for the business related to the matters of taxation, electricity and water payments, property purchase, and many more. However, I still consider the usage of this card just as like the usual purpose.

City’s Hall was the spot I had a gym that morning w/ my cousins

            While I was on a vacation, I never wanna let the days off just away!! A day after I had renewed my citizenship card, I planned to go in a cruise with my cousins in the Sunday morning, SUCH AN EARLY GOING!! I had messaged my cousins to come along with me over to the City Hall some days before. They said okay and yup we’re going. I stayed at my grandparents’ house for a visit with my parents and sister. On Sunday morning I rode over my ride to my cousins’ house by myself. That was still dawn guys!! I felt a little fear while riding my ride.

            Let’s skip the storyline right to the time when we were walking down the street and enjoying the fresh air in the city in the morning. I could have a look at some groups of people gathering on their own areas doing some kinds of their favourite sport.

What a calm city park! This is what I’m looking for when I visit the city :)

             We paid a visit at a roped-bridge near with a small city-park. This absolutely reminded me of my own kid-times. That was all about many years ago but I could still remember about it. My parents and I spent the night time out there and it was like a fabulous spot to visit as it had so many blinking lights and they were all very attracting me though.

The bridge I was standing on is the one I last visited when I was a little kid :)

            Back to the future!! That was very cloudy but we still had some photos taken. After some minutes passed away, we planned to head over to a beach in which I was missing for so long!! This beach was located in the northern area and it took about 20 minutes to get there.

            It was still 6.30 when we got there. There were not so many people to have a look but some souvenirs-sellers could be found sitting across the road heading to the shore. They sold the pretty-scallops and more!. We walked downwards the bridge on the shore. I was very pleasant to come here as I did need something fresh and definitely was it supposed to seek right here!

Dark clouds were hanging on the white skyline

            We were very hungry after going out of the beach. We stopped awhile to buy some snacks. The most joyous moment was when I could borrow my cousin’s gadget just for using Instagram!!He actually didn’t know what this application is for after I had let him know what this is for!!. What a poor boy!! Yup that’s my first pic uploaded via Instagram and will be the only 1!!We rode our HORSE back home!Nah, I meant to say it’s motorcycle lololol and….spent our time off at our beloved GRAND’s house in North Surabaya.

I should have put all my clothes off to TAN freely :D

            On May 12, 2012 my friend had a birthday party. It was like a long-time-no-see event with my classmates. We rarely met each other since UNAS had been done. That party was hosted at her house. All delicacy did tempt me! We had some big beverages to serve and the main course was also delicious. I thanked to YOU my friend :) We also talked shit, what we did during the holiday and so on.

Talk That Pretty A$$!!

            Some days later I got information from my best friend about a pre-test held by a university. This pre-test was just like a test for making sure the students who would be going onto the university be ready as good as possible. Actually some institutes held such kind tests but this time or maybe the one I took at that time was the one held by the State University of Surabaya. We gotta pay Rp 20.000 for a registration. I absolutely didn’t keep this good information in but I tried forwarding to some of my friends who might desire to join with us. The ones who were okay to join finally asked me to sign them up as they might be kinda busy but I don’t know whether they lied or not. WHO KNEW MANNNNNNNNN??!

Stating about the technique used in TRIAL :D

            The registration wasn’t proven as easy as I thought before. I had been trying to sending a lot of messages to the hosts but sometimes they didn’t even reply our texts. That’s kinda disappointing. Then I asked my BFF what if we went right over there to ensure us that it was really in!!NO LIES!!

            After we had rolled around the campus in Ketintang, Surabaya for some minutes (we also needed to ask some people passing-by about where the registration locket was being at), we finally found where it was. It was located in the nearest point with the entrance but we didn’t even see ‘em guys! WTF was happening then? I just thought the office of signing up would be kinda comfortable or at least air-conditioning but ALL JUST A DREAM!!They opened the registration inside a small building or we can say it’s like a mini-room. There weren’t even any chairs to sit on that we gotta kneel!!Don’t worry cuz that’s okay.

            After we had already done with the registration, we decided to go shopping at a big mall downtown. Erwin wanna know anything about Tunjungan Plaza. That’s all kinda exhausting so much!! And we expected so much from the pre-test (TRIAL ver.) cuz we could measure up how far the thing we could do. LITERALLY!!

            The pre-test was taking place on May 13, 2012 at the main building of Faculty of Economy, UNESA Ketintang. We went there all together by motorcycle early in the morning cz we didn’t wanna get late then. Besides, we also wanna look for the chairs/room we were in. There were so many ppl when we reached the site.

            WOW that’s fantastic to meet and find again some of my old pals who also joined this event!Even I met my high school friends -,- I couldn’t believe that we had been met by this such a wimpy event lol Let me tell ya that it aint such an easy test to join for a high school student, esp. for those whom might never have a trial before the REAL test comes due.

Empty BLACK seats in UNESA

            I thought we should have got more practices before having a strong BELIEF that we would love to be a part of it. Honestly I had been trying to solve some exercises referring to it, but there were just FEW questions could be answered correctly 100% !! I didn’t take any courses out of the class as I believed in my own capability. You know that I aint a science student, but I was a language one so that I had to EMIT an extra work to AIM what’d been my GOAL.

Taking a walk at a notorious cemetery with friends after the TRIAL

            At least I had been trying to join the event. Maybe I could have more luckiness I would not get of other places. One thing to be sadden is that I let my chance get a special voucher as the REWARD to the others. I think that’s kinda promotional way to attract the readers.

            In the early of June 2012 (I don’t remember when it was exactly) we had a graduation ceremony held at school’s hall. Oh yeah I just remembered that it was held on the WEEKEND!! Everybody was dressed in a good manner. The boys wore the suits as well as the ties while the girls were all in KEBAYA dresses. That’s clearly 100% different from what the boys wore which symbolized the modernity and HUMILITY. Teachers seemed to force the girl students to put on kebaya in a reason of preserving the authentic culture of Indonesia or we can say ‘REPRESENTING’, but what’s the elaboration????

We’re a big army :)

            Well, let’s not talk about mocking what’s already happened at my school but get moved to what’s happening in this event. All of my friends had already gathered at school’s basketball court before they were to head into the school’s hall. I thought I were late for the main show, but I was absolutely fooled. The event got started an hour later than what we all expected. I think there might have been something wrong with it, but I remain to know nothing from that puzzling-case.

            The show finally went on dramatically and artistically. There were lots of performances which were very surprisingly popping out on the stage. There was one thing I shalln’t miss out, that was when my buddies were busy taking some photos of each other as the additional collection of BOOK YEAR! I kinda felt so hyped at first, but then I realised that it was just a piece of CAKE.

I was with my G4L after the event

            As like another graduation, the principal gave his speech and the vice did too afterwards. All of their words were like a SUPPORT to face the FUTURE. Hmm that’s so wise. I also remembered when we all had to go on stage receiving the graduation documents. That’s the best part I think. We shook hand with the teachers happily. Some might think of what they would do after it was all over. They thought about going on their education to a higher degree and the others thought about seeking for job. Those are all the best deal as long as they knew what to do and how they acted in a new social life.

            After the graduation ceremony had been over, some students remained to stay at school for the last time. They had a chat, laughed, and maybe planned something. That could even be the last seeing before they went away for something better ahead.

            My friends and I sat on the gazebo in the corner of the school’s park discussing about the upcoming plan. Everybody desired to have a custom-farewell party, but we didn’t know where to hold it. Some suggested host it here, there, or wherever, but then we didn’t find the way out. That was afternoon already so that we had to end this discussion and take the ‘question-mark’ home or to take an immediate action right at that time. Most of us agreed to take it home and maybe we could think of it clearly and wisely.

            Days gone and gone…that’s June and I started to think about my university I wanted to enrol enthusiastically. That’s why I had to prepare my self by studying and practising some exercises in the text book. I bought a book and sometimes rent one or two books from my friends or the nearby library in order to get me used to face kinda HORRIBLY SNMPTN! I don’t lie to my self that the exercises sometimes weren’t caught up on my mind. Hard to understand was like a real temptation for me to redo and redo and redo. Sometimes I also discussed anything which might come so hard in mind that I would get more clearance from those whom were very pro in that field, even though I ain’t pretty sure for what they told me. At least I could compare my ability to my friends.

            In Indonesia itself, there are some ways to enrol in the university we would like to. This year (2012) the government divided the system of registration of the universities into 2 ways; Undangan (Study-Report Overview) and Tulis (Achievement Test). Those whom got the nice scores during his/her study at high school may be able to enrol at the college without any tests. Their high school score reports must be outstanding continuously. Otherwise they will be unpleasantly deleted from this special program. Some people said that this kind of registration proves to be difficult, especially when the student, who have already been at the university is highly supposed to kick the good scores.

            At first I put my hope on this way, but the god of fortune seemed not to get a deal with me. Then, my parents supported me to take the achievement test of SNMPTN. Even though I was a bit disappointed – why I didn’t make an extra effort to result something better for my future – I realised that it might have been a destiny of God. He knows more that what we do.

            Undangan is also divided into two sub-parts; the regular and the free-tuition one (Bidik Misi). Some of my classmates took this chance to continue their study. They seemed not to be afford continuing their study in case this program was not organised by the government. It was just like a miracle in a dusty desert. Unfortunately, not everybody who registered in this program could be qualified. They had to be included in the minimum requirement system which was issued by the Department of National Education. Those who wanted to take Bidik Misi gotta have the ‘requirements of home-living’. That ought to be not tiled, unfurnished, not having a large front-garden, etc. A team of the Capital was sent over to their houses in order to make sure if it was ‘really’ theirs or not. Their neighbours may also be inquired about the way of their living without the knowing of them. That team must be called as ‘a Spy-like’.

            Anyway I aint included in this ‘thing’ or otherwise my parents would be very angry at me in case I SIGNED UP. The days I had been waiting for finally came. Previously I had got to register via online and fortunately I still remember the site’s address WWW.SNMPTN.AC.ID . there were some blank columns I was to fill up concerning about my identity, the school I already attended, my parent’s salary, the department I aimed to study at, and more. I was very nervous filling it up because I had got to consult with my parents. I was so eager to study in Malang that my parents just said okay if my ambition was THAT then. They’re the very good parents. They never force me to follow their wishes. I do LOVE them!!

            The enrolment was open from May to the early of June. Some students who were unlucky to qualify for Undangan SNMPTN got the second chance to sign up for the achievement test SNMPTN. I my self tried to make my self as not worried as I could. I had had an experience about that trial so that I knew how far I ought to study at least.

            That 2-day test was exhausting. Some were very difficult while the others weren’t. I just put my pray on God. He knew the best. Anything that would happen to me, I would accept it with an open hand. I was waiting for that announcement nervously. Oh I don’t know…

We want dat CAKE CAKE CAKE!!!!

            While waiting for the result, my classmates and I were busy discussing the postponed-farewell party. Finally we all decided to host it at house of one of my classmates. That was quite far away from my home but it was the last time we could gather together so that I used this lovely time as good as I could. The party was held a week before the result leaked up online.


            We had the cakes, fruits, JAMESON, balloons, and more. The music was turned on and we sang crazily all day long until the night almost came. A topic we discussed during the party was about the upcoming result of SNMPTN Tulis. My friends who succeed in SNMPTN Undangan were just able to wish us the best. They were the BEST and LUCKY people!! The party eventually came to end. Altogether hugged joyfully and sadly. After had we said goodbye, we got back home. That’s wrapped amusingly and entertainingly. I shalln’t forget it for life.

Outdoor photoshoot! The field around US was phuckin WILD

            Before the news of the test result, some hoax news spread out around my friends. They said the announcement would be coming earlier than what it was expected. I became so much worried about my test result. I didn’t know what to do if I was failed to go to university. Actually, that news was just BULLSHIT completely. I don’t know who made that shocking topic. Didn’t they have got another proper topic to tell than to lie to many innocent kids like us??. The result ended up online on July 7th, 2012. My mother was being downtown and I was at home. I ran over to my best friend’s house to see the result in the internet. Both of us were very worried. When I typed my reg.number in the list and then it said ‘CONGRATULATIONS for YOUR SUCCESS’.

            DAMN!!! I couldn’t believe that it really worth studying! My effort was so meaningful that I couldn’t stop thanking to God for His Greatness!! My friend was also qualified. We all never stopped thanking for His Kindness. The screen also said we were supposed to re-registration at our own university. The State University of Malang is like a DREAM! Still can’t believe I am there right now. I called my mother whom were in Surabaya and she couldn’t believe it. She was tearfully happy!

            That’s all just like the unforgettable moment in my life. I’m pretty sure that God is MAJOR! He knows whatever we don’t know. Yeah that’s phucking clear, MAN!. That moment will always remain to STAY in a DEEP RED HEART….

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Diamond – Rihanna (Covered)

I got to be a part of R7!! Be hard and militant!! The video below was uploaded at :)

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Pasal 1 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: Kedaulatan memang berada di tangan rakyat, tetapi dilaksanakan sepenuhnya berada di tangan rakyat, sehingga kelemahan di sini MPR dalam menjalankan kedaulatnnya tidak dibatasi oleh undang-undang

Sesudah Amandemen: Sesudah amandemen, kedaulatan masih berada di tangan rakyat tetapi semuanya harus sesuai dengan undang-undang. Kelebihan dari amandemen ayat ini adalah mengurangi kesewenang-wenangan penggunaan kedaulatan oleh rakyat dan harus sesuai dengan undang-undang

Pasal 1 ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Negara Indonesia mempertegas statusnya sebagai negara hukum karena pada saat Orde Baru kekuasaan banyak diselewengkan dan semuanya dikuasai oleh para ‘kerah-putih’ sehingga dengan di tambahkannya pasal ini, maka semua orang Indonesia, tanpa melihat statusnya dalam berbuat harus tetap dipertanggungjawabkan di depan hukum yang berlaku di Indonesia

Pasal 2 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Kelemahan dari ayat ini adalah anggota MPR yang berasal dari golongan-golongan daerah bisa saja tidak sesuai dengan kualifikasi yang diminta untuk duduk di kursi MPR

Sesudah Amandemen: Kelebihan dari amandemen ayat ini adalah anggota DPD yang akan duduk di MPR haruslah melalui pemilihan umum sehingga bukan asal pilih saja

Pasal 3 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: MPR hanya berperan untuk menetapkan UUD dan GBHN. Pengubahan UUD bukan menjadi hak MPR

Sesudah Amandemen: MPR bisa melakukan perubahan pada UUD, selain menetapkannya. Apabila dipandang suatu pasal tidak sesuai dengan zaman, maka MPR bisa melakukan perubahan sesuai dengan UU yang berlaku

Pasal 3 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: MPR berwenang sebagai lembaga yang melantik presiden dan wakil presiden saja, karena sebelumnya MPR juga memilih, mengangkat, dan memberhentikan presiden dan wakil presiden

Pasal 3 ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: MPR hanya berwenang untuk memakzulkan presiden dan wakil presiden berdasarkan UUD, dengan alasan presiden/wapres itu gagal dalam melaksanakan pemerintahan. Mereka tidak berwenang untuk memilihnya

Pasal 5 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden memiliki hak penuh untuk membentuk UU dengan persetujuan DPR sehingga dengan demikian UU yang dibentuk itu pasti bisa disahkan

Sesudah Amandemen: Presiden hanya berhak untuk membuat dan mengajukan RUU kepada DPR untuk kemudian dibahas dan disahkan. Kelebihan dari pengubahan ini adalah RUU yang sebelum dijadikan UU bisa dilakukan wacana terlebih dahulu, apakah sesuai dengan kondisi yang ada di masyarakat

Pasal 6 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Latar belakang presiden Indonesia pada saat itu hanya disebutkan harus orang Indonesia tanpa menjelaskan syarat yang lebih jelas lainnya

Sesudah Amandemen: Sesudah amandemen latar belakang seorang presiden semakin dipertegas dengan beberapa syarat, seperti harus mampu melaksanakan tugas kepresidenan secara jasmani dan rohani

Pasal 6 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden dipilih langsung oleh MPR dengan suara terbanyak tanpa adanya campur tangan rakyat, sehingga rakyat tak pernah tahu bagiamana sosok/figur yang akan menjadi pemimpin negara waktu itu

Sesudah Amandemen: Syarat-syarat untuk menjadi presiden dan wapres diatur oleh UU sehingga sesuai dengan ketentuan  UU, maka dalam hal ini masyarakat Indonesia berhak untuk memilih presiden serta wapres, tanpa ikut campur MPR secara langsung

Pasal 6A ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Di sini menegaskan tentang hak pilih rakyat dalam pemilihan Presiden dan Wakil Presiden secara langsung, sehingga hal ini tentu berbeda dengan masa Orde Baru saat era kepemimpinan mantan Presiden Soeharto

Pasal 6A ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Calon Presiden dan Wakilnya merupakan usulan dari satu parpol ataupun gabungan beberapa parpol (koalisi) sebelum dilaksanakan pemilihan umum

Pasal 6A ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Ayat ini membahas mengenai syarat sah untuk menjadi seorang Presiden dan Wakil Presiden berdasarkan jumlah suara yang diperolehnya pada saat pemilu, yakni lebih dari 50% secara nasional dan lebih dari 20% di tiap provinsi di Indonesia

Pasal 6A ayat 4

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Apabila dalam penghitungan ditemukan suara yang terbanyak yang sama pada dua calon pasangan presiden dan wapresnya, maka akan dilaksanakan pemilu ulang dengan calon para  pemenang suara pertama dan kedua tersebut oleh rakyat secara langsung

Pasal 6A ayat 5

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Syarat-syarat untuk menjadi seorang Presiden dan Wakil Presiden lebih lanjutnya akan diterangkan di undang-undang yang berlaku

Pasal 7

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden memiliki hak untuk diangkat kembali sebagai presiden  dalam jangka 5 tahun kepemerintahan dan selanjutnya bisa dipilih kembali tanpa batas yang ada. Hal ini bisa saja membuat seorang Presiden untuk mencalonkan dirinya berkali-kali atau selamanya

Sesudah Amandemen: Presiden memiliki hak kepemerintahan sebanyak dua kali masa jabatan  yang masing-masing berjangka 5 tahun untuk dipilih oleh masyarakat Indonesia secara langsung. Hal ini diharapkan bisa menghilangkan kepemerintahan abadi

Pasal 7A

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: MPR dengan usul DPR bisa saja memberhentikan jabatan seorang Presiden maupun Wakil Presiden apabila dia terbukti telah melakukan pengkhianatan terhadap negara, korupsi, penyuapan serta tindakan pidana berat lainnya ataupun sudah tidak memenuhi syarat-syarat untuk menjadi seorang Presiden ataupun Wakil Presiden lagi

Pasal 7B ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Sebelum memberikan usulan kepada MPR untuk memberhentikan seorang Presiden ataupun Wakil Presiden yang terbukti salah melakukan tindakan semacam korupsi, penyuapan, dan semacamnya, maka DPR terlebih dahulu mengajukan permintaan ke MK sebelum memutuskan apakah Presiden atau Wapres tersebut terbukti melakukan tindakan tersebut

Pasal 7B ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: DPR memiliki fungsi pengawasan terhadap kinerja seorang Presiden beserta Wakil Presidennya, dan apabila terbukti salah satunya ataupun keduanya melakukan kesalahan, maka DPR telah menjalankan fungsi pengawasannya

Pasal 7B ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Sebelum mengajukan permintaan untuk memberhentikan seorang presiden atau wapresnya yang terbukti melakukan kesalahan ke MK, DPR haruslah melakukan sidang & mendapatkan suara paling tidak 2/3 dari anggotanya dan anggota yang hadir dalam sidang paling tidak sebanyak 2/3 dari keseluruhannya untuk bisa mengajukan permintaan pemberhentian presiden / wapres

Pasal 7B ayat 4

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: MK diberi waktu paling lambat 90 hari untuk memeriksa, mengadili, dan memutus usulan DPR setelah MK menerima usulan permintaan pemberhentian presiden atau wakilnya

Pasal 7B ayat 5

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Apabila MK telah menemukan bahwa usul yang disampaikan DPR itu benar mengenai kesalahan-kesalahan yang dilakukan presiden atau wakilnya dan menyetujuinya, maka DPR berhak untuk meneruskan usul pemberhentian itu ke MPR

Pasal 7B ayat 6

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Setelah menerima persetujuan dari MK dan mendapat tembusan dari DPR, maka MPR berhak menyelenggarakan sidang dan memutuskannya paling lambat 30 hari setelah usul dari DPR tersebut diterima MPR

Pasal 7B ayat 7

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Presiden atau wakil presiden yang terbukti bersalah akan korupsi/suap/tindakan tercela lainnya diberi hak untuk menyampaikan penjelasannya di sidang paripurna MPR sebelum MPR melakukan penghitungan suara dari anggotanya dengan jumlah anggota yang hadir paling tidak ¾ dan jumlah suara paling tidak sebanyak 2/3 dari yang hadir itu

Pasal 7C

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Presiden tidak meiliki hak untuk membekukan ataupun membubarkan DPR karena DPR adalah lembaga wakil rakyat yang berfungsi utuk melaksanakan fungsi pengawasannya terhadap kinerja pemerintah

Pasal 8 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Wakil presiden memiliki hak untuk menggantikan posisi presiden apabila ada kondisi tertentu yang menghalanginya untuk berhenti bertugas. Wakil presiden tersebut akan menggantikannya sampai habis

Sesudah Amandemen: Wakil Presiden berhak menggantikan posisi presiden dalam menjalankan tugasnya sampai masa presiden yang mangkat itu habis, bukannya sampai masa seumur hidup

Pasal 8 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Apabila terjadi kekosongan jabatan wakil presiden yang disebabkan oleh sakit/meninggal dunia/sebab lainnya, maka MPR akan menyelenggarakan rapat sidang untuk membahas dua calon wapres yang sebelumnya diusulkan oleh presiden

Pasal 8 ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Apabila terdapat keadaan di mana presiden & wakil presiden secara bersama-sama tidak bisa melaksanakan kewajibannya, maka pelaksana tugas kepresidenan yang terdiri dari Menteri Luar Negeri, Menteri Dalam Negeri, dan Menteri Pertahanan berkewajiban melaksanakan tugas kepresidenan untuk sementara. Sedangkan MPR diberi hak selambat-lambatnya 30 hari untuk melakukan sidang dalam penentuan Presiden dan Wakil Presiden baru dengan calon yang diusulkan oleh dua partai politik yang menduduki posisi dua dan tiga pada pemilihan umum sebelumnya. Calon Presiden dan Wakil Presiden yang terpilih itu nantinya akan bekerja selama masa jabatan Presiden yang berhalangan sebelumnya.

Pasal 9 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden diterangkan dalam janjinya untuk menjalankan peraturan dengan seluas-luasnya tanpa batas yang nyata. Sehingga, hal ini membuat suatu kelemahan pada citra Presiden tanpa memandang rakyat

Sesudah Amandemen: Janji presiden sesudah amandemen berubah yang dicirikan dengan Presiden menjalankan peraturan selurus-lurusnya dengan UU sehingga diharapkan tidak terjadi penyelewengan kekuasaan

Pasal 9 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Sumpah yang diucapkan oleh Presiden dan wakilnya haruslah disaksikan oleh MPR dihadapan MA, apabila MPR atau DPR tidak bisa mengadakan sidang. Dengan demikian, kesaksian oleh mereka bisa dibenarkan

Pasal 11 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Dalam pembuatan perjanjian Internasional dengan negara lain yang berdampak pada perekonomian rakyat, Presiden haruslah melakukan perundingan/pembahasan dengan DPR

Pasal 11 ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Segala ketentuan mengenai Perjanjian Internasional diatur oleh Undang-Undang yang berlaku

Pasal 13 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden berhak menerima duta dari negara lain tanpa melalui pertimbangan siapapun

Sesudah Amandemen: Setelah diamandemen, ayat 2 mempertegas ayat pertama dalam hal pengangkatan duta negara lain tapi harus melalui perundingan dengan DPR

Pasal 13 ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Amandemen pada ayat 3 lebih mempertegas ayat 2 namun dengan perbedaan dalam penempatan duta negara lain yang perlu memperhatikan usulan/melalui perundingan dengan DPR

Pasal 14 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden berhak memberikan grasi, amnesti, abolisi, dan rehabilitasi kepada siapapun yang dikehendakinya

Sesudah Amandemen: Pemberian grasi dan rehabilitasi oleh Presiden kepada orang tertentu harus melalui pertimbangan Mahkamah Agung sehingga dengan demikian Presiden tidak sewenang-wenang dalam memberikan grasi dan semacamnya

Pasal 14 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden berhak memberikan grasi, amnesti, abolisi, dan rehabilitasi kepada siapapun yang dikehendakinya

Sesudah Amandemen: Pada ayat 2, pemberian amnesti dan abolisi oleh Presiden harus melalui pertimbangan DPR, bukannya MA

Pasal 15

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden berhak kapanpun dan sesuai dengan kemauannya memberikan gelar, tanda jasa, dan tanda-tanda kehormatan kepada siapapun

Sesudah Amandemen: Sesudah amandemen, Presiden dalam memberikan gelar, tanda jasa, dan tanda kehormatan kepada seseorang haruslah sesuai dengan perundangan yang berlaku

Pasal 16 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Susunan Dewan Pertimbangan Agung ditetapkan sesuai dengan perundangan yang berlaku di Indonesia

Pasal 16 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: DPA berkewajiban memberikan jawab kepada Presiden dan memajukan usul kepada pemerintah

Pasal 16 ayat 1 dan 2

Sesudah Amandemen: Sesudah amandemen, Presiden berhak mengangkat DPA yang memiliki tugas untuk memberikan nasehat dan pertimbangan kepada Presiden sesuai dengan peraturan perundangan yang berlaku. Dengan demikian, pasal 16 ayat (1) dan (2) sesudah amandemen dilebur menjadi satu tapi dirubah dalam hal konten

Pasal 17 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: Presiden memiliki hak untuk mengangkat dan memberhentikan menteri-menteri yang membantunya dalam bertugas

Sesudah Amandemen: Sesudah amandemen, tidak ada perubahan pada ayat 2 ini secara kontekstual

Pasal 17 ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: Sebelum era reformasi, menteri-menteri bekerja memimpin departemen pemerintahan

Sesudah Amandemen: Sesudah amandemen, para menteri membidangi dalam urusan tertentu kepemerintahan

Pasal 17 ayat 4

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Pembentukan, pengubahan, dan pembubaran jajaran dalam kementrian sesudah amandemen harus disesuaikan/diatur dalam undang-undang yang berlaku. Bukan sepenuhnya ada di tangan Presiden

Pasal 18 ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: Pembagian daerah-daerah di Indonesia, baik besar ataupun kecilnya tidak hanya didasarkan pada undang-undang yang berlaku di Indonesia tetapi juga harus berdasarkan asas permusyawaratan yang berlaku pada sistem pemerintahan yang ada. Selain itu hak-hak untuk membentuk daerah-daerah istimewa di Indonesia, seperti Yogyakarta juga harus dipertimbangkan

Sesudah Amandemen: Ayat ini mempertegas struktur provinsi. Provinsi terdiri dari kabupaten dan kota serta kesemuanya diatur dalam perundangan yang berlaku

Pasal 18 ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Pemerintah daerah provinsi, kabupaten maupun kota memiliki hak untuk mengurusi daerahnya sendiri menurut asas otonomi dan tugas pembantuan

Pasal 18 ayat 3

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Di setiap pemerintahan daerah provinsi, kabupaten maupun kota memiliki DPRD di tiap tingkatannya, tetapi para anggotanya harus dipilih melaui pemilihan umum

Pasal 18 ayat 4

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Gubernur, Bupati, dan Walikota harus dipilih berdasarkan pemilihan umum yang diselenggarakan di provinsi, kabupaten ataupun kota secara demokratis sehingga peran serta masyarakat sangat menentukan dalam pemilukada ini, selain pilpres

Pasal 18 ayat 5

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Pemda dapat menjalankan otonomi daerah seluas-luasnya, semisal tambang yang berfungsi demi kemaslahatan penduduk di situ namun masih dalam pengawasan pemerintah pusat dan juga pajak daerah. Namun, urusan pusat bukanlah perhatian dari Pemda

Pasal 18 ayat 6

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Pemda bisa membuat peraturan daerahnya sendiri demi kepentingan otonomi daerah dan tugas pembantuan. Peraturan lainnya juga termasuk hak otonomi daerah. Semuanya berfungsi untuk memajukan kesejahteraan penduduk di dalamnya

Pasal 18 ayat 7

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Penyelenggaraan pemerintah daerah untuk lebih lanjut diatur dalam undang-undang, termasuk susunan dan tata cara penyelenggaraannya

Pasal 18A ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Mengatur hubungan wewenang antara pemerintah pusat dengan pemerintah daerah (Pemprov, Pemkab, Pemkot) yang sesuai dengan undang-undang dengan memperhatikan kehususan dan keistimewaan yang dimiliki oleh tiap daerah di Indonesia. Dengan demikian, tidak akan terjadi kebebasan yang tidak bertanggungjawab di Pemda karena kesalahan pemahaman otonomi daerah dan tidak adanya pemantauan dan kendali dari Pemerintah Pusat

Pasal 18A ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Mengatur masalah pemanfaatan sumberdaya alam antara pemerintah daerah dengan pemerintah pusat demi kepentingan bersama, meskipun pemda diberikan hak otonomi untuk mengelola sumberdaya yang terkandung di daerahnya masing-masing. Sumberdaya alam yang ada di Indonesia sendiri dimanfaatkan untuk kepentingan masyarakat bersama, bukan hanya miliki suatu daerah tertentu secara penuh

Pasal 18B ayat 1

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Satuan-satuan pemerintah daerah yang bersifat khusus ataupun istimewa akan diakui oleh Pemerintah Pusat, seperti Satpol PP dan Kepolisian Pamong Praja. Namun, semuanya juga harus diatur dengan Undang-Undang yang berlaku

Pasal 18B ayat 2

Sebelum Amandemen: (TIDAK ADA)

Sesudah Amandemen: Adat istiadat yang berkembang di Indonesia, seperti kesatuan masyarakat adat suku Bali, Kekeratonan Surakarta/Ngayogyakarta, dll secara resmi mendapat pengakuan dari Negara, tetapi harus berdasarkan prinsip yang berlaku di NKRI ini, dan yang terutama mengutamakan asas Ketuhanan

Made by: Dimas Galih Wijaya, Helmi Dana B.A., Ahmad Ainur Rokhish, Thio Budi Utomo, Fahmi Indra Junaedi in associated with Universitas Negeri Malang – Jawa Timur


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Ospek Universitas Negeri Malang 2012

We had to make some rows as that was the OPENING CEREMONY. Just so you know that it’s horrible indeed :D

A 3-day ospek at Universitas Negeri Malang was marvellous as well as tremendous! We were supposed to prepare all stuff to bring with when the ospek would be going on. the thing I was really fear of was that a violence committed by the seniors. I absolutely never agree for that abusing. We got some stuff to create and some were very peculiar. Nevertheless, the sorrow I had that time was not as hard as what my other friends had. Actually their ospek would be getting started a month after my turn rolled.

All stuff must have been related to the ropes. As you all know that these ropes had to be determined for the colours. The major colour I gotta find out was YELLOW..!!Yawwwnn!!I remembered of something disgusting floating down the STREAM!. Besides we all had to create our own ID Card. Once again the card must be ORANGE with the identity written on-and-back of the side. I put my unwell – picture on it. Silly face!!

We got a command to make these shits on July while the ospek would be on in the early August. I just could not sleep soundly as everytime and everything I did was all fulfilled by diz THANG!

It’s a common sense to be defeated during the ospek, but as far as I knew that this term was no longer applicable to this modern era. The violence was just a histoRIH that would be always a histoRIH!! The era flips up and the civilization got us not doing such embarrassing action. Well, let’s be back to topic we talked about minutes ago :D

After I had prepared and got ready to go, I really had to say goodbye to my mom and sister awhile as the distance became apart and an opponent-alike. I was sent to Malang by my dad and uncle, whom were very pleasantly bringing my goods over to my NEW-MINI dorm! I didn’t use to it, I mean the situation ‘cuz I was situated as BITCH- trapped in the small room as if I were a thief who had fucked thousand of CHICKS!, but then I’m getting used to this NEW LIFE slowly.

We had just like a crying-moment when I had leave home and be off to a new city, living there with nobody else. Okay let’s skip the story and make it fast forward….!! I came at my dorm and dad and uncle took my goods into it and cleaned away some fuckin’ rubbishes. DAMN!!I almost forgot to take a way rightfully towards this place even though my dad and I had ever been to this DORM.

Well, that ain’t cool to tell to ya. And….the next morning (that month was ramadhan so that I didn’t have to have a breakfast, but SAHUR) I got my ride over to campus, putting on a suit in such a WIMPY day!. Unfortunately my dad and uncle gotta go back to Surabaya so that I slept by myself :(

That was still 5am but everybody seemed to be in hurry and some shouted at the others, like a commander!!. I actually had a problem with the sight and I couldn’t have a look a thing from a far apart so that I didn’t know where the others at and where the ceremony would be held. Nonetheless, I had a map of mine in my hand and WOW!! I found the spot. Everybody could be seen running towards a small yard, which is next to a mosque.

Those were the painted-men and my friends were addicted to ‘em :O

The ceremony was opened by the drama played by seniors. They were all in paintings, ENTIRELY! But some wore such disgusting costumes I didn’t know at all, but I believed that what they wore were ethnically representing the departments. I’m from English dept. that I met a crossed-on-chest man. He’s very MYSTERIOUS but not COOL, man! Come on, be serious! Lol

Day 1-Day 2-Day 3 were passed by lots of speeches and introducing to UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa, such kind like extracurricular :D

What did I love of the OSPEK? They absolutely didn’t press us down the sure as the PRINCIPAL wished it no shouts-no violences-no liars!!Lol
I was literally helped by the statement addressed by the principal on the letter sent to the host of this OSPEK. I couldn’t imagine no shits we gon’ do if dem slaying at US..NOOO!

I was really missing my parents after the ospek had already been OFF. That was Friday and one day before my departure back to hometown, I got a chance to take some photos with my new ARRIVAL friends. They’re all coming from many regions both in the East Java and out of it.

Me and my girl friends with a lecturer in the mid :)

I was so excited to meet new friends as they brought their own cultures! Just so you know, that 3-day ospek was actually not ended yet. Without my good knowing, this kind of event was gonna going on STILL!

Some days after I got my first college, an announcement from the faculty told us about the ‘NEXT-CHAPTER OSPEK’. It definitely SUCKS! Some say it wasn’t ospek like what we all thought. It might be just like a social responsibility to the others. That’s why we were supposed to bring fire-woods and brooms with us.

A little part of BMS 2012

The 2nd ospek was going on in 2 days from 8-9 September 2012. In fact, the most amusing moment was when we had to ride on a BIG TRUCK to get to the place on the side of a mountain ranges! That’s almost like a mini jungle, but we could still have a find some open yards.

We even had to sleep under a messy tent put up by the seniors close to the big river with a dangerous slope might be waiting for us. This kind of ospek, maybe to make it soft-to-hear, was called BMS 2012 (Bakti Mahasiswa Sastra). Yup and I just can’t deny that we did many social actions towards the people around there. Sweeping down the roads, cutting off the wild-grass growing unresponsively on the roads and putting down the bins across the roads and the houses of the residents were all the BIGGEST efforts we did during BMS 2012. If you were me, you must’ve been very tired as well as chilled as the temperature over there dropped down until 15 degrees maybe :D

Levinda and I in one-shot after the event on Sunday :)

On Sunday we were back home to Malang, of course. Still with the same truck but not as big as the previous one we’re on, we brought home lots of experiences to share. We were taught so many lessons of LIFE. Nonetheless, our innocence faces were fully painted!! Was it a part of a party?? Huh?!

All smiling after the event of BMS 2012, felt like freed from the phucking HELL!

The final ospek actually would be closed down with the performances from all departments in one faculty: FACULTY OF LETTERS! My department prsented such a brilliant performance and I was rolled in this shit :D One of my classmates proposed one suggestion and that was obviousle and apparently accepted by all English students, even though I aint no sure at first.

I got a chance to dance with all guys there. I was pretty doubtful not being able to dance like a JAGGERZ. Weeks by weeks passed through and I could dance rightfully and be HARD. Shuffling is my fave and I got no doubt anymore to do it

After rehearsal or maybe during that time, we always had silly conversations and fun :)

Rehearsals came very tighter and we had a tight schedule every week as the closing ospek would be coming on September 22, 2012. That was the night of JOYOUS! We set the decorations, clothes, moves, music, and MOOD!. We were had to smile all the time during the event. Most of US called this as the Inauguration of Faculty of Letters 2012.

I never forget that after the rehearsal we always said ‘LEGATO – FIGHT!’ in several times to lit our spirit up. Yeah and at least it will be a piece of UNFORGETTABLE time in my life. I met so many new friends here and had some relations, serious relations, REALLY? Fuck yea!

We had been trying hard to present the best performance to the audience, but sometimes there was a time when we felt it was so tiring and useless. We always went home very late but our seniors always burned our feeling to the TOP. She said,”this event is for you, not for us. It’s to remember for life. Just be diligent to rehearse and show what you had done. This never comes twice or more, but ONCE!”

Before the REAL performance

A week before the inauguration, we had one event that oughtn’t be missed, English Fun Weekend 2012 (EFW). This event was held by our department only. Those whom were very responsible for this event was LEGATO. They’re kinda like an organization established in our department. All about English of course.The event took place from 15 – 16 September 2012. It’s not related to the violence at all, but being FUN, SASSY, and FLIRTY!! That’s what they said so far.

A small glance of EFW 2012, U know what the fun is?

Okay get back to the inauguration! Well, that was about 6pm and everybody was inside the changing-room. I was even dressed up like a nigga-b*tch! No lies that this was what we all had been waiting for so long. The common interest was when I held a gun, long-gun like my DICK lol

English deaprtment got the first role to perform on stage. Yeah and this was what we all expected. Of the Hercules, Naruto, Saddam Hussein, Rhoma Irama, Mr. Bean to the peak of the part of us, Shuffle-Dance!! What a great night guys!!

Rhoma Irama involved on the stage

That night was FUCKIN’ AWESOME!!!! We’re now officially inaugurated as the members of Faculty of Letters and its Empires :D We couldn’t believe that our hard-work totally was WORTH IT. Some said that we would miss this moment but time still goes on and takes our memories with us all the time.

After-party with the classmates :)

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Keadaan saat penarik tambang tengah berkerja

  1. Latar Belakang

Di Era Globalisasi ini,banyak transportasi modern yang dipakai mayoritas masyarakat. Seperti mobil,motor,dll. Akankah itu juga berlaku bagi masyarakat yang tinggal dipinggir sungai?

Kita mengetahui bahwa “tambangan” dulu digunakan masyarakat menuju kedesa seberang. Masihkah transpotasi tradisional itu dipakai oleh masyarakat saat ini. . . ???

Zaman sekarang, jika ingin menyeberang kedesa seberang itu melalui sebuah jembatan yang dibangun pemerintah ataupun masyarakat disekitar sungai tersebut.

2. Rumusan Masalah

Masih adalah transpotasi tradisional seperti “perahu tambangan”dipinggiran sungai sekitar kita?

Menunggu pemberhentian di seberang :)

Apa manfaat adanya perahu tambang itu? Efektif atau Tidak?

  1. Metode Penelitian
    1. Membuat kerangka bahan pertanyaan yang akan ditujukan pada pemilik perahu tambang menelit penumpang.
    2. Mengumpulkan alat yang dibutuhkan untuk meneliti.
    3. Mengobservasi temapt dan lingkungan sekitar objek penelitian.
    4. Mewawancarai penarik perahu tambang dan penumpang.
    5. Ikut membuat dan merasakan bagaimana lelahnya menjadi   penarik perahu tambangan.

Awas Bu Guru!!

3. Pembahasan

            Lokasi penelitian etnografi kali ini berada didaerah Balongbendo, Desa Jeruklegi dusun Sudimoro. Sungai Mas yang membetang memisahkan antara Desa Jeruklegi dengan Desa Sidomaras, yakni desa seberang yang menghubungkan jalan besar ke wringinanom atau gresik.

Hampir menepi....

            Penelitian dilakukan siang hari kira-kira pukul 02.00 WIB diperahu tambang Sudimoro-Sidowaras yang kebetulan dikemudikan oleh orang Sidowaras sendiri. Penumpang kebanyakan ialah orang-orang pabrik,anak sekolah,dan warga sekitar yang akan menuju daerah Sidowaras  dikarenakan banyak pabrik dibangun disana. Juga banyak anak-anak sekolah yang datang  dari luar desa untuk menuju sekolahnya yang berada di desa seberang ,karena jembatan yang menghubungkan kedua desa itu sangat jauh. Sehingga banyak penumpang yang hilir mudik menggunakan jasa Perahu Tambangan. Pertanyaan peneliti yang diajukan kepada Si penarik tambang:

  1. Nama dan Umur ?
  2. Berapa lama Anda bekerja sebagai “penarik perahu tambangan” ?
  3. Siapa yang mencetuskan ide untuk membuat “tambangan” di desa ini?
  4. Berapa penghasilan yang Anda peroleh perhari/perbulan?
  5. Apakah perahu ini kepunyaan Anda sendiri/milik bersama/ada pemilik lain?
  6. Apakah keuntungan dan kerugian untuk Anda?
  7. Dimusim hujan seperti ini, apakah tidak berbahaya?
  8. Pada jam berapa biasanya banyak penumpang?
  9. Pernakah mengalami suatu kendala? Seperti tali putus dan sebagainya.

Pertanyaan peneliti yang diajukan kepada “penumpang”

  1. Nama dan Umur?
  2. Apakah  Anda sering menggunakan transportasi tradisional ini?
  3. Berapa ongkos yang harus Anda keluarkan untuk menggunakan transportasi tersebut?
  4. Apakah Anda tidak merasa takut, terutama pada musim hujan yang biasanya sering terjadi banjir?
  5. Apakah keuntungan dan kerugian untuk Anda sebagai penumpang?
  6. Sejak kapan Anda menggunakan transportasi tersebut?

4. Saran

            Lebih menghargai transpotasi trandisional,menjaga dan memelihara transpotrasi tradisional itu. Sebaiknya pemerintah juga ikut campur tangan dengan menyediakan perahu tambangan yang layak dan baik untuk menyeberang sungai agar keselamatan penumpang tetap terjaga.

Inilah dermaga perahu tambangan yang terlihat sangat berbahaya bagi para pengguna transportasi ini

5. Penutup

            Meski hidup dalam Era Globalisasi ini banyak transportasi canggih, tapi transpotasi tradisional juga juga bermanfaat sewaktu-waktu. Meskipun menggunakan tenaga manusia yang sangat menguras keringat itu tak sepadan dengan upah yang diperoleh. Apalagi resiko saat banjir datang dan lainnya yang harus diperhatikan oleh si pemilik perahu maupun penumpang.

Para pengguna motor adalah yang mendominasi di antara penumpang jasa tambang terutama di saat jam sibuk

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A. Latar Belakang

                Dari dulu hingga sekarang tanaman hias memang digemari oleh masyarakat luas. Berbagai macam komponen untuk memperindah tanaman hias banyak kita jumpai di tepi jalan. Salah satunya adalah pot. Selain didukung oleh keindahan tanaman tersebut, pot juga dapat memberikan nilai lebih melalui ornamen dan ukiran-ukirannya.

Kawasan Kemangsen yang terletak di belakang gedung SMPN 1 Krian, Sidoarjo

                Hal ini menyebabkan banyak orang yang memilih pembuatan pot sebagai lahan mata pencaharian utama. Bahkan, tidak hanya satu orang saja yang melakukan usaha tersebut melainkan hingga mencakup satu desa, termasuk Desa Kemangsen, Kecamatan Balongbendo, Kabupaten Sidoarjo.

Salah satu lokasi industri rumahan (home industry) pot di desa Kemangsen

                Home Industry pot yang menjadi salah satu ciri khas Desa Kemangsen itulah yang kemudian membuat kami, siswa SMA Negeri 1 Krian kelas XII Bahasa tergerak untuk melakukan penelitian etnografi di desa tersebut.

                Penelitian ini fokus pada masyarakat Desa Kemangsen dan mata pencahariannya sebagai pengrajin pot.

B. Tujuan Penelitian

Adapun tujuan peneliti dalam menyusun etnografi ini adalah:

  1. Mengetahui alasan sebagian besar masyarakat Desa Kemangsen bekerja sebagai pengrajin pot.
  2. Memperoleh informasi mengenai motivatisasi pengrajin dalam mengkreasikan berbagai bentuk pot berornamen yang mulai digemari oleh para pecinta tanaman hias.

Pot yang belum siap jual

C. Rumusan Masalah

  1. Sejak kapan mulai menekuni usaha kerajinan pot?
  2. Bagaimanakah asal mulanya sebagian besar masyarakat Desa Kemangsen bisa menjadi pengrajin pot?
  3. Berapa kurang lebihnya omzet yang didapatkan dalam 1 bulan?
  4. Berapa banyak masyarakat Desa Kemangsen yang menjadi pengrajin pot?
  5. Selain usaha kerajinan pot, mata pencaharian apa saja yang ditekuni oleh masyarakat Desa Kemangsen?
  6. Selain kerajinan pot, kesenian khas apalagi yang ada di Desa Kemangsen?
  7. Bagaimana komposisi masyarakat Desa Kemangsen?

Pot yang telah dibentuk

D. Hipotesis (Jawaban Rumusan Masalah)

  1. Sejak pot berukiran mulai digemari masyarakat.
  2. Kebutuhan masyarakat akan pot berukiran yang semakin meningkat.
  3. ± Rp 20.000.000,-
  4. Lebih dari satu.
  5. Kegiatan agrikultural seperti bertani, berladang, berkebun, dan berternak.
  6. Tidak ada.
  7. Sebagian besar diperkirakan merupakan suku Jawa.

Masyarakat Kemangsen dan Potnya

E. Metode Penelitian

  1. Penelitian dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode pengamatan langsung.
  2. Wawancara dengan salah satu pengrajin pot yang mempunyai usaha Home Industry di Desa Kemangsen.
  3. Mencari sumber data dari sudut pandang yang lain, misal : internet, koran.

Penjemuran pot

F. Pembahasan

2.1.  Deskripsi Singkat Desa Kemangsen

                Desa Kemangsen merupakan salah satu desa yang terletak di kecamatan Balongbendo, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur. Desa Kemangsen terletak cukup strategis di dekat kawasan SMP Negeri 1 Krian. Secara geografis, letak desa ini dimulai dari tepi jalan raya hingga jalan desa di belakang gedung SMP Negeri 1 Krian.

                Masyarakat di luar daerah tersebut (Sidoarjo misalnya), mengenal desa Kemangsen dengan julukan “Kampung Pot”. Ya, warga Kemangsen memang banyak yang menjalankan usaha pembuatan pot, bahkan, tak jarang usaha tersebut menjadi mata pencaharian utama mereka.

2.2. Pembahasan Penelitian

  1. Sejak kapan mulai menekuni usaha kerajinan pot ?

      Sebagian masyarakat Desa Kemangsen mulai menekuni usaha kerajinan pot sejak lama, tepatnya sejak puluhan tahun yang lalu dan mulai berkembang pada tahun 1998. Terlebih sejak maraknya kegemaran masyarakat akan pot berukiran.

Pot-pot besar!!

2. Bagaimanakah asal mulanya sebagian besar masyarakat Desa Kemangsen bisa menjadi pengrajin pot?

      Awalnya, pada puluhan tahun yang lalu, usaha pot tersebut sudah ada. Namun sayangnya pada waktu itu hanya sedikit orang yang menjalankannya. Seiring berjalannya waktu, barulah usaha pot tersebut mulai dikenal masyarakat Kemangsen karena dinilai ‘menghasilkan’. Sehingga terus-menerus diwariskan pada generasi selanjutnya. Sampai pada tahun 2010-an, total ada 30 pemilik home industry pot di desa ini.

3. Berapa kurang lebihnya omzet yang didapatkan dalam 1 bulan?

      Dalam satu bulan, satu home industry bisa mendapatkan penghasilan kurang lebih 30-50 juta rupiah per bulan. Hasil itupun bisa lebih tinggi lagi bergantung pesanan.

4. Berapa banyak masyarakat Desa Kemangsen yang menjadi pengrajin pot?

      Saat ini, dalam 1 RT, kurang lebih ada 10 orang yang memiliki usaha pot sendiri, sedangkan pekerjanya ada ± 7-8 orang tiap home industry. Sehingga jika dikalkulasi, dalam 1 RT kira-kira ada 80 orang. Jadi dapat diartikan bahwa di desa Kemangsen, kurang lebihnya 80% dari jumlah masyarakat Kemangsen adalah pengrajin pot.

Proses 1....

5. Selain usaha kerajinan pot, mata pencaharian apa saja yang ditekuni oleh masyarakat Desa Kemangsen?

      Sebagian besar masyarakat Desa Kemangsen bermata pencaharian sebagai pengrajin pot. Itulah yang kemudian menjadi salah satu ciri khas Desa Kemangsen. Tak heran, jika dari ± 8000 penduduk yang ada, 80%nya bekerja di sektor tersebut. Sedangkan 20% lainnya ada yang bekerja sebagai petani, pedagang, dan lain-lain.

      Pekerjanya, mulai anak-anak hingga ibu rumah tangga. Bahkan, anak-anak SD hingga SMA yang baru pulang sekolah langsung membantu untuk menggosok pot ataupun membuat arsiran. Begitu juga ibu-ibu rumah tangga. Setelah mengerjakan pekerjaan rumah tangga, ke banyakan di antara mereka juga menyambi kerja sebagai kuli gosok.

      Berkembangnya industri pot itu berhasil mengurangi angka pengangguran di Desa Kemangsen. Paling tidak, pengangguran di desa tersebut berkurang 30 persen. Dulu, sebelum usaha ini berkembang, banyak penduduk yang nganggur lari ke kota untuk mencari-cari.

      Tapi, sekarang mereka bisa ikut orang yang punya usaha kerajinan pot. Jika sudah mahir dan punya modal, biasanya mereka buka usaha sendiri. Salah satu contohnya adalah narasumber kami. Sejak kecil beliau sudah ikut bekerja pada orang lain dalam membuat pot. Ketika sudah mahir dan punya modal, baru pada tahun 2002 beliau membuka usaha pembuatan pot sendiri. Hingga kini, beliau bahkan telah memiliki ±8 pekerja yang digaji per minggu.

Proses 2...

6. Selain kerajinan pot, kesenian khas apalagi yang ada di Desa Kemangsen?

      Karena Desa Kemangsen sudah terkenal dengan pot-nya, maka tak dapat disangkal lagi, selain sebagai mata pencaharian utama, kerajinan pot ini juga telah menjadi bagian dari hasil kesenian khas desa Kemangsen.

      Oleh karena itu pemerintah Kabupaten Sidoarjo, tepatnya Bupati Sidoarjo sendiri telah meresmikan Desa Kemangsen sebagai “Kampung Pot” pada tahun 2009-2010 lalu.

7. Bagaimana komposisi masyarakat Desa Kemangsen?

@ Sistem Agama dan Religi

      Sama seperti masyrakat Jawa pada umumnya, mayoritas dari warga desa Kemangsen adalah pemeluk agama Islam. Namun mereka juga masih mempercayai hal-hal di luar kemampuan mereka, misalkan adanya makhlus halus, memedi, demit, tuyul, serta jin yang menempati alam sekitar tempat tinggal mereka.

      Begitu pula dengan upacara keagamaan yang khas di desa ini, masih sama seperti masyarakat Jawa pada umumnya, yaitu selamatan (dalam istilah Jawa sering disebut banca’an/kenduri).

@ Bahasa

      Sebagaimana masyarakat Jawa pada umumnya, warga desa Kemangsen juga masih menggunakan bahasa Jawa (seperti yang telah dituturkan oleh narasumber kami). Namun hanya dialeknya saja yang agak berbeda, karena pekerja disana ternyata juga ada yang bukan penduduk asli Kemangsen, melainkan orang Sunda. Terlihat dari dialek Sunda-nya yang kental.

      Di samping bahasa Jawa, bahasa lain yang juga lumayan sering dipakai oleh masyarakat Kemangsen adalah bahasa Indonesia campuran.

@ Sistem Teknologi

      Karena mayoritas masyarakat Kemangsen bermata pencaharian sebagai pengrajin pot, maka teknologi yang digunakan adalah teknik-teknik untuk menciptakan pot ataupun hiasan taman lainnya yang indah dan menarik. Seperti teknik cetak, gosok, dan ukir.

      Namun masyarakat Kemangsen pada umumnya masih mengerjakan pot dengan cara tradisional, sehingga alat-alat yang digunakan pun masih tradisional, seperti alat cetak, pisau ukir, dan amplas.

Proses yang lain...

G. Penutup

  1. Kesimpulan

Dari hasil penelitian kami, akhirnya dapat disimpulkan bahwa komposisi masyarakat Kemangsen sebenarnya sama saja dengan masyrakat Jawa pada umumnya, hanya saja yang membedakan adalah profesi mereka yang khas, yaitu sebagai pengrajin/pembuat pot.

  1. Saran

Saran dari tim kami untuk perkembangan usaha home industry pot ini di kemudian hari yaitu dengan cara menjadikan kerajinan pot ini sebagai salah satu ekstrakurikuler di ssekolah yang ada di sekitarnya seperti SMP Negeri 1 Krian maupun SMA Negeri 1 Krian, karena dengan begitu, selain dilestarikan oleh generasi penerus dari Desa Kemangsen, Generasi muda yang tidak berasal darisana juga dapat melestarikan usaha pot tersebut. Sehingga diharapkan usaha tersebut tidak sampai punah.


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Perkembangan Etnis Cina di Surabaya Utara



  1. Latar Belakang

                Kota-kota di Indonesia terutama Surabaya sejak dulu menjadi kota yang banyak disinggahi oleh orang asing, seperti Portugis, Spanyol, Inggris, Belanda, Jepang, Arab, dan Tionghoa. Keberadaan mereka telah banyak mengubah perjalanan bangsa ini baik di bidang politik, ekonomi, dan budaya.

                Peran negara yang sangat membantu perekonomian bangsa Indonesia kala itu salah satunya ialah masyarakat Tionghoa. Kedatangan mereka pada awalnya adalah untuk mengubah kehidupan mereka dari yang sebelumnya terpuruk dalam kemiskinan di negara asalnya dan berusaha mencari peruntungan di negara Indonesia.

                Masyarakat Tionghoa ini banyak yang melakukan usaha perdagangan dan membuka toko-toko di kota besar seperti Batavia, Soerabaia, Semarang, dan lain-lain. Apa yang telah mereka lakukan sudah banyak mengubah kehidupan mereka menjadi lebih baik ketimbang sebelumnya.

                Di Surabaya sendiri, keberadaan orang-orang Tionghoa ini sangatlah banyak sehingga muncullah pusat-pusat perkampungan Cina yang tersebar di Surabaya, seperti di daerah Kupang Dukuh, Kapasan dan Kembang Jepun.

                Meskipun mereka sudah lama tinggal di Indonesia, namun kebudayaan dari nenek moyangnya tetaplah diwariskan turun-temurun. Sehingga ajaran-ajaran asli Cina seperti Kong Hu Chu dan lainnya tetap bisa dijaga keberadaannya meskipun di Indonesia.

  1. Sepintjoek Tjerita

Peta kawasan Kembang Jepun dan sekitarnya

                Tahun 1951 jumlah penduduk Surabaya hanya sekitar 300 ribu jiwa saja. Padahal, saat ini, tahun 2011,penduduk Surabaya sudah berjumlah jutaan jiwa (sekitar empat juta jiwa). Yang menarik, daerah pecinan masih tetap tidak berubah dan masih favorit bagi etnis Tionghoa untuk tinggal dan berdagang. Ini terbukti dari banyaknya toko-toko dan perusahaan-perusahaan dagang baik besar maupun kecil di daerah pecinan yang pada umumnya milik etnis Tionghoa.

                Di pecinan Surabaya, ada dua pasar utama, yaitu Pasar Pabean dan Pasar Kapasan. Pasar Kapasan, walaupun lebih kecil daripada Pabean, merupakan pusat perdagangan emas dan perhiasan di Jawa Timur. Sebaliknya, Pasar Pabean merupakan pasar yang menjual barang-barang keperluan sehari-hari. Di dalam pasar ini terdapat banyak toko yang menjual barang pecah-belah, alat-alat rumah tangga, sembako, atau makanan-makanan Tionghoa seperti haisom atau teripang, jamur kering, ikan asin.

Kembang Jepun tempo doeloe

                Kembang Jepun sendiri adalah kawasan  paling tua di Surabaya karena bersebelahan dengan sungai Kalimas dan Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak di utaranya. Bangunan di sekitar kawasan itu sangatlah kotor dan banyak yang tak terawat. Tapi di sinilah tepatnya sejarah Surabaya Tua (Old Surabaya) berawal serta kegiatan bisnis yang tidak pernah berhenti. Toko perlengkapan kantor, bank, toko tekstil, mesin diesel dan pakaian melengkapi pemandangan di kawasan ini.

                Berbicara mengenai Kembang Jepun tentu tak lepas dengan Jembatan Merah (Willenstraat) seperti Jalan Rajawali (Heerenstraat), Jalan Karet (Chineezenvorstraat) dan Jalan Kembang Jepun sendiri (Hendelstraat), yang merupakan pemukiman orang Tionghoa hingga sekarang.

Kembang Jepun masa sekarang dilihat dari arah Jembatan Merah

                Kembang Jepun dulunya adalah kawasan bisnis utama dan pusat kota Surabaya. Walaupun bukan menjadi yang utama, kawasan ini tetap menjadi salah satu sentra bisnis hingga saat ini. Pada zaman Belanda, pemerintahan saat itu membagi kawasan menjadi Pecinan di selatan Kalimas, kampung Arab dan Melayu di Utara kawasan itu, dengan Jalan Kembang Jepun sebagai pembatasnya. Bangsa Belanda sendiri tinggal di Barat Kalimas yang kemudian mendirikan komunitas “Eropa Kecil”.


Rumusan Masalah


                “…..Ada banyak budaya Tionghoa yang tergerus pada saat 32 tahun orde baru. Waktu itu membuat pergeseran budaya yang luar biasa. Hingga rekan etnis Tionghoa yang semula memiliki agama Konghuchu dan yang lain, bergeser ke agama Kristen, Katholik, bahkan Islam. Disinilah terjadi pergeseran hanya sedikit lapisan masyarakat Tionghoa yang masih merayakan sesuai dengan tradisi sebenarnya.”

                Itulah adalah sedikit kutipan yang bisa didapat dari ucapan Freddy H. Istanto, dekan Fakultas Teknologi dan Desain Universitas Ciputra yang juga merupakan keturunan bangsa Cina. Terutama di Surabaya Utara, perubahan ataupun perpindahan agama banyak terjadi di antara warga Tionghoa di sana. Beberapa diantaranya disebabkan oleh masa Orde Baru di mana kebebasan bagi orang keturunan Cina untuk memeluk dan menjalankan agamanya menjadi sangat dibatasi sehingga memaksa dan mengharuskan mereka untuk berpindah ke agama lain yang tentu saja bakal mengubah secara keseluruhan warisan budaya yang telah diwariskan oleh nenek moyang mereka dari Cina.

                Beberapa narasumber yang kami temui, dan salah satunya adalah Ibu Lani (60) yang asli keturunan Tionghoa mengatakan bahwa dirinya bukan lagi pemeluk agama Kong Hu Chu sejak ia mendapatkan ilham dari-Nya dan memutuskan untuk berpindah agama.

Klenteng Hon Bio yang masih menjunjung tinggi kebudayaan Cina totok

                Hal ini dapat disimpulkan bahwa kebanyakan dari warga Tionghoa di sana telah berpindah agama, dari yang semula Kong Hu Chu ke agama lainnya, seperti Hindu, Kristen, Katolik bahkan Islam dengan bermacam sebab.



                Itu adalah sedikit cuplikan wawancara kami dengan ibu Yatim (50) yang tinggal di daerah Songoyudan, Surabaya. Ia telah tinggal di sana sudah hampir 15 tahun sehingga setidaknya ia mengetahui gambaran kondisi mata pencaharian penduduk etnis Tionghoa di sana.

                Selain sebagai pedagang toko kelontong, masyarakat etnis Cina di sana juga bekerja di kantor. Namun kebanyakan dari mereka berprofesi sebagai pengusaha yang sukses di kota Surabaya. Apa yang dilakukan mereka ini sebenarnya adalah turun temurun dalam keluarga sebagai pengusaha mandiri.  Dan yang lebih mengherankan lagi, mereka semua kebanyakan menjadi orang yang sukses di negeri orang lain.

                Pak Wido (40), penjual es puter keliling asal Klaten ini juga mengatakan hal serupa jika beberapa orang Cina di kawasan Kembang Jepun, khususnya Songoyudan adalah para pengusaha yang sukses. Di lain sisi, orang-orang Cina yang tinggal di sana juga bermata pencaharian sebagai pemilik apotek, karyawan, dan lain-lain.


                Dari beberapa pengamatan yang telah kami lakukan di daerah pecinan Kembang Jepun (khususnya Songoyudan) dan Kapasan dapat diketahui bahwa pola tempat tinggal mereka yaitu mengikuti jalan sempit atau biasa kita sebut dengan gang. Gang ini sangatlah kecil, bahkan mobil pun nampaknya tidak mungkin untuk bisa masuk ke dalamnya. Beberapa gang yang kami amati juga terlihat kumuh, pengap, berbau air seni, dan jorok. Kemungkinan hal ini juga disebabkan karena letaknya yang dekat dengan pasar (Pasar Pabean).

Gang-gang sempit di area Songoyudan Surabaya

                Namun ada juga gang yang sangat bersih dan nyaman. Bentuk rumahnya sendiri rata-rata sama dengan rumah orang Jawa pada umumnya, hanya saja bangunannya bertingkat dua atau lebih (karena lahan yang sempit) dan di bagian depan rumah mereka terkadang terdapat simbol-simbol Mandarin. Beberapa rumah juga identik bercat merah.


     Kebanyakan warga keturunan Tionghoa di Surabaya, khususnya di daerah Kapasan dan Kembang Jepun sudah menjadi warga negara Indonesia. Beberapa diantaranya sudah tidak memiliki keluarga di daratan Cina lagi. Salah satunya adalah keluarga Ibu Lani yang semuanya sudah tinggal menetap di Indonesia, terutama di kota Surabaya. Meskipun sudah tidak tinggal lagi di Cina, mereka tetap mempertahankan kebudayaan asli mereka.

                Orang Cina yang tinggal di Kembang Jepun kebanyakan telah tinggal sendiri setelah mereka dirasa sudah sukses dalam hidupnya. Meski begitu mereka tetap menjaga silaturahmi dengan keluarga utama terutama pada saat perayaan Imlek dan Cap Go Meh, layaknya orang Jawa pada umumnya. Kunjung-mengunjung antar rumah saudara juga masih menjadi ciri khas mereka.


                Penguasaan IPTEK yang mereka miliki telah berkembang sesuai dengan perkembangan jaman yang menuntut mereka juga berubah. Beberapa bentuk bangunan rumah mereka misalnya, sudah hampir jauh dengan bentuk-bentuk rumah di daratan Cina aslinya. Di Kembang Jepun juga bisa dilihat bangunan-bangunan tua bekas masa kolonialisme yang tetap dijadikan kediaman oleh beberapa etnis, semisal Arab dan Cina kebanyakan.

Salah satu bentuk rumah di kawasan Songoyudan Surabaya

                Kemajuan jaman juga menuntut etnis Cina ini untuk berkembang. Rumah-rumah telah dilengkapi  dengan berbagai furniture modern namun di beberapa sudut rumah tetap memasangkan benda-benda klasik nan oriental.


                Masyarakat Tionghoa di Surabaya  hingga saat ini masih menjaga  kesenian yang merupakan budaya asli Tionghoa seperti kaligrafi Tionghoa dan dapat dilihat dari bentuk atap gerbang masuk kawasan pecinan  di Kembang Jepun, seperti pada gambar di samping. Bahkan, Masyarakat Tionghoa memiliki suatu komunitas Pecinta Kaligrafi Tionghoa, yang masih eksis, hingga saat ini. Meskipun para anggotanya sebagian besar adalah lansia, tetapi kelompok ini masih menunjukkan eksistensinya  dengan turut serta meramaikan acara Golden Anniversary ITS  beberapa bulan yang lalu.

                Dalam acara itu mereka secara tidak langsung memperkenalkan budaya Tionghoa pada masyarakat Surabaya. Selain itu, kesenian Cina juga dapat kita lihat dalam wujud barongsai, yang ditampilkan saat perayaan Imlek dan Cap Go Meh tiba.



                Masyarakat Tionghoa di daerah Kembang Jepun sudah berbaur dengan masyarakat etnis lain di Surabaya, dan tidak memandang perbedaan agama maupun suku. Kata Ibu Lani, penduduk di kawasan Kembang Jepun sudah berbaur satu sama lain tanpa membedakan. Hal ini dikarenakan mereka sudah lama tinggal dalam satu kawasan yang sama, sehingga lama-kelamaan menimbulkan rasa tenggang rasa dan gotong-royong diantara mereka dengan sendirinya.


            Bahasa mandarin tidak mutlak menjadi Bahasa wajib masyarakat Tionghoa di kawasan Kembang Jepun, mereka telah menggunakan bahasa Indonesia serta bahasa Jawa sebagai bahasa keseharian mereka. Tetapi, bahasa Mandarin tetap mereka gunakan sesekali, sebagai Bahasa Ibu. Bahkan ada suatu fakta menarik jika masyarakat etnis Cina ini ada yang benar-benar mampu menguasai behasa Jawa dengan lebih baik ketimbang orang Jawa aslinya


Salah satu gerbang masuk ke kawasan pecinan di Kapasan Dalam

                Dari beberapa fakta dan analisis masalah yang telah kami dapat, kami bisa menarik kesimpulan bahwa masyarakat etnis Cina di kawasan Surabaya Utara, khususnya di Kembang Jepun dan Kapasan adalah kelompok masyarakat yang telah berbaur dengan kebudayaan Jawa pada umumnya, tapi di beberapa hal mereka masih mengagungkan budaya asli asal tanah nenek moyang mereka dulu.

                Karena bebarapa sebab, kebudayaan mereka ini terkadang dipaksa untuk mengikuti apa yang terjadi di Indonesia seperti pandangan mengenai agama yang kini telah banyak mereka anut. Ini semua telah mengubah jejak asli mereka tapi beberapa dari mereka pun masih menjaga keaslian diri mereka.

                Salah satu hal yang juga berubah dari mereka adalah jarangnya perkumpulan antar sesama warga etnis Cina sejak ditutupnya Kya Kya kembang Jepun sekitar 3 tahun lalu. Dulunya masih bisa dilihat beberapa kebudayaan asli Cina serta kuliner khas Cina namun kini sudah tidak terlihat lagi.

                Bagaimanapun juga, mereka masih dapat menjaga silaturahmi dengan berbagai macam etnis yang tinggal di sekitar rumah mereka sehingga keharmonisan antar warga disana dapat dijaga.

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                Tons of stories I have right now makes me want to share with you all. This is even more ridiculous!! My 18 birthday was so amazing as well remarkable forever. I had planned it for a month earlier before it was held on the right day. Many arguments debated between me against my mother about when it ought to be hosted and WHERE!

Been caught up after getting my own GIFT

                At first my mother was very cheered to have my birthday party, even she had decided what-to-do lists for me. But when this occasion came closer, she seemingly looked so unhappy and afraid of bad things to me.  I tried making her calm down but the situation even was getting worse. She used to approve me to hold birthday at one of the malls in Western Surabaya but she didn’t anymore. It disturbed my mind obviously.

                Meanwhile, I already contacted my friends, I mean my best friends who I know very well. They all said yes but 2 of them didn’t! Definitely it was suck! How came a party I held for my best friends was not completed then?! All getting worse! The worst EVER!

                In such a dizzying condition, I tried to reflect and think what I ought to do but I had no way out! I ever thought and almost decided to treat my friends at the school’s canteen but it was not special though. Apart from it, it would be so embarrassing to declare and tell them that I would entertain them all at canteen which sold the cheap-food, I don’t mean to mock the food but it is the fact.

                When my birthday got closer I almost gave up but I just wanna it run smoothly as I used to desire. It shouldn’t be in mess I thought. Just so you know that it becomes such a concrete tradition to give a presence to whomever having birthday but it is specific only to my best friends. I was thinking what they would be giving to me on my birthday. Even I was afraid of getting the bad gift but the most important I know is the love in the gift!! They are very worth!!

2 big faces landscaped!

                One week before my 18 birthday party, I logged in to my facebook account and saw some posts on timeline. Nothing interesting honestly. I typed my best friends’ names and hoped to find some silly sentences. And it was TRUE! Two of my best friends posted wall-to-wall and wrote down the gift!! I guessed it must be for me. They seemed confused for the gift to give!! I just laughed at my mobile screen (being like laughter at their silliness).

                Not so long afterwards, I sent a message to my best friends telling and notifying them all that my birthday party would be held on the 28th of January. How shocking it is when my friend, Tere let me know that she couldn’t be present because on Saturday and Friday she would be having a course. It got me down!! I tried to reset the date to January 29 the afternoon but once again Tere wouldn’t be able to come over for she would be going to church. So stupid!!

                Giving up on the situation, I offered the free time when they were all free. Some said it should have been held one week after my birthday!! I asked my self it was so dumb to hold a very late birthday party!! Even my mom didn’t agree to this schedule. She said it was better not being held than postponed until uncertain date. Oh God give me the THINK!!

                Well, I followed what my mom said that it must be held on 27th January. I told them all and some felt so disappointed with my decision but I couldn’t do anything!! My mom conquered and had that large sum of money which was used for all parts! Indah and Tere didn’t join with us then, but I promised to treat them a food at canteen (NOW I don’t get down my canteen haha)

Party Totally Party

                At the midnight of 27 January I got up and checked my inbox, BBM, Twitter and Facebook but nobody wished me a birthday yet!! Suck!! So different with last year. By at 4 a.m. I got 2 messages of my classmates even though I am not too close with them both but they were the first ones yelling it!! They are Siska and Dita. So much thankful to those chicks!! In case they read this blog, I hope they know that I am so thankful!!

                At school that morning I felt so ashamed!! Ashamed not for being a ROBBER but as a BITCH!! Haha just kidding. My classmates gave the SUPER SHOUT-OUTS!! They were the real perfection on this year’s birthday. One stupid moment is when my friend sitting at the front row or I can say she is in front of me, she is Shanti. She logged in to her facebook account and with a BIG ELEPHANT or even GORRILLA mouth nobody ever had SHOUTED AT EVERYBODY at the class!! ‘Helmi’s birthday!!! It’s today!! Ahaha” all watched her with chilled faces and started laughing.

                Then several messages came in to my mobile, appeared and stated ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELMI. WISH YOU LUCK!!” felt like being the only guy living on the dry world haha

                At noon I got a message of Dini and telling me to stay at class after school. I could guess that I would have my birthday gift hahaha too naïve but it didn’t matter. What I was supposing to was becoming the shit. But this shit was too cool!! They all brought a green wrapped-box and sang ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU’ I was shy guys!

                The moment I knew afterwards was we photographed off the camera of my mobile. We missed Andika actually. Next, I thanked to them and so sorry for being unable to change the date of my party to my Indah and Tere but they understood.

                Between me, Dini, Dinar and Andika contacted each other to get the right time. At first we decided to start to leave for at 1 p.m. but with all of sudden he asked me to delay our departure till at 3 p.m. since he would ride over to countryside with his f*cking problem. He instructed me to wait for him in three-junction where might make him confused later on. He didn’t know downtown honestly. While Dini, Dinar, and I were waiting for him, he was still in Mojokerto!! I asked him if he would come or not but then he asked us to go first and he would be coming later.

                We were having some stuff to eat (JUNKFOOD!) when Andika sent me a message stating that he was LOST!! F*ck Yea!! We were having fun but he was missing somewhere?! I was so depressed (NOT really) to think him over. He didn’t know where to go and what way he should take. I tried giving him an explanation, in hope for him reaching the venue in which we were at that time. It all was like a rope tied incorrectly, he couldn’t find us. My friends who were eating their crispy chickens suggested me pick him up but that was raining then.

                I got an idea!! I asked him (it’s better) to get home and I would bring him some food to eat as my responsibility. He was disappointed but it’s okay then. After we used up our dishes and bought some for my family and Andike, we got home while taking some photos to be remembered.

                That Friday was so BREATHTAKING! I love it so much!! Lots of thanks to whosever wishing me huge lucks!!! 18 felt like being just released out of JAIL!! Thank you!!

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Our Own New Year’s Eve!!

                This New Year’s Eve felt so different!! The most part of the thing I could not even imagine is that I spent that whole night with a little memory to be remembered. Actually 31st December is my sister’s birthday and the party which was previously asked by her to be hosted was postponed until the FIRST date of 2012!!!

My mom made dat CAKE!!

                We definitely had a reason of why being hosted a single day after the right one. New Year’s Eve sometimes indicates the rain will go down and even a continual raining!! And yeah that was raining at the time. Though my sister was getting so disappointed, she then agreed to choose Sunday.

They liked icing off :)

                Before the clock struck at 12am, my sister and I had already prepared for the tools to use on the Eve. The trumpet bought by daddy was the chief!! Before striking the midnight, we had gone up stairs. 12 AM!! 2012!! Trumpet was blown so hard!!! Actually not really blown but pushed!! We had the latest model one!!

                Fireworks were sparkling on the sky while we were blowing our chief stuff!! Even though we celebrated it in the countryside and the circumstance was obviously different with downtown, we did enjoy it. So fun guys!

                We were back to sleep at about 1 am. In addition to it, we felt so fed up after having helped my mother mix some cookies.

The main course :p

                The following day we got up so early and set my home to the party arena. So good though!! All desserts on the table and all delicacies were too. Party got started at 10 am, but only some of them had already come in. Okay it doesn’t matter I think. All run well as if the NORMAL party others ever had.

Other main courses

                One by one they came and it made me so glad. Nothing could be compared to this party!!! Really IMMENSE!! Well, all ‘bodies’ getting fun yayyyyeahhh!! Love it!! Taking some pics is a must!! We got crazier!!


                      Then I could persuade some of my cousins to take photos together. Altogether got hyped!! And I think they’re ready to be delivered to this bomb ass WEBSITE J by the evening they gotta be back home in downtown. Felt upset but it’s LIFE!!!

All LIGHTS against yo POKER faces LOL

                     Looking forward to partying again next year and!! just wanna give yall a sneak peek that my own story is also gonna be posted up to this website THIS MONTH!! HAPPY BITHDAY SISTER!!! YOU da REAL BAD GURL J Happy New Year to y’all!! Best wishes for you……….

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